Wednesday, 30 May 2012

4 days to auntie Sam's wedding...

Well you've been back to England for a whole week nearly and I have enjoyed every minute. You are so advanced for your age and really only need to practice your sleeping.

You walk very well and even manage to trot when I chase you. You are very strong willed though and want to walk everywhere on your own without being held. Trouble is you are so fast it's hard to keep up with you.

You love investigating anything new. In the shopping centre you wander in every shop and want to pick things up and drop them where you please.

This can mean trouble as I found out yesterday. Your mum was holding you and she picked up a large bag of chicken stock. You fought her for it until she let you hold on but you couldn't take the weight and you dropped it onto the floor where it burst and exploded over my sandals and feet. Mum and I got you out of there fast.

When you are off on your walks you love to chat and smile at anyone that goes by. You make so many friends and talk to everyone in your own little language. I've never seen a baby who makes so many people happy in a day.

You did however have one trick that didn't please me too much. I placed you on my bed to undress you for your bath. Nana said it was risky and as ever she was right as you had a wee and soaked through to my mattress.

You also like to terrorize your auntie Kelly biting and pinching her because you like it when she screams.

It's lovely to have you here and you makes me laugh lots.


Hi baby girl
What an exciting week we have had you took a couple of days to settle in the evenings trying to get over your jet lag, but Nana didn't mind a bit doing the night shift, loved all the cuddles and you soon went back to sleep.

Then Saturday we had your English party, all 4 great grandparents came, your great Aunties and uncles cousins and some of mummies old school friends Nana had a big house full.

Every day you amaze us with something new you seem to pick up something all the time the latest seems to be 'No'. We are loving the latest which is the dance to Disney's mickey mouse theme when we all start sing hot diggedy dog you are away dancing and bopping its so cute.

Took you for your first baby cappuccino today and you loved all the froth.

Still a couple of weeks to go so will report back next week

As always love you loads and toads
Nana. Xxxx

Hey little dude,

I've loved spending every minute with you, well maybe not the getting up at 5am on my holidays, or going to bed singing the hot dog song in my dreams.

You were so funny on your first day here when you discovered my tooth brush that vibrates, it was your best treasure. You knew what to do with it and despite having it the wrong way round brushed my teeth which made a funny noise.

You seem to enjoy hurting me, as you only seem to pinch and bite me, you steal my cushion or lay down with me on the floor until you've pushed me off the cushion and find it funny knocking the towers cups I build over. I do however get my own back, you were nearly ready for bed when I put the beanie mouse auntie Cheryl and uncle Stewart brought you down the back of your pj's, it confused you so much you were running round in circles like a puppy chasing it tail.

I hope you liked the birthday cake I made you, even though you weren't able to try it. You did however try one of great nanny Ruby butterfly cakes which was actually mummy's that you stole off her. You were very impressed with the wedding cakes I've made for auntie Sammy and uncle Simons wedding, when you came into the kitchen you said a really big WOW!!!

Love you loads
Auntie Kelly

I'm currently sat with a piece of my face missing as you are now into face gouging. It has been so lovely having you both here, it's been crazy busy but we all love it!

Love auntie Sam xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

London baby!

Well baby girl we made it, what an epic journey but it was so worth it as we walked through those doors at heathrow arrivals. Grandad leaped through the barrier to grab you whilst Auntie kelly ran at mum. Nana and auntie Sammy were a little slower but they made it shortly afterwards. You have just gone down for your afternoon nap. Can't believe you're still going you're like the energizer bunny you've warn everyone out.

This morning you have been to the park with nana and grandad which you loved. Grandad had to stop you from eating a big beetle... You then went on a shopping trip with auntie Kel and grandad where apparently you had a bit if a tantrum because they forgot to feed you!

