Thursday, 29 March 2012

46 weeks

Today I weighed you and you are now a Perfect 10kgs!

 We went to play group for the first time today. It was so much fun there I look forward to taking you back. There were so many activities to choose from, your favourite seemed to be the swing. Although you were having great fun playing in the sand till you put a handful in your mouth and I spent the next 10 mins trying to wash your mouth out.

Toilet training is going well you have spent every morning this week on the potty and proudly done your business there.

Tuesday was gymbaroo and we had fun playing games and singing songs with your little friends.

Only one more week of swimming before we break for Easter. Daddy is taking the weekend off for Easter so we can hopefully find some fun things to do. You still seem to swallow half the pool when we go so need to teach you how to close you mouth under water.

Unfortunately the sleeping through the night was a one off last week but you have been much better than the past few weeks.

Getting more and more excited about our trip only 54 more days to go although it's looking like you may not fit into your little dress! Oh well you will look gorgeous in whatever you wear and I love your little budda belly.
You are well and truly walking now you made it the whole way across the room this week - still very wobbly but you are doing very well!

Your hair seems to be going much curlier so there is still hopethat you will have curly locks it's also looking much more ginger as shown in these photos. Dad says that you look just like me in this photo, he says you have the same look that I give him.
Wyz1 found this photo the other day... the day before I went in to Labour-can't believe it was nearly a year ago I look ready to pop too!

Thursday, 22 March 2012

45 weeks

I am crossing fingers hands and toes that we finally have you in a good sleeping pattern... After a few hideous nights at the weekend the last 3 nights you have slept all night waking once briefly around midnight for a bottle and then straight back to bed!

Your walking has been much better this week! We even managed about 4 steps unassisted in a row! You have been practicing almost every day... Still very Bambi like and mostly a run to the nearest stable object but I am still very impressed!

This week we went to gymbaroo again which you seemed to enjoy especially when we got to dangle you upside down by the ankles... You weren't too keen on the role poly though (I don't think mummy was doing it right). You also climbed a ladder of course you had some help but you quickly learned how to climb the rungs. I think your favourite part was the train that we sat you on as you went up and down over the tracks.
Since Rusty passed away you have become Gemma's new four legged companion although how the tables have turned from when you were first born and she would chase you everywhere... now you are the one doing all the chasing.
Yesterday I thought my worst nightmare had come true when daddy was changing you and shouted to me 'come quickly... Help!' I rushed in to the change table (minus my glasses) and saw red all over your mouth face and hands. I panicked thinking it was blood everywhere only to find it was actually red paint. Dad had given you a little pot of red paint to keep you amused and still whilst he changed you (great idea dad?!) somehow you had figured out how to get the lid loose. Luckily it was non-toxic but apparently you nappy was bright red this morning too.

Seems like absolutely everything is going in your mouth these days more so than normal. I noticed another tooth about to break through this morning so maybe this is he cause of the increased biting and chewing!

Your favourite game at the moment is the Fridge game. Whenever I open the fridge you are right there wanting to raid the fridge. It's hilarious and keeps you amused for ages that is until you pull the egg carton out of the fridge and we ended up with 4 of 6 smashed eggs... Oh well made a great omelette for your tea. Your other favourite game is playing with mummy's make up pots and tubes.

You have also started shaking your head and saying Non no no no. This too is very cute and makes me laugh a lot.

I just wanted to add that after making this post you slept through the night for the very first time last night 7.30-5.30 and after a quick bottle you even went back to bed for another hour! Wow baby I am so impressed and well slept I could kiss you all day long! Oh wait I do that anyway!! Xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

44 weeks

This week little munchkin you are weighing 9.7kgs, nearly at the 10kgs mark!

We've had a funny week of sleep, one minute you reward us by sleeping through 12-6 and the next few nights you are awake nearly every 2 hours... Mummy is feeling a little exhausted today... I could do with the same afternoon nap you are having right now.

Not many more steps this week, I thought you'd be running around by now after last weeks attempts but alas I think you are fearful of falling on your bottom.

Archer still seems to be your favourite at swim classes you always walk straight up to him and try and tug on his hair or give him a big kiss.
On Saturday we left you with auntie Julie for the evening as daddy took me out for dinner, it was lovely to be out and about...we were celebrating our first date, we met 6 years ago and now here we are with our beautiful baby girl. I feel so lucky to have you in my life, you bring us so much joy little lady and I love you so much!

You have finally figured out how to hold your beaker cup by yourself and drink from it, of course there is a lot of spillage but you are becoming more and more dependant everyday.
You're still babbling away to yourself was funny to watch you just standing there and giggling to yourself... Wyz1 says you are talking to his angel that he sent here to watch over you, I like to think its your fairy friend at the very least.

Mummy is getting very excited about a trip away, only another 2 months and we will be on a plane winging our way to England!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

One small step...

Well baby girl I am so excited to report that you took your first steps today, only tiny baby ones, and one at a time but wow such progress this week I am very proud of you!

You havent been yourself his week I'm sad to report that you have been a bit out of sorts, really clingy to mum (not even dad's cuddles will suffice) of course I love he cuddles... Not so much at 3am when you are screaming and won't sleep alone in your cot for the last two nights which is such as shame because for 3 nights last week you slept through till morning without waking. I hope you aren't suffering from some sort of night terrors!

You were being your usual cute sled at penguins yesterday... You were standing up at the wall and there was a man standing the other side who was smiling at you. You ducked down like when you are playing peek-a-boo on the phone only he didn't say boo and you looked really perplexed as to why he wasn't playing he game.