Thursday, 23 February 2012

41 weeks

Well this week has brought a week of accident, injury and illness, my poor little bubba... I really feel for you. At the weekend you had your first accident. Whilst mummy was in the kitchen preparing something for you to eat you decided to pull the broom out from beside the fridge, however as you pulled the broom the ironing board came tumbling down. At first I thought the loud bang has just frightened you but then you cried for nearly an hour solid and I knew something was wrong, but you couldn't tell me what had happened. As the day progressed your finger started to swell up and go purple so off I took you for an x-ray.Luckily there was no fracture or break but your hand must have been very sore for a few days. You haven't been yourself this week. Since Sunday you have been crying and grumpy then on Tuesday you broke out in this horrible rash so we took another trip back to the doctors to find that you had a virus Roseola Infantata.

We had some lovely cuddles this week, just like when you were a newborn, I think you must have been feeling really unwell on Monday as you didn't want to sleep anywhere but on me.
 Due to your little accident we have had to enforce baby jail... only kidding it's really a playpen but your little face as you stand there looking at me makes me feel like I have put you in baby jail.
On top of having a sore finger and a horrid rash and fever you also had your fourth tooth start to come through at the top left and I'm pretty sure there is another next door about to push through as the gum is very white and hard.
On Tuesday we were lucky enough to go to Gymbaroo as your friend Lottie donated one of her make up classes to us. Unfortunately you weren't in the best of moods which I later discovered was due to the virus. However, we got to climb around on trampolines and soft climbing equipment, followed by songs and games in the room next door. They made me hang you upside down by the ankles and then do ahead over heels using my arm. Mummy had fun...I only wish you had enjoyed yourself more.
Yesterday we were out in the garden helping daddy to propagate some plants so that we can sell them to his clients although your idea of helping was to plunge your hand in the soil and try and eat it. Had to wash your mouth out with an entire bottle of water!
As I said you haven't really been yourself this week due to being under the weather so we haven't really progressed much with the walking although you are keen to show off standing whenever you can. I took the wheel locks off the walker the other day and you were a bit confused as it moved so quickly and you couldn't quite keep up.
We had a few successes this week where you slept right through the night from 10-6, we didn't do anything particularly different on those two nights but they were before all of the trauma of the week so perhaps once you are feeling better you will need less comforting in the night. We did hear that Chamomile tea is supposed to help babies sleep better at night anything is worth a try ,we did try it last night and will be persistent to see if it works. Normally you don't sleep very well for your daytime sleeps either but I put you to sleep nearly 2 hours ago and you are still sleeping so you must have been tired.
I think the week has been a bit boring for you this week as we weren't able to go to penguins or mothers group in case you were contagious so hopefully next week will be more fun for you.

This week you weigh 9.4 kilos...

Thursday, 16 February 2012

40 Weeks

Well this week has been all about standing and you are getting better and better each day. Today you even tried to take your first step but unfortunately it wasn't very successful and you promptly fell on your bottom. You are keen to practise this new skill and everyday you stand by yourself for a little bit longer. Although sometimes you get a bit too sure of yourself and have ended up with a few unfortunate bumps.

Managed to weigh last week and you are now 9.2kgs. Your favourite food this week is aubergine. Had an unfortunate incident today... not going into all of the gross details but lets just say that I didn't get you over the potty in time and you then thought that the mess you had made was something fun to play with. Not so much fun for mummy when trying to clean up you and the floor. Yuck!!

Your poor little tooth has finally erupted and nighttime wakings have finally settled down again although not without the help of milk so we are back to our bottle... better that than 2 hours of crying though. You are still my little water baby, whether outdoors in Trine and Leon's  pool or at swim lessons you love splashing around.

