Thursday, 18 August 2011

15 weeks - At Nana and Wyz1's house...

Enjoying cuddles with Nana and Wyz1
This week Sienna is weighing 5.7kgs.

What a wonderful surprise, thanks to auntie Sam we are now in England! We arrived in England early on Wednesday morning after a VERY long flight. Poor bubba didn't know what was happening to her for the last few days. We did however get an upgrade to Premium Economy just wish we had had more time to enjoy the perks of the upgrade. Nearly ended up with 2 seats to myself however at the last minute we ended up with a very strange man sat next to us.

The first flight was very taxing Sienna cried most of the way which was probably a good thing as she then exhausted herself and slept most of the 2nd flight.  Just as I managed to rock her to sleep he would then open the window and let all of the light in - she didn't seem to really enjoy being locked down in the bassinet either and the flight attendants insisted that she had to be be strapped in and every time I would click the 2nd clip into place her eyes would fly wide open. We were both so glad to see the back of that plane. Then every time I would shut my eyes the weirdo next to me decided he wanted to have a chat. Not to mention the fact that the stupid trolley leaked and soaked my feet so I had soggy wet feet! Oh well it was all so worth it to see the tears of joy on Sam and Mum's face when we cruised through to arrivals...

Sienna with Gt Auntie Cheryl

Had a very teary Sienna for much of yesterday took a while for her to adjust to her new surroundings and the poor little one didn't want to sleep. After many tears throughout the day and a few walks she finally decided it was bedtime at 3.30, she slept through till 3.30am waking a few times for feeds and then back to sleep again. She did however decide that she wanted to get up and play at 3.30 so we played for 2 hours and then went back to bed...

Sienna with her 4 Gt grandparents
Had a wonderful day today (Thursday) she got to meet all of her great grandparents and great auntie and uncle... everyone seemed overwhelmed to see us here and really enjoyed seeing us both. It was such a fantastic day just wish auntie Kelly could have been here too... Once little one went to sleep mum and auntie Sam enjoyed some relaxing in the bubbles.

Enjoying cuddles with auntie Sam

Mum and auntie Sam relaxing after a hard day...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

13 Weeks

ahhh finally asleep...
Well after a frustrating week last week this week we have seen a marked improvement in madam's behaviour although she has still had her moments like at 5.30 this morning when she decided it was time to be up and playing rather than going back to sleep and then didn't want to have a nap until 1pm this afternoon. Needless to say we've both been a little tired and cranky today and I have put her to bed early.

so excited about her new mobile...
one of her gorgeous smiles
Finally managed to get her weighted today and she is still only 5.4kgs - apparently they tend to slow down a little at this stage as they are starting to get more active. Its been a big week development wise, she spent her first night in her own cot last night and has graduated out of the bassinet part of the cot... it's like she's suddenly woken up to the world this week - she seems so alert and curious about the world. She screams whenever I lie her down in the bassinet but put her upright so she can look at what is going on and she's all smiles...

I'm a big girl now mum, I don't want to lie down in my pram anymore
Been beautiful weather here last few days it feels like spring time has arrived. We got out and about went for lots of long walks - yesterday we walked to Balmoral and she was a perfect little angel. She's getting ready to get on the move - she's so good at belly time and you can see the frustration as she wants to move but can't figure out how!
my pretty polka dot dress
This weekend we need to get her 2nd set of jabs done for our trip abroad, making Dan come with me this time so that I'm not the only one that needs to go through the torture. We're both getting so excited about our trip can't believe it is nearly here. Just 2 more weekends and we're off...!!