Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Home safe and sound

So we have been back nearly a week and we are all suffering quite a bit mostly from sleep deprivation and colds. Unfortunately you have decided that you no longer want to sleep in your own bed - not sure if it's because you are sick, still getting over jetlag or that's just the way it is now. I tried to be strong last night and was determined to get you to sleep at least an hour in your own bed but alas you won in the end. After getting you back to sleep for at least the tenth time I decided to let you cry for a bit in the hope that it might wear you out. After about ten minutes you stopped crying and screaming and started shouting at us instead we couldn't really distinguish what you said but it sounded a lot like dada and muma. Needless to say it broke our hearts to leave you any longer and you ended up in bed with us. Not that that helped though as you then still cried half the night. Not sure what to do with you now?! Me and dad are both exhausted so I hope your sleep returns to normal soon. :-(

As for the trip home you were amazing and I couldn't have asked for a better baby to travel with you slept about 11 hours of he first 12.5 hour flight. You then ran around Singapore airport for 2 hours running me ragged and also yourself as the moment we took off you were fast asleep again. This lasted about an hour and a half before you woke up and luckily we had three seats to ourself so you were able to play with your toys and walk around a little. After 3 hours we managed to squeeze in another 2 hour nap before landing. Daddy was so pleased to see you and we all enjoyed a lovely weekend together despite the lack of sleep. Daddy was very funny on Saturday as he decided to take me out for lunch as a post birthday celebration. When we took you in the restaurant you were wide awake and in pretty good spirits but this quickly turned and you started screaming much to daddy's horror as everyone in the restaurant started looking at us. Luckily I dashed out and got you to sleep quite quickly so we could continue our lunch in peace.

Haven't been out this week as we've both been a little poorly although I did manage to get you weighed yesterday and you are now approx. 10.9 kilos I say approximately as you discovered the scales had a spring in them and that you could bounce up and down so it was quite hard to get you to sit still to get an accurate reading.

Our last week in England was great fun with nana and grandad. We spent quite a bit of time at the soft play amusement places. I think the one near heathrow was particularly good as we really managed to wear you out. You loved the little red car!

We also bought you some wellies which you tried out at nana and yz1's house when you chased Donald all around the garden.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Mr and Mrs Jones

So what a week it has been this time last week we were all having a fun time dancing at auntie Sam and uncle Simon's wedding. You had a great time starting with a bath in the bidet which you thought was so much fun that you were grinning from ear to ear. We took you swimming in the pavilion and you splashed and drowned everyone in sight. You were so well behaved the night before the wedding we went out for a meal and you slept the whole time in your pram waking only briefly when we transferred you from pram to cot. Unfortunately the weather didn't hold out and we all ended up huddling in the rain under the gazebo, it didn't ruin a thing though as it made for a cozy intimate wedding ceremony. You were pretty well behaved until it came to photo taking time when all you wanted to do was run around and play in the mud in your pretty red dress. For the wedding breakfast you woke up right on cue as grandad started his speech and then behaved like the energiser bunny... Not wanting to sit still for a minute. We tried to wear you out by letting you climb the stairs over and over again and running around but alas you still wanted to stay up till 9pm at the disco. I must say you were very cute running around chasing the disco lights and trying to catch them.

Nana and Grandad thought it was great fun taking you to the soft play kids place in Folkestone. You were hilarious charging around although you couldn't work out how to drive the little red car and you kept going backwards instead of forwards.

We have had some interesting developments this week. You seem to be getting very mischievous, more so than when we are at home and you have a tantrum if you don't get your own way. Nana thinks its the terrible twos coming early, hope not as I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.

We have tried to establish a normal sleep routine for you here, we even tried gt. auntie Cheryl's magic sleep potion but you are still all over the place with your sleep and want cuddles in the middle of the night. A habit we will have to try and shake when we are back home again.

Mummy had a great birthday weekend we went up to auntie Kelly's place and you stayed with nana, grandad and kelly whilst mummy went out with some old school friends. You had a lovely time at the park chasing the ducks although nana had to defend you from one duck that tried to nibble your hand but she nearly lost a toe in the process.

Very exciting news is that mummy and daddy have now set a date for the wedding. We will get married on August 31st next year in Folkestone...

Daddy is missing you terribly I know he can't wait to give you a big cuddle!