Monday, 27 August 2012

Back to work I go...

Well sadly mummy had to go back to work last week so I haven't been able to spend much time with you last week. You were really well behaved for auntie Julie last week and despite being shattered by the time she got home you both had lots of fun!

On Thursday and Friday I had two days off with you. We spent time at play school as the weather has been just divine... On Friday we went and met Katie's sister who is here traveling through Sydney. You loved running around in the botanical gardens and approached everyone that walked your way with a smile... You spoke to everyone that walked past and kept running up and poking your nose in everyone's business. You loved it when a man with a baby came and sat down near us only you kept trying to pat the baby!

At the weekend we took you to manly to see your cousins Ellie and Heston who are in Sydney for a visit. You loved splashing around in the water and eating sand!

Sunday we had a nice quiet relaxing day at home where we played in the garden and tickled you!! You love being tickled and thrown around.

You are learning more words and sounds. On Saturday you said dance and then proceeded to dance around in circles on the spot. You have also mastered the word woof. We had a whole conversation this evening talking in woof wood noises. It's very funny as you giggle each time I copy you.

Speaking of dogs, daddy was babysitting today whilst mummy was at work. I came home only to be told that whilst daddy had been inside cooking your dinner and nanny, Julie, Donald and Nicole were outside watching you and had apparently taken their eye off you only to find you a minute later on all fours barging Gemma out of the way for her dinner!

It's so hard being away from you all day but I do get the best kisses and cuddles from you when i get home... These next few weeks can't go quick enough!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

All battered and bruised

Well my poor little darling you had a big accident this week. You were way too eager to get out of the door yesterday and as I went to grab your hand you dove straight out of the way and head first into a concrete step. You ended up with a big lump and horrible graze right on your forehead. We took you to the doctors but he seemed to think you were okay. However today at play school you were so wobbly on your feet and fell over at least four times. This resulted in you banging your head on a wooden block and yet another big lump on your forehead. This has made you somewhat cranky the last few days unfortunately.

You were also sick earlier in the week, not sure what was wrong but you were had a high fever and sickness. The one good thing about your sickness was that you slept through the night two days in a row!

You seemed to love Ben and Chloe's scooter so we bought you a Scuttlebug scooter so you can now be a part of the gang instead of stealing everyone else's!

The last few weeks we have been to the softplay place in Chatswood only this time daddy came with us. We also took a trip down to Balmoral to hang out with some friends as the weather has been heating up again... My plan was to take you there this week before I went back to work next week but unfortunately bumped heads got in the way.

You are still intimidating all the little kids around you. Last week you got into trouble at playschool as you were trying to make friends with a little baby younger than you only you were a bit too enthusiastic and grabbed him a little too hard. Yesterday we were in the park and you ran up to a little boy in his pram to give him a hug and he burst into tears. Then today at play school you roared at a little boy and made him cry. Thankfully you also make some friends too but with the kids that are a little more confident or older.

Your speech is definitely coming along, more and more of what you babble is starting to sound like actual words. The funniest thing you have been saying (and I'm not sure where you got it from) but you shake your head and wiggle your finger and say Nononono no. It's very cute!

This week has been mostly about putting things In the toilet... So far we have had a whole toilet roll, my purse, my keys and a near miss with my phone... Nothing is safe anymore as you have now started mountaineering and climbing from the black chairs on to the white dining room table. Therefore I can't leave anything anywhere. This has also resulted in a minor tumble from which you still haven't learnt your lesson as you still keep climbing up there to retrieve treasure...

Hope your babysitters are prepared for what is to come...

Thursday, 2 August 2012

15 months old... And a big Happy Birthday to auntie Kelly!

MISCHIEF! That's all I have to say this week....

Now that you are down to only one sleep a day I can no longer wait until you go down for your nap to have a shower. Instead we play a game of you running around the bathroom and pulling open drawers and posting them to me in the shower. So far we have had a whole toilet roll, bottles, toothbrushes and daddy's electric razor. If we can't find something it's normally because you have hidden it somewhere around the house!!

Today we went to meet baby Emma who is just 3 weeks old she is so tiny and as light as a feather can hardly believe you were that small once you seem like a giant now. You did get a little jealous and start tugging on my trouser leg whilst I was giving herbs cuddle so I had to give her back.

You have a strange relationship with other kids at the moment. Some you will run up to and hug and kiss. Others you just seem to want to run up and steal their toys or whatever they are eating. Am trying to teach you that you that not everyone will share their food with you like mummy and daddy do. Today when we were at mothers group I found you had robbed at least 2 people of their food. You were however taught a lesson at the park this afternoon when a much bigger boy was eating a cheese roll. You chased him all around the playground until he climbed up on the top of the slide waving his roll around saying 'ha ha you're a baby, you can't get up here!' you did attempt to climb up but didn't make it much past the first rung.

Yesterday we had a play date with Ben and Lottie and we went to the softplay area which you seemed to love... Although maybe it made you and Ben too hyper as neither of you slept well last night. Or perhaps it's just an age you are going through? Can't seem to figure out this whole sleep thing... 2 nights this week you slept right through until 5.30/6 but then the other nights you have been hideous.

Other exciting news is the newest little addition to our family. Cousin Paul has just had a little baby boy, Dominic who is a little poorly at the moment but will hopefully be out of hospital soon. So...another gorgeous little person to add to our family.

I think I spoke too soon when I said spring had sprung its been a bit wet and cold the last few weeks, hopefully we get some nice weather over the net 2 weeks as I'm back at work on the 20th of August! Hopefully you are sleeping well by then!

You have learnt a few new words now or at least you are recognizing what the words mean: you know dada, Daniel, up, hey and I'm sure you said bus the other day. If we say to you get your ball or get your book you will run off and find one or the other.

You also definitely recognize people in photos. There is a photo of you and grandad on my screensaver and you pick up the iPad and kiss the screen and say gadad. You even figured out how to put a slide show of photos on the iPad whilst the screen is locked (something I didn't even know how to do till I watched you). When a photo comes up of someone you recognize you picked up the screen and kiss it which is just adorable.

And finally it's auntie Kelly's birthday tomorrow so happy birthday and big kisses to auntie Kelly...