Saturday, 28 January 2012

37 Weeks

Well life has been a little hectic since returning back to Australia, we have had some house guests staying in our tiny little flat so our flat has been a hub of activity but we are now back down to 3!

Happy to report that you are still a very happy little child. I spend most of my days running around after you and trying to keep you out of harms way, unfortunately I'm not quite quick enough and you are very quick! So we have had a few bumps along the way. Your second tooth is well and truely through now, which has led to some very sleepless nights for poor mummy...and our house guests.

We have had a breakthrough on the sleep front though a few nights you have been sleeping through the night so I know you can do it! Fingers crossed for a nice sleepy Sienna that sleeps through the night tonight. You are getting a lot more confidence with your balance and stood for about 10seconds on your own the other day until you realised I had let go and then plonked down on your bum. You can also cruise around the sofa holding on but you turn corners by yourself and have worked out how to get to the ground without crashing down. I feel sure that walking is just around the corner as I can holdjust one hand whilst you walk around now.

We have had a few nice days of weather so Katie, Vicki and Mummy took you to the beach, you loved splashing around in the waves. This week was Australia day and we went for a BBQ and pool party and Trine and Leon's you were very funny and kept grabbing the bones from my plate and putting them in your mouth (you are so your father's daughter!) You are getting better at feeding yourself we give you banana and toast fingers but I think you enjoy squishing it between your fingers more than eating it!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

35 Weeks and back home

Can't believe that was two weeks ago already! Well we have been back home nearly a week now. The last week of our holiday we spent in London at Auntie Kelly's place and unfortunately that little toothy really bothered you resulting in little sleep for me or nana who also took a turn of nursing you. We took you for another visit to London where wemet up with mummy's friend Polly. We were so exhausted we didn't make it up past ten on NYE.

Took you to be weighed when we got back and you were 8.7kgs which is about 700 grams you have put on whilst we were away.You were really enjoying grandads cooking and mine doesn't seem to cut it since we got back. You are developing so quickly now I can hardly keep up with you... needeless to say that this has resulted in you landing on your bum quite a bit. All you seem to want to do is pull yourself up and stand to the point where I now come in to your room and find you standing up at the end of the cot. We also now wake up to find you peering at us from the end of your bed waiting to be collected. You even stood by yourself for a few seconds yesterday but as soon as you realised I had let go you wobbled and fell sideways. I feel sure that you will be walking within the next month.

After an exhausting few nights last night you did somthing remarkable - you slept for nine hours straight without waking. I hope you can do the same tonight, I have tried to replicate yesterday exactly fingers crossed you are now able to sleep through the night more regularly.

Your speech is definately developing too you have been so chatty today, you are developing more sounds now too and repeat dadadad and yayayaya. We went toMother's Group last week and it would seem you are quite advanced as none of the other babies are pulling themselves up just yet.