Thursday, 27 October 2011

25 Weeks

Daddy's Girl

Only 50 grams weight gain this week but you are now measuring 66cms which is pretty tall for your age.

You've been a little grizzly this week but I'm pretty sure I can feel and see a little bump on your gums so I'm pretty certain we'll see a tiny white tooth popping through soon. Hopefully it appears before we hop on that plane to England in 5 weeks.

Your speech is getting better too I swear you actually said 'daddy' the other day!

You enjoyed swimming last weekend on Trine and Leon's pool for the first time even though the water was cold you didn't seem to mind - can't wait to take you for swimming lessons.

I keep leaving you in your cot or on the floor only to find you have moved quite some distance, you seem to be doing what I call the backward belly shuffles not long and I'm sure you'll be crawling!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

24 Weeks

This week you have put on nearly half a kilo, you now weigh a hefty 7.4kgs my little darling. Must measure you soon as you are looking taller. Summer has finally arrived we have had a week of glorious sunshine. I love watching how you develop, you are keen to be on your feet at the moment, all you want to do is stand or bounce. You love to watch things spin around, daddy bought you a pretty coloured kite which you love to watch spinning around in the wind. 

You were very funny today at mother's group you kept grabbing hold of Evan and trying to lick him. It looked like you were hugging and giving him a kiss (your dad says you're too young for a boyfriend yet!)

You show a keen interest in the garden and plants, perhaps you will following your daddy's footsteps and be a keen gardener. 6 weeks today and we will be in England for our Christmas holidays... how exciting your aunties and getting very excited about seeing you, I'm sure nana and wyz1 are too but they are off sunning themselves in Hawaii currently.

tucking in to mum's lunch (you always seem to want to eat what I'm eating)
You had the cutest fit of laughter this week, I have been trying desperately all week to make you replicate the laughter but it would seem that mummy isn't very funny...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

23 Weeks

Well after a lovely relaxing weekend you are now well and truely settled into your new routine and sleeping really well now. You seem very happy and calm and these days you rarely cry more than 5 minutes.

holding your new sippy cup
The weather is improving and we have enjoyed some sunny afternoons in the garden (a perfect place for those messy feedings).

I have you on a diet of prunes and dates at the moment as unfortunately you arent adjusting well to these solid foods. You have tried a few more fruits this week, you pulled a very funny face when we fed you peaches - I think maybe it wasn't ripe enough...

no one likes eating prunes my darling
This week you weigh 6950grams which was slightly less than last week but the midwife said this is normal and nothing to worry about. Unfortunately you still have that nasty cough.

Friday, 7 October 2011

22 Weeks

This week you reach your 5 month birthday. Can't believe how time flies and how much you develop daily. This week has been a wonderful week with you. You seem to have really discovered your's so funny I put you down on the change mat and you lay there with your hand in front of your face staring at it like you have only just discovered that it's yours. The disadvantage to this is that your grip is very strong and your tiny little hands now grab for things like my hair or face.

After a frustrating few weeks of not being able to get you to sleep I sought some advice on sleeping and was told that we should try a sleep schedule. I was a bit skeptical at first but after just a few days of trying it we have you sleeping soundly and putting yourself to sleep. This does require me having to leave you to cry for a couple of minutes which was heart breaking at first but actually it does work. Am glad to say that we know have a lot less tears all in all. I put it down to the magic blue blanket... not sure what we will do when it's warmer and too hot to wrap you in it.

We have another first this week, you did your first wee on the potty, I know you're still quite little for potty training but we are getting you started with associating this with going to the toilet, to make toilet training easier over the next few months.

You have also been enjoying your solid foods - so far you have tried carrot, banana and apple. I think banana is your favourite but we are laying off this for a while - bright orange foods it is for the next few meals.

Mum has had a wonderful week this week, left you for one night with daddy whilst I went out for dinner (you were a little angel) and then last night we left you with grandma and although you did wake up you were well behaved and didn't put grandma off. This is a huge relief for me as I now have a bit more freedom to leave you occasionally. Can't believe how much Independence you are getting already!