Monday, 23 May 2011

Nearly 3 weeks old

Took Sienna to be weighed today, she's gained over 300grams in the last week, can't say I'm surprised considering the amount she is feeding, she's almost grown out of her first set of clothes the 0000 size are getting quite snug, she has a little swollen pot belly but she looks dead cute when she's undressed.

Had some belly time this morning and her neck is already getting strong, think she'll be supporting herself before we know it. She's definitely starting to interact more and seems to spend more hours awake during the day...

She must be getting a lot of wind as she constantly looks like she is trying to smile, can't wait for the day when she finally recognises me and starts to smile!

Sienna Lily Yeo

Just a few minutes old

After a 24 hour long labour Sienna was finally born 3 days after her due date. She is now 19 days old and I am more in love with her each day. She's already had heaps of visitors (the best suprise being her auntie Kelly who travelled all the way over from England to suprise her.)

We seem to have struck gold with our little girl - she does have her moments but generally she is so adorable and a pleasure to be around.

This weekend she had her very first photography session although she has already had about a million photos taken of her before that.

Date of Birth 4th of May 2011.
Weight 3.22 kilos.
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Dark brown / black although lighter highlights are starting to come through.