Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Copy cat

You are now copying more and more of everything we do... You seem to find new words everyday now, auntie Sam was very excited this morning when you managed to say Sam! It's funny hearing you say new words for the very first time, you have a go at pronouncing them and then you practise over and over. You have also learned how to say your own name. Maybe that's because I am always saying 'Sienna!'.

We have also been practising numbers and you can count to 3, daddy was very proud that he managed to impart some wisdom. He kept counting to three and then tickling, chasing or throwing you around and after a while you started to copy the two, three and then giggle hysterically.

You also know how to do and say 'Hi five' which is extremely cute, especially when you have achieved something exceptional and I say 'hi five' you seem to be very pleased with yourself.

You are now becoming very girly and you always seem to be carrying a dolly or teddy around the house, normally by the scruff of the neck and clenched tightly under your arm. If you are feeling particularly affectionate you also give the dolly or teddy a big kiss.

I am getting a little worried about how clever you are getting now though. You must have been watching me and daddy very closely when we go outside and now that you are tall enough you can reach the door handle and open it all by yourself. We therefore have to remember to lock it all the time now... just in case.

One of daddy's clients gave him a little bike for you. You looked so cute riding it for the very first time, you even managed to get your feet to stay on the peddles for a little while whilst daddy pushed you up and down.

Your 'tickle tickle' of mummy and daddy has now extended to tickling your aunties on the iPad when we are facetiming. You and sam were having so much fun with tickles the other day... We all laughed so hard that we were crying. I swear you thought she was reaching out and touching you in the flesh you squealed so much!

Another great idea of auntie sam's was to stick you in the Cardboard box that the new fan had come in. Little did I know that this would create endless entertainment for you both. The polystyrene that came with the cardboard box was great fun for you to grind up between your fingers until it resembled snow, you enjoyed throwing it up in the air and letting it fall all around you.

This last week has been so hot, today is up to 32 degrees already and still climbing. Last week we escaped to auntie trine's pool, it was so lovely and cool and you absolutely loved swimming there. We had your floatie swim suit on the nana and wyz1 bought. It really helped as you were bobbing around and just keep your head above water, you were kicking your legs and every time you went under water you would spit the water out and carry on smiling.

You have developed a very strange arm flapping rhythm before going to sleep. It's very funny I wish I could film it. You lie on your back with you arms by your sides and then all of a sudden your arms from the elbow upwards start flapping back and forth like you are going to take off. You find it very funny and I have to stifle a laugh otherwise you keep doing it and won't go to sleep. You are super cheeky at bed time always trying to make me laugh so you can stay awake longer and then flashing that cheeky little smile at me.

You are doing very well with potty training. Sometimes you tell me 'boo boo' that's your word for needing the toilet and so I rush you to the potty and you go. Other times you tell me 'boo boo' but you have either already gone or I don't get there in time and other times you just voluntarily go and sit on the potty and go without telling me or without prompting. So we get it right about 50% of the time which is such good progress baby, at least now you have a word for it and we can understand when you have gone or need to go! Hopefully in another few weeks we will have this down pat!

Your new favourite song is twinkle twinkle little star, you like the 2nd verse as you know a few of the words. You even do the action for the little stars twinkling in the sky. Not sure where you learned it as its not one I sing to you too often and I don't do the actions. I thought maybe it was one of you sitters but when we sing it together its the first time they've heard you sing it. Dad says its because you've been here before.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My little chatterbox

Yay! Finally they have updated blogger so that I can properly update your blog!

Well what can I say! You are growing up so quickly now. Everyone tells me how much they love looking after you and how full of life you are!

Everywhere you go you shout 'hi' and 'bubbye' at everyone and they all smile and tell me how gorgeous you are! But of course I already know this... You are now trying to say something at the end of your byes. Sometimes it sounds like 'see you' but this morning if definitely sounded like 'miss you'. You wave me off in the mornings walking down the alley and give me a big kiss and then shout bye bye and wave until we can't see one another anymore.

You are doing so well with sleep its been over a month now and you have been sleeping through the night! It's wonderful and you are also doing really well with potty training! Yesterday morning you said 'mummy papoo' and then went and sat down on the toilet and did your business. We're still having quite a few accidents but we're also having a lot of success too. I feel sure you will have cracked it soon it'll prob just take a bit of time like our sleep regime did.

You also say 'milka milk' quite often now whenever you want milk. You have also become quite demanding and throw little tannies whenever you don't get your own way or when we don't understand what you want, which must be pretty frustrating.

Auntie Julie scared the life out of me the other day when she sent me this photo of you in her car... She bought you some red textas and of all the colours to choose you chose a red one and drew a big red Line on your leg which looked like a big cut.

You had a play date with little Jet the other day. Although I'm not sure how much fun Jet had. Apparently you ran over to hug him as soon as you arrived but when timid little Jet didn't return the hug you pushed him over, then stole his drink and most of his lunch (except his gluten free bread which you spat back out unsurprisingly). He doesn't get to mingle with many other little kids and you may have out him off for life!

The first frangipanis have arrived! The other day we walked out to the front of the house and you ran into the neighbours' garden and picked some up then ran over and presented them to me. It was so cute! We then pretended to smell them and as I did a pretend Sneeze you giggled and giggled and couldn't stop laughing. It was a lovely moment. I love the sound of your laughter. You still love to be tickled and it is the best way to make you laugh, only now you come up to me and tickle me now too and say tickle tickle tickle! I have to pretend I am very ticklish and this makes you laugh hysterically and do it all over again!

We still love you though, as mad as you are. Only 2 more months till our holiday precious. Can't wait! But, before that we have Christmas, your first hot one! When we were in the shops the other day you pointed to a big blow up Santa and said 'wassat' so I tried to tell you about him but I'm not sure you understood. We're going to take you to visit him soon. I wonder how you'll react!? I am so fascinated by how that little brain of yours works... I often see you gazing at something trying to figure out the world and it amazes me!