Tuesday, 27 December 2011

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth....

Well my darling girl what a big week this has been for you, I can't believe how far you are growing in just a week. The most exciting news this week was an attempt at your first word and being the little daddy's girl that you we believe you tried to say dada at least twice and you were even pointing at daddy whilst saying it.

You have also cut your very first tooth which you are a bit shy about showing but when I put my finger in your mouth I can feel a tiny shard in your lower left gum.

Your crawling has come on remarkably well you are well and truly crawling now and getting quicker by the day. You are also getting much better at pulling yourself up and managed to pull yourself up from the floor on the sofa to fully standing with no help at all. Nana and Kelly have been helping you climb the stairs so I think that has probably helped you with your standing.

Well we had a lovely first Christmas in England, there was no snow and the weather has been pretty mild. Christmas Eve you met with cousin Sam and we had a lovely afternoon with one of your great aunties. Christmas day you didn't want to sleep because you obviously knew there was something exciting going on and didn't want to be left upstairs to sleep. You had some turkey for your tea that day and were spoilt rotten with presents, now we just have to get all this stuff home!!! Just a few more days and it will be a New Year, I can't believe this time last year you were still in my belly, this has been such a wonderful year and I just hope that 2012 is equally as wonderful as we were blessed with a beautiful healthy baby girl this year!!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

32 Weeks - One Week till Christmas....

I'm very excited about your 1st Christmas baby - this last week has been a hype of activity with lots of people to see you. We spent a week in London destroying auntie Kelly's flat. We also took you to see some of the sights in London and met up with mummy's good friend Angela. Mummy and Daddy then left you with Auntie Kelly for the evening.

You have been waking much more frequently during the night - not sure if this is due to a developmental stage or whether you are just unsettled due to being in unfamiliar surroundings. Tuesday we returned back to Nana & Granddad's and we left you for a night whilst we took a trip to Paris where your daddy proposed to me!! Was such a lovely surprise and I can't wait to marry your daddy. I have already decided that you will be my little flower girl I can't wait to see you dressed up!

Your crawling is coming on leaps and bounds - you are able to crawl all the way from Nana and Granddad's bar to the kitchen and you are now up on all fours trying to crawl as apposed to the commando crawl you have been doing. You are also attempting to pull yourself up on the chair and I don't think it'll be long till you are standing.

You are also trying to speak and can repetitively say babababababab you keep saying this so I am sure you are trying to communicate some word but not sure what this means just yet. You are also doing that funny head shaking thing more and more frequently where you shake your head back and forth from side to side, it looks very cute and funny.

Monday, 5 December 2011

30 Weeks old and in England baby!!

Asleep on the plane
MUMMY - Hey baby, you are currently snuggled up asleep on Wyz1's lap. Finally made it to England with daddy this time... you seemed to enjoy the comfort of British Airways much more than the flight we did in the summer with Virgin, at least you had your own little bed this time - you looked so comfy me and dad were both so jealous we wanted hop in your little bed with you... You slept soundly for the first 8 hours of our first flight and were then so well behaved on the second flight. You seemed to have coped a little better with the jetlag this time but you still seemed to be struggling to readjust to night and day time, the first night we all slept in shifts with Sammy and Kelly taking the first shift, daddy the 2nd and mummy the third shift. Last night nana took her turn and stayed up with you in the night, we're hoping that tonight you will make it a little later still but it was a lovely restful night for mummy as you slept in nana and wyz1's bedroom.

Dad made it on TV!
Well I weighed you just before you left and you are now 7.9kgs so you lost a little but with all of the good food that wyz1 is feeding you i'm sure you will get that back in no time.

We have been to visit Great nanny Ruby and Great Grandad Jim on Friday and they were so excited to see you. Today you are having a visit from Great Grandad Roy and Great Nanny Joan. Tomorrow we will have a lovely meal out with all of the family.

We have borrowed a bouncer which you seem to love and think it is the best game ever, auntie Kelly also bought you the cutest little elf outfit, we took you out to the shops yesterday and everyone kept cooing over you and saying how cute you were and that they wanted one.  We weren't sure if they meant an elf outfit or you!

Well, as we are in England your family here would like to leave you some little messages so over to them....

WYZ1 - just made you cauliflower soup but you were asleep on Aunty Sam so it was waiting for you when you woke up.  You loved the soup and ate it all up.  It's lovely having you here in England with us for Christmas and we are all getting lots of cuddles but I do prefer the daytime ones.
We tried you in the baby bouncer for the first time, you were a little hesitant at first but once you got the hang of it you bounced for ages.

