Thursday, 27 September 2012

One more day to go!!

So not long to go baby... This work malarkey is nearly over, for a while at least anyway!

We had a fun day at the beach on Saturday. When we arrived there, grandpa David and grandma Dorothy were there and you started crying straight away... I think you thought I was going to leave you with them for the day to be babysat. You soon got over it though and loved digging in the sand and splashing in the water even though it was freezing cold! Nothing will stop you from splashing around in the water!

When we got home you were all sandy so I let you run around in the garden with no clothes on... I was hanging out the washing and I stepped in something warm and squishy and when I looked down I discovered I had stepped in one of your little nuggets bare foot... Ewwwww. Next week we are definitely starting potty training!

Exciting news is that we have booked our holiday to see nana and grandad! Yay!! We will spend 10 days with them on an island just off the coast of Malaysia! Can't wait! Only 4 months till we see them!

New words you learned this week were 'blue' and 'coco' coco is the name of Trine's mum's dog. When we were in the car on the way to visit them I said 'Sienna we're going to visit Coco' and then all morning you kept saying 'coco, coco'. I can't wait for next week to try and teach you more words. You were also reading a book this morning and opened the book to a page with a dog on it and without any prompt you said 'woof woof'.

You haven't been sleeping well at all this week! The last 2 nights I put my pillow in your cot and the fan on in your room to trick you into thinking you were in our room. This has made a vast improvement. You're still waking up really early though! This morning you were awake at 4am, ready to start the day, I managed to keep you quiet for about an hour but as of 5am you were wide awake and ready to play. As soon as you climbed in to bed with us you were kicking and windmilling! You did give daddy some nice kisses though!

This week auntie Julie took you to meet some of your other cousins, apparently you had the best day ever as they are 6 & 8 and they looked after you and played with you all day!

Love you my cheeky little princess!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


.... Has been your newest word this week much to your daddy's delight! You first said it on Saturday and now we can't stop you saying it over and over again. That is until you're on FaceTime and I try and get you to say it for nana and grandad. You did show off your goalllll saying for auntie Kelly though!

On Sunday we took you to a festival in honour of all things European. We had a lovely time eating European food and taking you on the rides. Daddy took you on the teacups and we both took a turn of going on the big slide with you although you looked a bit frightened by the slide! You ate the biggest bit of sweet corn and demolished the whole thing! Then there were tears when I wouldn't let you go on the Bouncy castle slide as there were too many big kids on it that would have knocked you over! I dressed you up in your little dress that nana and yz1 bought when they were in Austria and you looked adorable everyone at the festival kept stopping to talk to you.

We had a few fabulous nights sleep over the weekend where you slept right through till morning... Then some not too fabulous ones this week, you ended up in bed with us and have developed a habit of nicking all of the quilt and then turning yourself upside down like a bat sleeps so that we end up cold with your feet in our face!

We have developed a new game with your potty where every time you sit on it we clap and cheer at which point you get very excited an clap too so as soon as I am done working we are back to potty training.

You are such a little chatterbox we still have no clue what it's all about but it's very funny to listen to you especially when you are talking to the iPad and all of a sudden you start shouting and telling stories! It's lovely watching you give big kisses to the iPad when your favourite people arrive in screen!

You seem to have grown up lots in last few weeks since I've been working. Just one and a bit more weeks and we'll be back to normal.

You still love mashing food in your face and all over you clothes but so long as its food that's not too messy you are mastering the art of eating with a fork or spoon. It is a bit of a struggle to wrestle it back from your clutches to fill up with more food though!

Your hair is getting so long now that most of the time I need to put it up in a ponytail or bunches or clip it up. Not that it lasts long though as you are soon tugging it out and losing the clips. I think you do it deliberately as I think you are a bit of a tomboy. I've lost count of the clips and hair bands we've been through in the last month.

You like playing in cars at the moment and not just the toy kind (although that does seem to be your favourite toy) but you seem to love playing in daddy or auntie Julie's car. So we sit in the front seat and play driving but then you spontaneously climb into the back and sit yourself in your car seat and play... Which is strange because normally when we try and get you in the car there is lots of kicking and screaming. You're a funny kid! You make auntie Julie laugh with your antics, the other day she said you were bare foot and picking things up with your toes which she thinks is either incredibly clever or incredibly lazy. I'd say judging by the amount of energy you bounce around with all day it's not the latter of the two!

Can't wait for our play dates in the sunshine little lady!