Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Week 11 & 12

Been a tough week this week, plenty of tears but our little bubba has finally reached her 3 month milestone. Didn't get to update the blog last week as we had our first little trip with Sienna, went up to the country to visit her cousins in Coonabarabran. She did so well on the road trip there only woke once for a feed and was happy to sleep the rest of the time, we weren't so lucky on the trip back she was quite grisly for 2 hours at the end of the trip and has been pretty unsettled ever since.

She had a bit of upset tummy at the start of the week which we thought might have been what was upsetting her but it has seemed to carry on for a few days. Had an 'incident' in woolies yesterday - took her out in the pram but she was screaming so I put her in the baby bjorn as I'd read during this period when upset they like to be closer to you a lot more. Anyways got to woolies and she was at the checkout when my hand brushed against her leg which was wet. So I thought, that's weird whats on her leg did something from the basket drip on her only when I touched it I realised she had poo running down to her ankles. Needless to say I had to make a mad dash to home. Poor baby, went from not going for a week to 3 in a row.

Heston - on his due date
Today was a bit better so am hoping she is over the worst of her so called stormy period. Her next one is due around 17 weeks (pretty much right around when we return from the UK) so that should be a nice welcome back for dad.

The babies were so cute together although Sienna looks like a giant compared to baby Heston. He is only a kilo less than her but in comparison she feels so much heavier now. Ellie is like an even bigger giant compared to the other two, she is certainly going through the terrible twos lots of tantrums - think she is finding it hard adjusting to less attention from Don and Nic now Heston is here, he is so cute... we nicknamed him billy goat because he makes a little gargling noise like he is a little baby goat.

We took the babies to the Warumbungles on Saturday to see all the kangaroos, one had a little joey in her pouch - was great except me and Nic both spent most of the time feeding the babies in the car.

Today we collected Sienna's passport already for our first little trip abroad. Can't wait only 19 more days. Will have to try and get her weighed tomorrow...Have a feeling she has put on quite a bit she is certainly getting heavier to hold and carry now.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

10 weeks

First hair blow dry
 This week we managed another 200grams so she now weighs 5.2kgs. She must be getting longer though as she has finally started to fit into all the beautiful little outfits her aunties sent her.  Fairly uneventful week due to the cold weather. Exciting news was the arrival of my new phone so I can now take better photos and videos of her and can now video call with people.  Monday we had a visitor from cousin Lizzie who absolutely adores playing with her and Tuesday we took a trip to the city by ourselves - she was so well behaved and everyone at work thinks what a wonderful baby we have - I tend to agree!!

pretty little outfits that her aunties bought
Thursday was mums group at the kirribilli club - again so well behaved unlike some of the other babies she was awake and playing the whole time without crying... it seems lots of the other babies have light friends too... very strange.

I don't think she could!

she loves staring at her mobile
Nights are getting much easier feeds are shorter and sometimes she only wakes once in the night!
mid smile and chewing on her hand

all rugged up!
The even more exciting news it that she will get to meet her auntie Sam for the first time in less than one month!!! Auntie Sam is co-ordinating (doing what she does best) for us to come home in a month to meet everyone for the first time - Sienna is very excited - she wet her pants last night thinking about it. Got her passport photos yesterday just need to lodge the forms on Monday and one month today we could be in England!!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

9 weeks

Well another week has passed and a bit more weight gained she now measures 60cms and has finally reached 5kgs. Can't believe how big she is getting she can actually sit on my lap now whilst I feed her.
Laughing at her little light friend
Took her on her first train journey on Sunday - she hated it and screamed the whole way until we got off and then she was all happy as we walked around Lindfield. Had a lovely walk for about an hour basking in the winter sunshine, we finally reached the nursery to meet Dan.

All rugged up for our walk at Balmoral
We have had beautiful weather the last few days the sun has been shining brightly - shame about the wind on Monday and Tuesday - yesterday was much better so we took a bus to Balmoral and walked around for a few hours with one of the other mums from my Mothers Group.

Today was fun we had our last mothers group at the centre so we laid all the babies out and let them play together they all looked sooo cute. Next week we are being let loose and have arranged to all meet up at the kirribilli club which will be fun and I'm also meeting up with a few mums for our weekly walk at Balmoral.

All the babies
Jessica, Cai, Sienna, Charlotte & Matthew
Charlotte and Sienna

Ahhh Sienna and Cai
This week has been fun she seems to react much more when you smile at her she smiles back all the time and when we make noises she copies or reacts to the noises we make - she loves her musical mobile now too - she spends ages watching the animals go around.