Friday, 19 December 2014

December a busy month

Nana and granddads leaving presentmy new brother
Tiny tears goes to school
I'm a ballerina 
Mothers group Christmas party
Breakfast with Santa
Kelly's present arrives thank you kelly
School concert
Professional photos
Carols in the park
Olaf goes to school
Merry Christmas every one look at our tree

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Nana and Granddad leave today.

Sienna woke up about 2 am and didn't want to spend the night alone, so nana swapped beds and sienna slept in with granddad until mummy and daddy called sienna to get ready for school, sienna had trouble waking up. Mummy said it was because she had a late night, nana had William while concentrated on sienna, and today of all days sienna wanted hot raisin bread!, contrary little Mary, mummy chose Sienna's dress and did her hair while sienna ate her toast, and sang 
Poor William has filled 3 nappies and puked twice, sienna gave big hugs snd kisses and said goodbye, 
and that she would see us next week, we have to keep telling her that's about her birthday, then she was gone in a whirlwind with daddy but seems very happy, William in a happy mood started 

Such a good girl today

Played musical beds last night with sienna, that is nana and granddad moved around a lot, just think that while we were away the weekend, she got used to having her own bed again to herself. Sienna woke up about half an hour after daddy put her in the small bed, Michael and I got in the big bed and before we even lay down, sienna was up and getting into the big bed, it was so hot and sticky Michael said he would sleep on the couch, but then he was back half hour later he was too hot, he tried sleeping in Sienna's small bed but was far too big, in the end nana made him sleep in bed with sienna and nana went and slept on the sofa until I heard daddy get up as William was feeding , then nana went and got in Sienna's bed for a while, sienna woke up just in time for daddy to leave at 8.30.
Auntie Sam and auntie Kelly face timed and you showed them how you have cuddles with William.
Granddad had his shower while mummy played painting with you and nana winded William, William went to sleep and nana played painting
with sienna while mummy showered and granddad did breakfast. Sienna ate 5 slices of raisin toast and watched cartoons while nana had her shower. Granddad put the lamb into the slow roaster.
Sienna wanted to dress as a fairy
and watch the pirate fairy, all about tinker bell and her friends.
When every one was ready and bags packed up we went to catch the 273 to take sienna to her swimming lesson, we got off the bus and sienna thought that she was very clever using her magic Elsa powers to change the traffic lights to a green man for us to cross. Sienna had her lesson
,William woke for a feed andthen sienna went into the small pool
until 12.00 she didn't want to leave and went into the bubble pool for nearly another hour, when we left to catch the bus sienna used her magic powers on the lights again. We caught the bus, sienna wanted to know in a loud voice on the bus if she could twist granddads nipple, we all laughed when we found out she was talking about granddads mole on his arm,but We didn't go straight home though we went into Chatswood and had lunch in the shingle inn. Sienna thoroughly enjoyed her beans on toast, 
the Chinese owners thought she was so cute they gave her a snowman cookie. 
We finished lunch then took sienna up to the soft play for an hour. 
We left soft play and tried to get home before Williams next Feed, we got a quarter way home snd sienna decided she needed the toilet, so mummy said she would get William home to feed him and nana and granddad took sienna back to the shopping centre for a toilet, once outside again we realised sienna would have to walk all the way home and it was at least a quarter of a mile. We tried many tactics, first we had to catch mummy up, which worked for a while, we tried racing who had to be on the lead,
then we said we would stop and have sit downs whenever she needed them as long as it was in the shade as the sun had come out with a vengeance, nana had some cream and made sure sienna had plenty on her back arms and face. We got back at nearly 4 o'clock, and was surprised to find that mummy wasn't home yet, she sent a message to day she had to stop at the other shopping mall to feed William as he had woken up and let her know very loudly that he wanted feeding instantly.
Sienna and nana sat and watched the rest of Tinkerbell and the lost treasure, until daddy got home and he took sienna swimming again at their pool, mummy got the rest of the dinner ready and granddad cuddled William. 
When sienna got back daddy put her straight in the bath.
Auntie Julie arrived after 6.30 and we all had dinner,  auntie julie had the task of playing with William and entertaining Sienna, while william was being fed Julie played games with Sienna and read books till it was time for bed. Daddy went to bed and after William had a long winding, he went down too. Daddy finally said that Julie had to go and Sienna was to go to sleep, Sienna went to sleep about five minutes later. And after farewells and hugs and kisses Julie left and we all went to bed. Big day tomorrow.

