Thursday, 30 June 2011

Chatty little Sienna

8 weeks

Can't believe my baby girl is 8 weeks old already how the months are flying by... weighed her on the digital scales today and she is a very acceptable 4.85kgs so looks like she has slowed down on her growth spurt for  a while. Her little friends from mothers group are all weighing in between 5 and 6 kilos so she actually still small even though it feels like she is becoming a giant.

Thursday - Loving the outfit Nana bought

Am getting to know a few of the mums from my mothers group we went for a lovely walk along the beach last Monday and have decided to do the same again this week. Its good to be able to compare notes and see how the babies compare... Next week is our last group at the centre after that we have to decide ourselves where to meet up every week. Might be a struggle finding places with so many prams. Cant wait for next week's group they make us lay out all the babies in a circle and take a photo. Think they will all look so cute. She seems curious of the other babies but isn't quite sure what to do. They just sit and gaze at one another.

Monday - Sleeping during our walk at Balmoral

Went to visit her great grandad Donald in hospital this week - he said what a joy it was to see her so we're really glad we took her to see him. Also got to meet her 2nd cousin Lizzie this week who came to visit her twice this week. She is already besotted and thinks that's she's gorgeous which of course she is. Had a lovely day yesterday - just the 2 of us snuggled up under a blanket hiding from the rain and watching old movies and napping, it was delightful. Am amazed by her every day she seems to change right before my eyes - wish I could pause and cherish these moments forever. 
Tuesday - enjoying a nap
We are trying to get Sienna to master her vows she's getting good at ahh and ooo it's so cute mornings are her best time she wakes up quite chatty and continues that way for about half an hour then she gets cranky and needs a nap some food!! I just love lying her out on the change table - she really enjoys kicking about with no clothes on.

and another nap....

She has started spending long periods of time staring at the lights - doesn't matter what room you are in she loves staring at the lights - she even talks to them and smiles at them, we have decided she must have a little imaginary friend that she sees there. We call it her 'light friend'.

Weds - at home hiding from the rain

Thursday, 23 June 2011

7 weeks

Weighed her today she's 4900g fully clothed so probably about 4800g undressed which is a weight gain if about 200g per week which is in line with the average.

Tough day today spent most of the afternoon grizzling - ah well we all have our off days.

She has been making the cutest noises all week shes so much more chatty she is really responding to my voice when I talk to her couldn't get voice recording to upload but added a cute video of bath time!

Been a tough week what with ending up back in hospital, not much fun with a small baby but all the nurses on the ward loved having her there and were making a big fuss of her.

Was good to get out today and see all the other mums she was so cute with one of the other baby's today they sat and stared at each other for ages and then they both started gurgling. How cute! Am going to try and meet up with some of the other mums this week...

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Not a happy bunny...

Sienna 6 weeks old today

Well yesterday started well, baby is becoming so chatty and smiley, when we woke up she gave me the most beautiful smile that melted my heart... She tricks me though every time I try and catch it on camera she stops. She has started making more and more cute baby noises she is definitely starting to respond when you talk to her and she is much more interactive.

Measured her yesterday she has only grown 1cm since we last measured but she is really starting to fill out her clothes.

So anyway yesterday took her for her 6 week check at the doctors, firstly they gave her an oral dose which she pulled the funniest face at. Then the doctor made me hold her whilst she gave her a shot in each leg. It broke my heart she turned bright red and wailed like she was in so much pain... it was heartbreaking! She cried for the rest of the day and clearly wasn't happy with me.  Thought we were in for a night of torture but had the complete opposite. She only woke once last night to be fed. Have been monitoring her temperature and all okay so far.
Baby Heston
Sienna's baby cousin Heston was born today at 4am 5 weeks premature weighing a tiny 2.8kgs, both mum and baby are doing well. Their birthdays are exactly 6 weeks apart.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Sienna - 5 weeks

Week 5

Well all of our visitors have now left and it's just me and Sienna left to get used to each other. Monday was hard... she cried most of the day - she was definately showing me that she was missing nana and grandad. Tuesday was better think the trick is to get her settled and then go for a long walk.

We are definitely getting proper smiles now, Dan came home from work last Wednesday and got right up close to her and her whole face lit up - was the best welcome home for him - she has an absolutely gorgeous smile.

Had our next weigh in today she is still 4400grams the same weight as last week so looks like she has finally slowed down. Our Sienna is a good little sleeper at the moment she is only waking twice a night for feeds and she goes back to sleep very easily.

Had our first mum's and babies group today, lots of other new mums and everyone is really friendly and Sienna behaved the whole way through! Looking forward to next weeks group...