Saturday, 13 September 2014

My best friend kelly is coming to see me.

Worn out
Night nana
Street art

Be a fairy
Play school 
Dancing to frozen
Sienna's wish list while auntie kelly is at her house:
- go to the park
- go for ice cream
- go swimming 
- go the beach
- bake a cake
- arts and crafts 
- go to play school
- go to the zoo

Mummy tells me that you were so excited to see your auntie kelly that you were up dressed and ready to go half an hour before mummy had planned to leave for the airport. Mummy thought she had time to grab a drink at the airport before I arrived, however I cleared customs, spotted my bag straight away and got through quarrantine really quickly.  As I walked out I expected you to spot me and come running up to give me a big hug, instead you weren't there (so far mummy has never made it to the airport in time to do the 'huddle the barrier hug')  but I spotted you at the coffee shop and ran up and booed you.
After showing me round your house and opening your presents we went into chatswood and you went soft play while mummy and I had a chat and drink. You made friends with a little girl and you both thought it was funny to bounce around then run back to your mummy's and ask for water every five minutes. When it was time to leave you went and hid up the top in the furthest corner away from us, mummy had to chase you down and I promised to watch frozen with you if we left then.

Back at your gaff we entertained ourselves while we waited for you daddy to get in from work and mummy cooked the dinner.

When we got up Saturday it was raining and we didn't know what to do. We decided to get started on the list of things you wanted to do while im in town. You got the paints out and more ended up over the table and yourself than on the paper. Arts and crafts - tick!

We decided to take you on your first trip to the bowling alley. You were actually beating mummy and me until you got bored.

We took you to the arcade after, where you gave mummy some tips with her driving lessons.

On Sunday mummy had a driving lesson and daddy went to work again while we got ready to go to the beach.

At the beach we had ice cream, mummy asked me to hold her ice cream while she got the blanket out. You hid behind mummy and I couldn't see you, when I asked mummy where you were she spun round and knocked me and I dropped mummy's ice cream, so i had to share mine with mummy. Mummy left us alone for 5 minutes and instead of continuing to play in the sand you thought it would be fun to sit on some other kids sand castle. 
You loved swimming in the sea but it was far too cold for me to even dip a toe in.
We played in the park until daddy came to give us a lift home.

Beach - tick! Ice cream - tick! Park - tick! 
While mummy cooked dinner and we spoke to sammy and simon but you really wanted to talk to nana and grandad 'Why aren't you answering face time grandad?'

Monday morning you took me to play school, every time I made you something out of playdoh you thought it was fun to flatten it.

Caught red handed. 
You loved the feeling of the wet spaghetti between your fingers.
At the end of play school they had a group singing session, you seem to be leading the teachers in what song to sing next, you got everyone doing ring-a-ring-a roses.

Play school -tick!

We went shopping to get some lunch, the only way to get you out the shop was to promise to bake you a cake when we got home, it had to be the one with the pink icing. We decided it would be an early birthday cake for auntie sammy. 
Bake a cake - tick!

Tuesday, and we decide to go swimming before mummy had an appointment at the hospital to check on joggle. You wanted to wear auntie Kelly's swim suit.
After swimming we had a picnic in the park. At the hospital you charmed the nurses and helped them check on joggle who is doing well.

Swimming - tick!

Back at yours and we had afternoon tea.

Wednesday, you slept so well during the night that you didn't want to get out of bed for school in the morning, mummy had to drag you out of bed by your feet.  When you got home you didn't want to know me and told me we weren't friends.

Thursday, in the middle of the night you decide to go get in bed with mummy and daddy.  When the lady (alarm) went off you didn't want to get up again, mummy thought she had got you up before she got in the shower instead you snuck in bed with me and gave me lovely cuddles until mummy found you and had to drag you out of bed for school. 

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Well we all love the fact that you have nicknamed the baby 'joggle' and it seems to have stuck. Now everyone is calling baby joggle. You were very cute the other day when you were lying on mummy's tummy and talking to sam. All of a sudden you jumped up and said to Sam 'I can hear it, it's talking to me,' when sammy asked you what Joggle had said you replied 'I love you'. You have promised me that when baby is born you are going to look after them for me.

You are so helpful when we go to my antenatal appointments, you help the midwife to measure mummy's tummy then you hand her the gel which she squirts on my tummy and you hold the Doppler whilst we listen for baby's heartbeat. You seem to really enjoy playing nurse!
You and daddy practising your dirty dancing moves!
You really have some attitude now kid, if I thought 2 was a challenge I didn't know what I was letting myself in for with 3... Sometimes you are cute and cheeky when you want to get your own way, when I tell you we can't do something and you will screw your nose up and reply 'lets have a try mum'. Or 'puuurrrrleaase mum'. Then there are other times when you scream at the top of your lungs or repeat things seven million times until I feel like I am going insane!

You love playing tea parties with all your toys and will sit for ages talking to them all and telling us stories. You have a lovely imagination and I love to listen to you talking to them. You are especially cute in the bath where you have lots of plastic toys. Unfortunately this makes it very difficult to get you out of the bath as you live to sit there till the water turns stone cold.
You were really missing your little friend Lottie who we don't get to see much anymore as she is in daycare 5 days a week. So, we organised a Sunday play date - we had a picnic and the two of you played for hours. She bought her frozen dolls to the park and you both had a great time singing the songs for the movie and now you want some frozen dolls too. I said you'd have to wait till Father Christmas comes. You have been singing the 'let it go' song for days since. 

You keep telling me that Lottie is your best friend, I think you need to learn how to give more gentle hugs though as you love can bit a overwhelming for some.