Thursday, 24 November 2011

29 Weeks

Can't believe you weigh 8kgs this week especially with the amount of number 2's you've been doing your record was 7 in one day. What have you been eating... perhaps daddy has been feeding you on the side?

Well this week has been so horridand rainy that it's been hard to get out and do very much at all. This has however given us more time at home to play,your sitting is getting much better. Think we can now say that you are officially crawling, you love playing with rubbish...more so than your toys. This week you are mastering standing and can support yourself standing propped up against something.

Sleep has been a little harder the last days, you seem more restless with more frequent nightime wakings and have been a little harder to get to sleep.

This is probably the last post I will make in Australia this year and next week we will be flying to England for our very exciting holiday and your very first Christmas. We are all so excited can hardly wait!

Monday, 21 November 2011

28 Weeks

This week you weigh 7.6kgs. Your mobility is getting much better and you are able to sit by yourself for a little longer. You seem to be getting so much stronger by the day and you are able to commando crawl to whatever is in reach. The weather has been so hot recently the only way I can get you to sleep is by walking you around in your pram. Had a hectic few nights with sleep this week, lots of tears and one night you cried for an hour and a half before going to sleep and then woke 4 times in the night. Thankfully things have settled the last few nights and you have gone to sleep without too much of a struggle one night you woke only once in the night for food, I hoped this was the start of a new pattern but alas you have regressed to 2 wakings in the night for food.

Sadly your great grandfather Don passed away this week, we attended a service commemorating his life on Friday. On this very sad occasion you were able to bring some joy and a smile. It was great seeing your little cousins and seeing how your baby cousin Heston progresses too.

We had a mini Christmas at Trine and Leon's house this weekend and they bought you a water ring for Christmas which you seemed to love.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

27 Weeks

Wow this week has been hot and unfortunately this has not helped with your sleeping. You definitely have your father's temperament you daddy has even given you your own fan. It was so hot yesterday that I took you swimming to cool off at the leisure centre which you seemed to love... can't wait to take you for swimming lessons. You'll look so cute with little water wings.

We're all getting very excited about our Christmas holiday... we'll be in England in just 3 weeks times, auntie Kelly has bought you an Elf outfit and can't wait to dress you up!!

Still only 50grams gained this week which means you are now 7.55kgs. This week has been a big week for you - You are now able to sit by yourself for a few seconds it's not long before you topple sideways but a milestone nonetheless, you also managed to pull yourself up into a sitting position for the first time when you were on the phone to your aunties in England. You still love to babble away and I feel sure you first word is not far away. The most exciting (and scary) development is that you are almost crawling you are pushing your bottom up in the air and moving your legs but your arms haven't quite co-ordinated with your legs to get you moving.

Today was mother's group it's fascinating watching you all grow and develop, most of the boys are sitting up by themselves now and a few of you are starting to crawl.

You amaze me each day, love you little angel xxx

Friday, 4 November 2011

6 Months!!

Well my darling I can hardly believe it but yesterday you turned 6 months... how time has flown. You are such a cheerful happy baby full of smiles, everyone wants to stop and say hello and tell me how gorgeous you are where ever we go. This week we had your 6 month check up and you now weigh 7.5kgs, had to have your third round of injections done too which was painful for both of us as you sucked the life out of my arm afterwards leaving me with a huge bruise on my arm.

my arm - the result of your injections

This week was Melbourne cup and we dressed you up for the occasion and attended a small party with our mothers group, you of course wanted to be in amongstt everything and refused to sleep whilst we were at the party.

Today we went to visit your great grandad Donald who is 95, unfortunately he is very poorly in hospital but seeing you and giving you a cuddle brightened his day. You also got to meet 2 of your great uncles this week, who needless to say also found you adorable.

This week we have introduced protein into your diet, you are now eating chicken, fish and your favourite seems to be yoghurt which you love to eat for breakfast. You are so much like your daddy too. He was eating ham today and offered you some which you then refused to give back and cried when we took it away! Everyone back in England is getting so excitied about seeing you again.... only a few more weeks and we're all off on holiday!!!