Friday, 21 November 2014

Poppa pig

Peppa Pig

Sienna slept really well, woke at 2am and asked if it was time yet, I said no and she turned over and went back to sleep.
William really not settled at all after his feeds through the night
Sienna got in bed with us about 5am and asked if it was today yet, I said yes, and she went back to sleep again.  daddy got up at 5.30 and William was still not very happy. Daddy went off to work and it's very warm already, took it in turns to shower, dress and play with Sienna and William, and have breakfast, it's like a tag team!. Sienna got dressed in a long sleeve Peppa pig dress which no one could talk her out of, ang got her Peppa Pig ready to come with us .At Sienna is ready to leave for her unknown surprise, Michael Sienna and I walk down to the bus stop with the buggy and catch the M20 into the city, along with all the commuters and school children,
We walked from Wynyard into the city to the Royal Theatre. And like about 50 other children all too early.
Sienna now knows we are here to see Peppa Pig snd can't contain her excitement, we have about 25mins till the show starts. So we queue up to have some pictures done of sienna on a green screen which will then include Peppa and George.
By the time we get to our seats there is only 5 mins to go and sienna is very excited
During tbe intermission granddad picked up our photo
Of sienna with Peppa pig
After the show it was very difficult to get sienna to leave, then it was like dominos one child started crying that they wanted to see Peppa pig again, then another, and then sienna decided she could cry and whimper about not leaving and seeing Peppa pig,
After awhile she decided that she wanted some cold pasta, we went everywhere at the food court next to the theatre, just about to give up when we found a pasta place, got her an apple juice. And got ourselves a drink and sat and let her eat, only ate half and decided she wanted Peppa pig again. So hot thought we would just get sienna home.
When we got back mummy was at the doctors with William but then daddy surprised us by being home. Daddy had finished early as it was difficult to work in 38degrees. Daddy had a quick lunch then took sienna to the pool to cool off
Mummy got back with William and told us they have to see another doctor this afternoon, sienna and daddy got back and daddy said he would take them later daddy fixed up the aircon unit .granddad was hungry and said we needed to go to Chatswood to get something gluten free for his lunch so we left at the heat is energy sapping, dived into the nearest shopping mall with aircon, slumped into some chairs and chose lunch, while ya home sienna read William a story
Got back just after 3pm and Mummy and daddy left with William 
Grandad and nana took it in turns playing games 
and reading stories with sienna until mummy and daddy got back, 
couple of hours couple hundred dollars and not a lot of use. William slept for a while when he got back,
Granddad and I walked up the road and bought some Thai take out for tea, and William had a bath
when granddad went to take out the rubbish you went with him and went on a safari finding skinks and spiders, 
then you had to come back and get nana to see the spiders 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


We had two wake ups tonight just after 11. And 12 but then you slept through until, my tooth hasn't been a problem but then I have been taking pain killers every 4hrs. Face timed Sam and Kelly and chatted awhile. And you had cuddles with William to show them
Daddy had gone to work
William had a feed and went down for a nap, we all took it in turns to wash dress and do hair. And play with sienna
We  got Sienna ready for swimming and got her bag ready
William had his next feed, we all got ready and walked to the bus stop, you in the buggy and William in his new carrier
We arrived at the park and we took a slow walk through and you showed granddad where nana fell over last week.
Got to the swimming pool a little early so mummy changed you into your gear and you got in the whirl pool
10.30 and it was time for your swimming lesson
After you lesson you went to the warmer small pool for a while 
We all sat and watched, William was quite warm in his carrier so we unwrapped him

11.30 William was ready for his feed and we got you out of the pool and dried and dressed you. As we left you cried for a cake with sprinkles on, mummy said no you haven't had any lunch. So you wanted a ham and cheese croissant and nana promised that if you ate all the croissant sitting in your buggy on the way back you could have a sprinkle cake. So you ate your croissant as we walked to the bus stop, we were on a schedule as we had to get back for nana to go to the Dentist. As we got off the bus you wanted your sprinkle cake, nana said as you were a good girl she would get one on the way back from the Dentist.Sienna asked where her cake was when we got back, I told her that the shop had run out, her bottom lip dropped,

But nana has bought the ingredients to make some cakes,
We made 12 small cakes and put them in the oven to cook and daddy arrived home. With three adults more back in the house mummy went for a lie down. Nana and granddad played with you until the cakes came out now they had to cool down. Granddad offered to take you to the park but you didn't want to go. Then you faked daddy to take you to the pool and he said okay, nana got you ready and daddy took you off to the pool for half an hour, by the time you got back dried and got into your PJs the cakes were ready to decorate, sienna help make some vanilla frosting, then sienna sprinkled everywhere and everything with sprinkles. As it was so warm we put them in the fridge to set, then mummy woke up and you were so proud of your cakes, you told her she couldn't have one unless she ate her dinner because they were for after dinner.