Aunty Sam - you and me have spent quite a lot of time together.  Mostly with you asleep on me.  I picked you up at the airport and took you to aunty Kellys house.  Sadly she had to go to work, so that left you me and your very tired parents hanging out for the day.  They were very sleepy, so I fed you and got you off to sleep all day, but everytime I put you down in your cot you cried as you wanted cuddles whilst you slept.  So I let you snuggle down and nap, enjoying your cuddles, not enjoying the pincers you have developed though!  You love to grab hair and bits of skin, you even poked nana in the eye, and gave her a fishook.  We had a great tine the next day when you woke up, I kissed you and then we both burst into fits of laughter.  This went on for some time until I had to give up as my face ached from all the laughing and smiling - can't remember the last time I laughed and giggled so much, you are so much fun baby girl!

Aunty Kelly - Hey baby girl!!!  I've missed you so much since your last visit, can't believe how big you've got.  I was so glad I got to see you when you arrived, although I did have to go to boring work for the day.  You've had me up before 6am both days (Auntie Kelly doesnt get up this early for anyone else) and we've had some lovely chats.  I was a bit worried you had grown so much that you wouldn't fit in the elf outfit, but you still had some room and look so cute.

Nana - Well my christmas has came early now that you are here, we had a very interseting first night at Nana and YZ1 house, Nana gave you a bottle at the 10.00pm feed and you went straight back to sleep until 1.45am, then nana had to work very hard to try and get you back off and quiet so as not to wake everyone else. At 6.00am YZ1 took over and went down stairs with you and let Nana have some sleep.  later your Great Grandpa Roy and Great Grandma Joan came to visit, and you made her day when she fed you the home made soup YZ1 had made for you. had some lovely hugs and cuddles today and took you for a walk down the road this afternoon with Auntie Kelly. Later you had a bath with Auntie Kelly and played with the new little ducks that light up when in the water that Joan bought for you.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

29 Weeks

Can't believe you weigh 8kgs this week especially with the amount of number 2's you've been doing your record was 7 in one day. What have you been eating... perhaps daddy has been feeding you on the side?

Well this week has been so horridand rainy that it's been hard to get out and do very much at all. This has however given us more time at home to play,your sitting is getting much better. Think we can now say that you are officially crawling, you love playing with rubbish...more so than your toys. This week you are mastering standing and can support yourself standing propped up against something.

Sleep has been a little harder the last days, you seem more restless with more frequent nightime wakings and have been a little harder to get to sleep.

This is probably the last post I will make in Australia this year and next week we will be flying to England for our very exciting holiday and your very first Christmas. We are all so excited can hardly wait!

Monday, 21 November 2011

28 Weeks

This week you weigh 7.6kgs. Your mobility is getting much better and you are able to sit by yourself for a little longer. You seem to be getting so much stronger by the day and you are able to commando crawl to whatever is in reach. The weather has been so hot recently the only way I can get you to sleep is by walking you around in your pram. Had a hectic few nights with sleep this week, lots of tears and one night you cried for an hour and a half before going to sleep and then woke 4 times in the night. Thankfully things have settled the last few nights and you have gone to sleep without too much of a struggle one night you woke only once in the night for food, I hoped this was the start of a new pattern but alas you have regressed to 2 wakings in the night for food.

Sadly your great grandfather Don passed away this week, we attended a service commemorating his life on Friday. On this very sad occasion you were able to bring some joy and a smile. It was great seeing your little cousins and seeing how your baby cousin Heston progresses too.

We had a mini Christmas at Trine and Leon's house this weekend and they bought you a water ring for Christmas which you seemed to love.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

27 Weeks

Wow this week has been hot and unfortunately this has not helped with your sleeping. You definitely have your father's temperament you daddy has even given you your own fan. It was so hot yesterday that I took you swimming to cool off at the leisure centre which you seemed to love... can't wait to take you for swimming lessons. You'll look so cute with little water wings.

We're all getting very excited about our Christmas holiday... we'll be in England in just 3 weeks times, auntie Kelly has bought you an Elf outfit and can't wait to dress you up!!

Still only 50grams gained this week which means you are now 7.55kgs. This week has been a big week for you - You are now able to sit by yourself for a few seconds it's not long before you topple sideways but a milestone nonetheless, you also managed to pull yourself up into a sitting position for the first time when you were on the phone to your aunties in England. You still love to babble away and I feel sure you first word is not far away. The most exciting (and scary) development is that you are almost crawling you are pushing your bottom up in the air and moving your legs but your arms haven't quite co-ordinated with your legs to get you moving.

Today was mother's group it's fascinating watching you all grow and develop, most of the boys are sitting up by themselves now and a few of you are starting to crawl.

You amaze me each day, love you little angel xxx