Monday, 24 November 2014


As we got off the bus we saw David and Dororhy parked out side Sara's, they said they had phone Sara but she was just getting in the shower, we said we had a key and would let them know if it was okay to come up, sienna was very pleased to see us 
and hugs and kisses all round. Sara finished in the shower and David and Dorothy came up, sienna gave them hugs and kisses and then carried on watching TV. David asked what our plans are for the day, she told them we were going to the beach for the day and they said they would go back to Msnly now and meet us there later. I put some washing on and William was awake and wanting cuddles no sleep as he was making it known he wanted more so nana walked him up and down. Sienna sat with Granddad telling him about a video she had from Santa 
Santa adking sienna to listen to her mummy
William had a feed and then we all set off to the bus stop to get the 257 to Balmoral. William was crying a bit and a bit windy so nana carried him onto the bus and sat in the front seat with sienna, William brought up lots of wind snd eventually went to sleep on nana, as the bus slowed nana put William down in the buggy and he stayed asleep. Which took nearly an hour, as we arrived we saw that David and Dorothy had just arrived also. We found a big shady tree for William to be under, who had woken up and was not very happy, sienna couldn't wait to strip off and get into the water, pulling granddad with her who was at least prepared this time and already on his swim shorts
You played lots of splashing games and then you both had buckets and tried to catch the schoals of fishes
William was still not very happy so mummy decided to feed William, and you went to play in the park area. Then both granddads and Dorothy went to get fish and chips for our lunch, which we ate at the picnic table, when we finished lunch sienna went to play at the park again for awhile, until you wanted a nice cream. William was fed and quite content to be lying in his buggy, so Dorothy and David looked after him and nana granddads d mummy took sienna to buy an ice cream Sienna chose a mint choc chip cone
As soon as your ice cream was finished you wanted to get back in the water, but granddad had already changed his shorts, you got back into your wet swim suit and said you just wanted to play on the beach and paddle, but not befor David and Dorothy had their hugs and kisses goodbye as they had to leave. You played so good on the beach at first chasing first granddad and then nana, screaming at nana that you was going to give nana a big wet hug 
Mummy had got William to sleep and was tidying up and granddad went to clean the sand off his feet and shoes, that was when you decided to go in the water and away from nana, nana didn't have a swim suit on and you refused to come out and was getting deeper and deeper in the water, nana couldn't see granddad or mummy and started to get worried as you refused to come out the water, in the end a man with his 2 young daughters asked if he could help and shepherded sienna into the shallows, mummy finally saw what was going on and granddad looked after wliam and mummy was not very happy with sienna and told her that she had spoiled herself and we would have to go home now, nana was at least relieved. We packed up our gear and it started to get very cloudy. We got to the bust stop and was first in the queue, good job too as the buses can only take 2 buggy sand 1 was already on board and there were 4 more in the bus queue, we got on the bus and William was still asleep, ten minutes into our journey and it started to pour with rain. When we arrived at our bus stop the rain had eased but we still had to make a dash for it and got a bit wet. Daddy arrived home the same time as us, and wliam was stirring too.
Twenty minutes later the sun was shining again so Granddad and nana left to walk to Chatswood to get some groceries for the morning on the way back we stopped for some Nandos to go with the salad mummy had, and the heavens opened up and dumped the rain on nana and granddad again
After dinner granddad and sienna sat on the balcony to cool off as it got very warm.
Then granddad played stories of magic flying carpets 
Daddy got sienna ready for bed at and they all got into mummy and daddy's bed as mummy fed William.