Well sienna had a really good nights sleep, it was everyone else who didn't.
Young William kept mummy and daddy awake from about three. Granddad had a bad back and couldn't get comfortable all night. And nana had a raging toothache that she just wanted to shoot herself. It does not do well lying down. Couldn't wait to take the next painkiller in the night, nothing seemed to work and cried myself to sleep at and then daddy was up getting ready for work, Sara came in just after to get sienna ready for school.
Sienna sat upright in bed and said in a cute little voice, ' I had a really good nights sleep mummy ' everybody sighed enviously. Then daddy took sienna to school. 
Daddy phoned to say they were on their way home, sienna mentioned missing out on her treat, so granddad had a milkshake and one of yesterday's cakes ready and waiting for her, she was so cute and delighted.
Nana and sienna played games in the tent until dinner time,
granddad cooked Paella, which nana couldn't eat. Nana looked after William while granddad ate his dinner , but had to give him to daddy when sienna finished to play tents again.
Mummy fed william and you snuggled up, then mummy and daddy went to bed, nana had gone to bed which left you and granddad up, and you managed to wind him up no end. Nana managed to get you in bed with her, and you were soon asleep.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Nana and granddad return

Nana and Granddad walked back to siennas house, who was very pleased to see us.
Sienna's playmates arrived home just after 3pm.
Sienna does a pedicure
Nana and granddad played games till dinner time.
William had a feed 
and then had cuddles with everyone as he was having a waking period.
A little while later sienna and William had a bath together. Then nana and granddad played games again
We face timed auntie Sam and woke up auntie Kelly and spoke to them for some time .
Then mummy and daddy went to bed as William had gone down and they were tired. But you wasn't nana and granddad took it in turn reading stories for another half hour or more before you went to sleep, then nana and granddad went to bed after a cup of tea.


What a night we had with you, you woke up every 2-3 hours just crying no, and you wasn't properly awake, just thrashing about all over the place, you didn't want touching, or cuddles which is normal when you wake in the night. Nanas tooth got really bad in the night, so granddad got up most of the woke up at 6am when daddy was getting ready to go to work and it was like a different child to the night time one.
Morning sienna was happy bouncing bunny.
Mummy had a bad night with William so she was very tired this morning, and still he wouldn't settle. Nana and granddad took sienna on the bus to Wynyard then we walked down to Circular Quay, 
and caught the 11am ferry across to Manly.
When we arrived at Manly granddad David and Dorothy were waiting for us, we walked across the road with them to a cafe and had a drink and Sienna had a piece of Banana Bread. We then walked down the street where you stopped at the park area and played for a while. 
You made friends with a little girl who had a brother about 5mths old who were playing. Then you saw the water fountains and we put your swimsuit on and you ran through the fountains.
The fountains were all the way down the high street
And you played at everyone of them
We walked to the end of the street and arrived at the beach, nana took you down to the sea,
and your Granddads and Dorothy went to get some fish and chips and a drink. After we ate our lunch granddad took you down to the see to play again in the water and build sand castles.
It was 2pm and we packed up our gear and watered you down and got you changed and headed back to the ferry, until you saw the yoghurt shop,
so we all stopped for an ice cream. We hugged granddad David and Dorothy goodbye
and got on the ferry boat back to Circular Quay. Walked to the bus station and bought some groceries for dinner.caught the 273 back to siennas house and she nearly fell asleep on the bus, when we got back daddy was home and mummy and William had had a nice restful day. Mummy cooked dinner Doritos cheese and mince, guacamole sour cream and salsa.after nana and granddad did the washing up. 6pm nana and granddad took a walk into Chatswood and got Some more groceries in Coles. Came out of Coles and nana did not see the puddle outside the shop, smack.... Nana kissed the deck again, was given a chair and had to wait for security to fill out an accident report. New bruises and twisted my back and the other ankle.
Managed to walk home and had to use an ice pack on thigh and ankle.William was slow to settle after his 7pm feed, sienna struggled to go to sleep as well, didn't go down until 8.30 mummy and daddy went to bed, and nana and granddad went to bed later after their cup of tea.