So you are well and truly saying muma and dada now and the other day you sort of said something that sounded like yeah but other than that not really much is sounding like really words. You have mastered clapping when you are excited and waving when encouraged so we're doing well on that front. All of the mums at mums group think you are very advanced and think you will be the first to walk.
This week we will work on your balance and see if we can get you taking your first steps.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

39 Weeks


Another week gone and another unrested week for mummy... just when I think we have got this whole sleeping thing sorted out, up pops another one of those toothy pegs, last night was awful you were screaming so loudly and nothing I did seemed to help it was only this morning when I felt in your mouth that we noticed you have another one. Auntie Sam's magic teething powder arrived in the post today - let's hope that works its magic!


Despite a very restless night I couldn't help but smile at you this morning when dad brought you in to me and the first thing you said was mummum. Couldn't shut you up all morning then that's all you wanted to say over and over again...


Penguins was fun this week, more of the same funny songs only this time the instructor dunked you under the water and in typical Sienna style you went under with your mouth wide open and swallowed half of the pool. You were a bit shocked at first and coughed quite a lot afterwards but didn't seem to mind too much. I dunked you a couple more times after that but timed them well so that you had your mouth shut on those occasions and didn't drink too much water. Afterwards you tried to attack Archer in the baby pool, you seemed to want to eat his toes,you seem to like eating your own at the moment as well as trying to put people's shoes in your mouth...not sure what that obsession is about.

I love making you giggle and that is much easier these days I just need to blow a raspberry on you and you giggle like made. We had fun today dancing around the house to some music you in you bouncer and me with the mop whilst trying to clean the floor, gotta love that bouncer, think it is the best present we got this Christmas- endless amounts of fun!

I was so impressed today, you have managed to pull yourself up on me and you have finally gained the confidence to let go and  stay standing,only for a very short time but you are finally getting up the courage and balance to move about on your own. It's impossible to get anything done at the moment. I l eave you at one end of the room and you quickly pull yourself up and cruise around all of the furniture until you reach where I am (normally in the kitchen). Then I pick you up and put you back in the same spot only to find you back by my side a moment later -you are getting very quick now little one.

I measured you the other day and you are now 69cms. Still haven't weighed you but you are definitely getting heavier.  I get so achy now when we are having a cuddle in the night and I am trying to get you back to sleep.

You are well and truly into you finger foods now and you do seem to be doing a little better at the hand to mouth action I think you are actually getting some food in there now! I still find a fair bit squished into you hair,dropped in the seat and thrown on the floor but hey, we're getting there.

My favourite  expression of yours is still your oooh expression, everyone else seems to love it too, you always seem so impressed or curious about everything, would love to know what you are thinking about.

As well as waving you are now clapping your hands when you get excited (although not on demand yet) - It's so amazing watching you grow and seeing the new things you learn each week...can't wait to see what next week brings.

Friday, 3 February 2012

9 months!!!

Hard to believe that  tomorrow marks the 9 month of you being in the big wide world... that's the same amount of time that I carried you around inside me. How quickly that time has gone?

This week we started swimming lessons... you are enrolled in the penguins class. I don't know who was more excited about the lesson, me or you? It was good fun, we sang lots of little nursery rhymes and practised getting you used to the water. The instructor poured a watering can over your face...none of the other babies seemed to like it but you just carried on smiling. I don't think you wanted the lesson to end. Can't wait for our next lesson.

Haven't managed to get you weighed yet but I did plonk you on the scales at home and you are still under 9kgs. You do seem to be getting taller though, will have to get the tape measure out and see how much you have grown...

Haven't been able to keep your grabby little hands out of your food lately so we are now onto finger foods which you absolutely love, I have never seen you sit so still whilst eating although 3/4 of what we feed you ends up in your hair and on the floor.

Your speech is changing now too, you have said muma although I'm not sure you really know what it means. You also say nananana I wonder if you are trying to saying 'nana' or 'no no' as I'm sure you must hear me say that quite a lot these days. You have also started to make funny noises with your lips kind of a babbling indian adorable.

You are so happy and smiley whenever we are out and about, always flashing that gorgeous little smile and trying to make friends wherever we go. You are so giggly these days, I love the sound of your laugh it brightens up my day especially when I am exhausted from being up with you during the night. xxxx