Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Jingle bells...

Another Christmas has come and gone, we all ate too much food and you were spoilt rotten with presents; slides, jumping castles, puppies, books! You name it you got one for Christmas. My favourite part was watching you open your first present which was a fireman's hat. Your little face when the paper started ripping and you saw what was inside! You spent a few minutes putting it on daddy's head then your own. The entertainment value of this particular present lasted longer than most.

You are really getting the hang of jingle bells now, you say 'All the way' and then shout 'hey' in fact any song that has a 'hey' in it you seem to be really good at!

You loved your new puppy too which you spent ages dragging around by the neck and giving kisses. We saved your presents from Santa which you opened on FaceTime in front of all the English folks and then when it was time for Christmas in England we watched them open their presents. It's amazing to be able to share that when we are so far away!

Unfortunately it rained cats and dogs all day so we couldn't go outside but that just made it feel all the more Christmassy for mummy. I still find it bizarre how hot it can be at Christmas here sometimes. Christmas Eve was boiling hot and you spent most of the day running around naked under the hose in the garden.

All the excitement must have been too much for you yesterday as after lunch you went down for a 2.5 hour nap. Dad was very jealous as he had to stay awake whilst we entertained everyone. Must have been the sound of the rain which helped you sleep.

Today is Boxing Day and we are going to see Judy and David. Then off to auntie Trine's. we hope its sunny tomorrow so we can go for a swim there...

It's been fun being off work with you can't believe nearly a week has gone by already but that just means we're one week closer to see nana and gamma... So excited about that!!!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Santa Claus is coming to town...

Well it's been a pretty hectic few weeks with the run up to Christmas hence the lack of blogging.

We have had a few Christmas parties, one with our mothers group last week and yesterday with some of your aunties uncles and cousins. It's funny seeing all of you together so grown up... The last time all of our mums group got together was your 1st birthdays and only a few of you were walking. Now you are all charging about and nicking each others things. Your 4 year old third cousin has also taught you the word 'mine' having spent a day in her company stealing her toys.

You have made fantastic progress with your swimming although everyone keeps telling me there is no chance you will sink with all the flotation devices we have on you. We swam in the ocean yesterday and auntie Trine's pool last week and twice and the leisure centre. You are like a little fish swimming to get to where you want in the pool.

Your singing is getting a little better now we even understand most of the words to twinkle twinkle little star but sadly you don't enjoy it when I sing Christmas carols to you. In fact it often makes you cry. I think this is just because you get frustrated because you can't join in.

We seem to have gone a bit backwards with potty training unfortunately, so my mission for the next few weeks whilst I'm on holidays is to make some progress with this again. I think it's just like the sleep battle 2 steps forward and 1 back till we get our stride.

The bath has become a great source of entertainment you love splashing around and playing with the shampoo bottles.

You seem to enjoy hanging out with the bigger kids at the moment, 6-8 year olds seem to love playing with you and taking care of you!

You weren't a big fan of Santa unfortunately I think you'll like him a bit better next year when you understand who he is! Only 4 more sleeps till Santa comes to visit although you have already been spoilt with toys and it isn't even Christmas yet! Can't wait to cook up a proper Christmas dinner for you to eat this year! Think you will have fun ripping open the presents... Xxx