Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Is it Spring already?

Well mummy has been a bit slow on the blog updates recently but I'm conserving all my energy to run around after you my little bundle of joy. It's been a fun few weeks we have had some glorious sunny days recently with temps in excess of 22 degrees it feels like spring. It's been great because we have been able to take long walks and frequent plenty of parks in the area which you love. Although we did have one pretty hairy moment last week when we were at the park and you climb to the top of the jungle gym which was about 6ft high and mummy didn't realise there was a sheer drop the other side. I just caught you by your hood before you went over the edge. I'm really enjoying our time together at the moment. I think this has been my favourite age with you so far. I wish you could stay this age forever. You don't talk yet, well you do but not much I really understand yet. But we do manage to communicate mostly with you pointing to what you want or making the action like holding your arms up to me when you want picking up.

You are also very cheeky too. You know when you are doing something wrong as when I tell you off you smile your cheeky grin or blow me a kiss. The latest game is what can I find to drop down the toilet when you're not looking mum. So far it has only been bottles or deodorant but today I found a remote control in the bathroom so that could have been a close call.

Your first molars have now broken through so I'm pretty sure that was the cause of all the bad nights sleep over the past few weeks. You are really up and down with sleep at the moment. There's no more night time bottles or cuddles but you are still waking at least twice a night. I still come in to your room to comfort you and for the most part you are back to sleep in ten minutes. Not sure why you are waking I hope you're not having nightmares.

You love blowing kisses all the time now and you especially love kissing the iPad when nana is on the phone. She loves it when you hum camp down races and shout 'hey'. You have also learnt how to high five which is very amusing

We also had your car seat turned around which is great as we can now talk to you and look at you. You seem so grown up now! Although you have now found the door handle to the car door and keep pulling it when we go along so we have to remember to lock the doors wherever we go!!

Your new favourite word his week is Daniel which I find hilarious but daddy thinks this means that I must be telling him off too often! You also seem to say it at the funniest times like when you are supposed to be asleep in the middle of the night. Made me giggle he other night!

Hope his beautiful weather continues, we have another trip out to Berry Island tomorrow with your little friends Lottie and Ben so it should be another lovely walk and day of wearing you out fingers crossed!!

You have also started 'reading' to yourself, I use the term loosely as of course you're not actually reading but you love to run off to your toy corner and grab a book out of the draw, you blabber away in your own little language all the while turning the pages like you are understanding everything that is happening on the page!

11.2kgs when I last weighed you, I think you are finally working off some of your gorgeous little Buddha belly!

Monday, 2 July 2012

All kisses and cuddles

Well I have to say you might possibly be the cutest little person in the whole world. I know everyone thinks that about their own children but I think this really is a gorgeous stage with you. You are really starting to respond and copy. You say 'up' when you want to be picked up and dadah all the time now.

The best thing you have learnt is how to give a proper kiss. You voluntarily gave me a kiss for the first time on Saturday just strolled right up to me and planted a big wet kiss on my cheek... You even made a kissing noise. It melted my heart! I love you so much. You have also learnt how to blow kisses now which is very entertaining for the folks back home in England they love it when you blow them kisses whilst on FaceTime. You are also very cuddly too you throw your arms around my neck and give me a big squeeze which is lovely until you pull my hair!

You are also very affectionate toward everyone else. Such a lovely friendly nature, you run up and hug lots of the other little kids in the park and are quick to make friends. You also love to wave to people when we are out and about - everyone thinks you are adorable!

You seem to have a pretty destructive streak though you love running around the house pulling things out of draws and shredding things! The latest is ripping pages out of books which I'm not too impressed about, I try to tell you off but you often just laugh at me... Need to think of new ways to get the message to you that you are being naughty!

Sleep has improved a little at least you have spent the last week in your own bed. We had two really painful nights last week where you screamed the house down for half an hour before you realised you weren't going to get your own way. Mummy 1 - Sienna 0.

You are still waking fairly frequently in the night but luckily it doesn't take too long to get you back to sleep with a simple pat and shush you are back to sleep. The hardest part is trying to creep back out of your room which has creaky boards and the slightest noise makes you jump up in alarm!

I am really enjoying being at home with you at the moment and the time when I return to work is looming ahead but for now I will cherish our long walks and afternoons in the park! Xxx