Our trip was surprisingly much easier than the last few times, you slept so well both flights and we got sat next to an amazing little family who had a little boy Jack who was just a little older than you. You shared each others toys and food and kept each other entertained for the first three hours of the first flight. You both then slept 4 hours until we got to Singapore and ran around the airport together... By the time we got on the 2nd flight you both passed out for 5 hours. We had a rough few hours where you were wide awake mid flight and I had to keep you entertained. Frequent trips to the bathroom (which looked like the andrex puppy dogs after party by the time we left) followed by trips to the galley where you charmed all the cabin crew topped off by a quick sit down for mum whilst we watched a bit of the little mermaid. We did this circuit probably 5-6 times before we hit some turbulence and they made me strap you in. You screamed in protest but then we hit some really rough turbulence and it actually rocked you off to sleep... Never have I been so grateful for turbulence! That sleep lasted over 2 hours... The last few hours you and jack ate and played together and amused me, Jack's mummy and daddy.

I weighed you just before we left and you are now only 10.6kgs... You are losing weight now baby must be all the running around you've been doing. Plus you lost your appetite a little last week which you seem to have recovers now. Can't wait for your next birthday party on Saturday!

Thursday, 17 May 2012

1 week countdown to holiday!

So today at playschool was a little scary as you decided to do a disappearing act on me. We were all sat around in a group of about 50 mums and babies. You were happily standing there bopping up and down whilst the teachers were singing with you. I glanced away to chat to a friend for a minute and looked up and you were gone. Panic stricken I was searching around only to find you sitting crossed legged staring at a mum and a little girl with your back to me oblivious of the fact that you were even missing. You also took out a little kid as soon as soon as we got to play school. You ran up to give him a hug and the two of you ended up in a heap on the floor in tears.

We have so much fun playing games at the moment. Hide and seek will often make you run off squealing. You also love to find treasure from one room and drag it all around the house. This morning you had a fun game of tug of war with dad's socks whilst he was trying to put them on!

 This week was another round of injections and they stuck 4 needles in you... 2 in each leg and you were so brave little one. You screamed and cried at first but as soon as we got outside I gave you a little kiss and a rice cracker you stopped crying and I even got some smiles out of you.
 You love to help with the cleaning at the moment. You either like to walk around with the mop or the broom. You also enjoy switching off the button on the vacuum cleaner whenever I am trying to vacuum the floor!
This week you have also been mastering the art of Spoon feeding yourself. It's a very messy business and you refuse to give the spoon back to me to refill which means eating a meal can be a very slow affair!
You are now starting to live up to the nickname that auntie Sam has given you SLY. You are very clever and cheeky all at the same time. If I find you playing with something you shouldn't be playing with (which is quite often) then I take it off you and put it out of your reach. I often 5 minutes later find you trying to climb or reach for the very same object. You seem to sit there and stare at it like you are trying to figure out how you can get to your treasure without me realising.

On Saturday night we had the luxury of a babysitter for the whole night which was wonderful. We took you to Nanny Diana and Julie. You were wonderfully behaved (that is apart from waking up at 2am and thinking it was time to play and refusing to go back to sleep for a few hours). Luckily your gorgeous charm didn't put them off as you were lots of fun the next day... Apparently your favourite game was 'what can I find in the cupboard' and also trying to squeeze yourself in there too.
I have a feeling our journey back to England is going to be a long one! As we were leaving to say goodbye
Lisa told you to behave on the plane and sleep lots and you giggled and shook your head like you understood exactly what she was saying... Very cheeky!

So when I went to weigh you today you are still just under the 11 kg mark, although I swear that belly is getting bigger!
Yesterday I got a call from my old work and they have asked me to go back to work in August only for 7 weeks so it means I'll still have a few more weeks with you at home and then I'll be gone for a while... I'll miss you so much baby girl but at least it's only for a short time.

You have developed a few new words and sounds and you definitely have an intonation in your voice like you are trying to talk to me. The funniest thing is that if I talk to you about a dog and make the woof noise you will now bark back at me. It's very cute!

You seem to love Obstacles and challenges at the moment - climbing over things, under them or around them. You especially like to climb up on the sofa and sit up here like lady muck pretending you are one of the big people.
This is how excited you are about our trip!
Spoke to auntie Sam and auntie kelly today they are both so excited about seeing you! And me I suppose, but they can't wait for Sienna cuddles... I must say I am quite partial to them myself even if they are in the middle of the night sometimes. So I guess this is it until we get to England. 6 sleeps and we'll be on that plane!!