Wednesday, 25 April 2012

50 weeks

Well we had the first of 3 birthday parties. We had a lovely gathering in Waverton for you and all your little friends from Mothers Group. We had a wonderful afternoon but it was impossible trying to keep you all together for photographs. When the time came for presents you were more interested in a plastic cup than choosing a present so you ended up with the only one that was left, but it was a lovely gift all the same. We dressed you as a little lady beetle and you were covered in mud by the end of the day but you really seemed to be enjoying yourself despite your outfit being in tatters (mummy needs to do some stitching to repair it before your next lady beetle appearance).

You are really enjoying walking everywhere now. We took you up the road to the shops yesterday what is normally 10 minute walk took over an hour because you wanted to stop and pick up leaves or whatever else you could find in the floor. It is amazing to see you walking along now all by yourself. When we tried to pick you up to get home quicker we got an earful and had to put you down again.

Went to mothers group today. We met up at play school and played on the swings and slides - you are all so funny now stealing each others toys and following each other around like little lemmings. Everyone I meet is so impressed that you are only one and so advanced you are walking as well as some of the babies that are 18 months old.

7 nights straight of great sleep baby girl I can hardly believe it! It worked... If only we had tried this sooner. Its as simple as giving you your bottle half hour before bed and then letting you roll around in your cot for 10 mins before you put yourself to sleep. Hurrah mummy sleeps 7 sometimes 8 hours solid I feel like a new woman!

The rain finally stopped this week so it was back to work for daddy. Although yesterday was a public holiday so he was at home for the day. The weather has taken a turn, although the sun is shining it has turned a bit chilly in the last few days which has given us a chance to get your winter coat out. You look so cute in it although it's still a little on the big side for you at the moment.

You are still all about the kisses and cuddles you were so cute in the supermarket yesterday. You were strolling around as you now love to do and you started following this other little girl who must have been about 3 and for some reason you must have scared her. You then found another little girl who was a little older (maybe about 5) who you ran up to and gave a big cuddle to. This little girl thought you were lovely and was so happy you gave her a cuddle. I have a feeling you and little Poppi will be good friends when we go to England for auntie sam's wedding.

So next week is the big day... You turn 1 on Friday. Can't wait for your party we are going shopping for your birthday present this weekend. Soon you'll be telling me that you want every toy in sight so I will enjoy this year when you will enjoy the cardboard box your toy comes in best of all...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

49 weeks

Well there's no stopping you now, you are well and truly on your way to being a speed demon - you go charging around everywhere now and either me or your dad have to go running after you.

I love you latest little noises you make it's a brrrbrrr with your lips but in a tuneful way that sounds like you are singing and prrrbbbb afterwards like you are blowing raspberries. That said your silly noises are starting to sound more like words... You are such a little chatterbox!

I think that I have finally reached my threshold with sleep. As soon as I think how well you are doing we have a few bad nights. So tonight we are trying something different and hopefully fingers crosses this works as I can't bear to resorting to let you cry yourself to sleep until you exhaust yourself but I'm so tired... And you are nearly one so time to sleep the night little missy.
This week you had your first try of real milk the stuff that comes from cows! Was a bit messy as we tried to give it to you in a cup rather than a bottle- not much success unfortunately.

Your hair is getting so long now that we have had to put a ponytail on top of your head. You look dead cute but you are starting to look like such a little kid. Where did that gorgeous little baby go that slept all day... You're still gorgeous but clearly not that sleepy anymore.
Had lunch with the girls this week and ive been inspired by them. I'm starting a new blog as of yesterday only this time it's all about the food I feed you I'm hoping friends and family will post some recipes for us to try to keep food interesting for you. Lunch was interesting actually I didn't take the pram we walked up in the rain I had you in the Bjorn which nearly killed me (you are now weighing 10.3kgs)! So we practised for aeroplane travel by sitting still on my lap for a full hour. I say sitting still - there was quite a bit of wriggling but all things considered you did pretty well!

You have been very cute this week you become more of a little person every day. Today you were dancing around and giggling. You were also adorable the other night - I blew on your food because it was a little warm upon seeing this you also blew on your food before eating it! Too cute for words! You also give the best cuddles now by wrapping your arms right around my neck clinging on tight.

This week has been hideous torrential rain so no work for daddy. I think we all got a bit of cabin fever being locked up together for 3 days. Was nice to get out today and see your little friends form mums group but exhausting too as you are all so active running or crawling around you just kept disappearing in me. We have another walker little jack is now off too... You are still into everyone else's food and drinks today you stole Remy's breadstick and Jacks rice cake finished off with Evans juice! Cheeky monkey.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

48 weeks

Under a month till your birthday party little one, can't believe you are going to be 1 - I keep reminiscing about this time last year and how we didn't know whether you were a boy or girl. We were both convinced you were a little boy.

This weekend was lovely we didn't go anywhere very exciting but we spent time at the park and both enjoyed having daddy home for 4 days straight.

I can't believe how much your walking has progressed in such a short amount of time, walking is now your preferred method of transportation and you will quite happily move through the house lurching like a little old drunk man. It is much harder to keep track of you know though. Before I could hear where you were in the house but now you are quick and stealthy and I don't hear you coming. I love it now as dad spends the first half hour with you when you wake up and then you wander into our room and you wake me up by poking your nose over the side of the bed... It's so cute, I then pick you up and we have a cuddle and play in our bed before we get up and face the day.

You are still chattering endlessly to yourself but not much of it is really making sense to me yet. You seem to get more and more cheeky every week, I see that mischievous look in your eyes and know you want to do something you're not supposed to!

I thought we'd cracked the sleep thing but alas we have regressed back to waking a few times a night which could be the result of your more efficient walking perhaps you are too eager to try it out to sleep.
Yesterday we went to the park and played with Lottie, we haven't seen her for a while so it was lovely seeing her again. You love the swings and really enjoyed the slide too.