Friday, 30 September 2011

21 Weeks

Unfortunately we didn't manage to keep you far enough away from daddy last week. You have had a bad flu this week accompanied by a horrid cough. We took you to the doctors but they seem to think you are fine. Despite this you have still (surprisingly) been in pretty good spirits - except at nighttime when I try to put you to sleep. You are quite resistant to sleep at the moment, you seem to have regressed a bit there... am hoping it is a phase that will pass with your sickness.

Dad's turn to feed you

Covered in rice cereal
Exciting news this week is that we started you on solid food, very messy business, you seem to like spreading it all around your face more than putting it in your mouth but I'm not sure I blame you really. The rice cereal looks and tastes like wallpaper paste. We will try something more palatable today perhaps some carrot or sweet potato?

On the development front you are rolling over lots this week although you do seem to get a bit frustrated when you get on your front as you haven't yet figured out how to turn back over. Practise baby.... you will get there eventually (we've all been there!).

Apart from that not much else happening this week as we've both been feeling pretty poorly and hiding at home where it's nice and cosy. Long weekend this weekend though so daddy is at home to play with and the clocks go forward which will mean more daylight hours (that should make putting you to sleep at bedtime easier?!).

20 Weeks

Morning baby, you are currently sleeping soundly again although you have put up much more of a struggle this week. Daddy is sick and we are trying to keep you apart so that you don't get sick too, so mummy has been on duty.

I wasn't surprised that after last week's post the very next day you starting rolling over and now you won't stop, I put you down on your back and 2 seconds later you are on your front. You frightened the life out of me when I walked into the kitchen came back and you had flipped yourself over for the very first time.

You managed to gain another 100grams this week so we are still going in the right direction, I love your little round belly!

Sounds like you are waking up so I guess I will have to continue on with this later x

Thursday, 15 September 2011

19 Weeks

my little roo in your pouch after bath time

you looking like a little football hooligan
Well baby you are currently sleeping soundly in your bed (putting yourself to sleep again!!) so I am taking this opportunity to update your blog. What a wonderful week this week has been. Spring has finally sprung and we have had some beautiful sunny days out playing in the garden we have also been taking lots of walks out in the sunshine. We have caught up with your little friends from mothers group this week. You were so adorable this week you really seemed to interact with the other babies  - you are reaching out to grab them and smile and chuckle at one another...

mastering the art of foot grabbing now you have found it you wont let go

almost sitting unassisted

enjoying playtime in the garden
We had a few days of unsettled sleep earlier in the week but you now seem to be back to your old self again. No weight gain this week, but then that could be because you are so active. I get the feeling you will be on the move very soon. You did gain another few cms though, you are now measuring 63cms. This week you have mastered rolling over from your back to your front. Every time I put you down now you are trying to repeat your little trick. You managed twice earlier in the week but now you seem to get stuck half way... not long baby you'll get there... it's very frustrating watching - I don't want to help as you need to learn by yourself but you are so close. You're too big for bathing in the sink now and love bath time with dad in the big bath when he gets home, I think dad looks forward to it as much as you.

You and Jack - I think he is after your wrist rattles

Looking very cute in your little outfit

Am loving our playtime together at the moment the sunny side of your personality is really showing through, you laugh at me when I do silly things and you are constantly showing me your beautiful smile. You have a little language of your own and are constantly chattering away to yourself or me. I love to listen to you talking.

This weekend I am leaving you alone with daddy for the evening for the very first time, I think daddy is a bit nervous! I hope you behave yourself and sleep like the little angel that you are :-)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back in Oz - 18 weeks

Well it's been a hard week trying to re-adjust for both of us. But all in all been a pretty good week. You've been developing in so many ways over the last few weeks little one... your most impressive this week has been your ability to put yourself to sleep no longer do we have the tiresome struggle of you kicking and screaming because you don't want to go down for your nap. Instead I wrap you up like a fajita in your blue blanket and can just walk away and leave you to close your eyes and go to sleep by yourself. Occasionally you need some reassurance and a gentle rub on your belly but I'm glad you can finally close your eyes and drift off to sleep without being rocked or fed to sleep. Am also impressed that you have been crying a lot less I know it's been hard trying to adjust with the jetlag and that waking up at 3am you have thought that we should be up and playing. Am glad to report that the last 2 days you have made it past 5am.

You're so funny auntie Sam!

Asleep at last
So we weighed you this week and after our little holiday you are now double your birth weight 6.4kgs. Cant believe how quickly you are growing... whilst we were away your found your foot and ear and now every time I lay you down you try to grab your foot, apparently this is the first sign that you will start rolling over soon. You're nearly there baby girl.

Ready for my swim Nana...

So we had an amazing time in England with the English side of your family. You went swimming for the first time in Nana and Wyz1's hot tub which you loved, everyone had a turn of bathing you and feeding you with a bottle and we were both spoilt rotten, needless to say it was very hard to say goodbye to your entourage of entertainers but mummy is pleased to report that you haven't performed this week or winged about not being walked around constantly. I think your little toothy pegs are on their way. Can't wait to see the first signs of your little white tooth although with the way your gums are biting down it may be the end of breastfeeding when you do.

Splish splash

This week we have just been trying to get you back into your sleep feed pattern. We've had some lovely sunny days and it has really felt like summer is on the way - we were able to have the doors wide open all day. Can't wait for another few weeks when we can sit out in the garden and play together. You loved walking around grandad's garden and smelling the flowers!

What's this one called Wyz1?

ohhh Pretty


Sunday was daddy's first Father's Day - we took you swimming in the baby pool at Willoughby leisure centre which you loved although you did pee all over daddy right before he put you in the pool - what a lovely little present! You have been so tired in the evenings bless you you have just passed out before we can even feed you!

Enjoying a Father's Day swim

4 generations

Exhausted - passed out after a strenuous walk with Wyz1

You loved your trip around Waitrose in the shopping trolley

Had another first this week took ;-( your first sickness - nothing too serious just a little cold but you have been all snuffly poor little nugget...

Finally on your last day you met with your great great great Uncle Dan who loved meeting with you!