Tuesday, 30 October 2012

18 months

Goodness time flies! we have just got back from the doctors office where you had your 18 month jab. You were so brave this time you didnt even cry! but you are so much trouble running all around the doctors office and pulling everything out of her drawers. you now weigh a hefty 13kg and measure 81.5cms.

You are so cheeky and getting a bit too clever for your own good. the other day grandad was babysitting and you had obviously hidden the phone somewhere. Anyhow when it started ringing you answered it. it was one of daddy's client who later rang him on his mobile and said 'i spoke to your daughter earlier' daddy thought he was talking about me until he said you were jabbering nonsense at him. Although I think we have developed a few more words in the last few weeks and you are even starting to string words together like 'where's Daniel?'.

You love to play hide and seek now. You run off into your room Nd hide behind the change table and when we pretend not to be able to find us you jump out and shout boo! It's adorable.

We have had a few more successes with potty training but its hard to be consistent with different people caring for you every day. Today at playschool you even managed a number two on one of the little people toilets whilst I held you there. Very exciting. Hopefully by Christmas we will be rid of nappies! Here's hoping!

I get a little worried that you're a little too boisterous especially around other little ones. You like to steal other kids toys and with Heston this weekend your affectionate cuddles turned into what looked like a wrestling headlock. Still we had a fun weekend with your cousins, we had a BBQ and you loved going to the beach with them on Monday whilst mummy had to work sadly.

Only another 6 weeks till Christmas my little darling. It's going to be so much fun with you this year. I wonder if the presents will even make it to the tree before you start tearing into them?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New beginnings

Yesterday I started a new job which is so far going pretty well. It was hard leaving you again after we had such a lovely week together last week. Plus I had an extra week to work on sleep training... I am crossing all fingers and toes but I think we have finally cracked it!! You have slept through pretty much every night this week and that means the last 4 nights I have also slept!! Hurrah I just hope me being back at work doesn't affect your sleep like it did last time.

Potty training has been hard and I've been trying not to push you too much this week but you are now sitting on it voluntarily and expecting us to cheer. It's really funny as you sit there for 30 seconds stand up and turn around to look in the potty expecting something to be there only there's nothing in the potty and you look all confused!

We had a lovely trip down to the each last week with all your little playgroup friends. It was soooo hot! That sun was exhausting but nice, you also splashed around in the paddling pool at home and enjoyed squirting yourself in he face with the hose when you tried to see where the water was coming from... I made you some lovely little treats too by freezing Greek yoghurt, banana and mango blended together, they were so yummy and tasted just like ice-cream.

You love saying bye-bye now to anyone and everyone even if we are only leaving the room for a few seconds and your hello is also coming along nicely now too.

You also have a new baby cousin, Casius Kirby was born in Thursday he is so cute but we won't get to meet him for a while...

Can't wait for Thursday the weather's going to be lovely again so I'm sure we can find something fun to do in the sunshine...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A bit hit and miss

Well it's been lovely being at home with you again this last week... Although I have been feeling a little frustrated both with sleeping and potty training. The last week has been pretty awful until the last 2 nights where you slept through the night. I am crossing fingers, toes and hairs in the hope that you have finally cracked it. Unfortunately we had to resort to the last option available which involved a bit of controlled crying - 4 nights of 2 hours of tears before you eventually went back to sleep by yourself.

As for potty training I thought you had nearly got it this morning you grabbed yourself and rushed over and sat down on the potty but as soon as I pulled your pants down you hopped up off the potty and ran away and as soon as I turned my back you then produced a big puddle on the floor. We are having some successes though and we have use only about a 1/4 of the amount of nappies we normally use in the last week. I have cleaned quite a few accidents off the floor though. Grandad reckons we should get you a doll that weta itself so you can see how it's done. So that's the plan at the weekend we will get you a time tears dolly and she can demonstrate how it's done.

The weather has been all over the place but we have had some very hot days. Mummy took you to the beach and we played in the sand and took a swim in the sea. It was very cold despite being a very warm day. You were so shattered after the beach you fell asleep as I was carrying you to your cot for your afternoon nap.

I think you have loved being back at Playgroup this week and seeing all of your little friends. I think you missed the interaction of other little people your age. Although you did run around like a little crazy person today (I think you went a little stir crazy when I tried to sit you down inside to hide from the rain. Instead you had decided to put your fingers in all the paint pots and tried spreading it all over yourself and me!

So this week we changed our clocks forward and I thought that would make it much harder getting you to sleep but you seem to have adjusted well. Although this did mean that daddy's little alarm clock didn't wake him up and so he was late for work on Monday.... And what made him even later was the fact that he couldn't find his keys. We all searched high and low only for daddy to find them hidden behind your toy box! He was less than impressed with you that day, especially since you'd been awake half the night.

I finally found you A hat that you will wear in the sun. I do have to tie it to your head though!