Sunday, 13 January 2013

A sad farewell

Been a bit busy this New Year and haven't had the chance to write yet. Sadly your great grandad Jim passed away at the weekend so we are all very sad. I'm so glad he got to meet you a few times and that we spent last Christmas there. He sent you a lovely card just before Christmas as he too was a big tea drinker this is proudly posted up on our fridge and has pride of place. You were so adorable on Saturday night when I found out the sad news, you came right over to me as I was crying and kissed me and gave me a cuddle and said 'okay mummy.' It was like you knew...

On New Year's Eve we went to Ordy's place and you had great fun charging around with Gina and Natasha. So much so that you wouldn't go to sleep. Instead you stayed up way past your bedtime till 9.15 to watch the fireworks. You oohhhhed ahhhhed and wowed quite a lot so I think you we're impressed.

Mummy enjoyed having time off with you over Christmas and we spent lots of time at the beach and pool trying to get you swimming. You are much more confident in the water now just so long as you have your water wings and floaty suit on you are well away. I love seeing you do so well in the water as I was a real water baby too. You were so cute when we went to the pool the other day there was you and one other little boy who must have been about 5 in the pool. You went right up to him and tried to hug him. He was obviously a little shy and ran away from you so then you started chasing him until eventually you caught him and hugged him. You were soon joined by another little girl Lily who was 4 and 3/4. You did exactly the same thing to her. Then they were both chasing you trying to get you to cuddle them but you decided it was more fun to run away. I have to watch your cuddles though as sometimes they turn from good intentioned hugs to head locks and I get worried you will strangle someone like you do mummy.

You are such a little chatterbox now, I remember grandad jim used to take me for walks across the common together and we would get back and he would tell everyone how I had had verbal diarrhoea the entire time, I get the feeling that you are going to be the same as soon as you can properly verbalise your words. You now know so many words that I lose count, I almost feel as though you know what I am saying all of the time now.

Potty training is going okay, still not quite there yet but you are definitely getting there. Am hoping nana will help us when we are away as it would be good to get you out of nappies once and for all. So next Thursday is supposed to be the start of our holiday. We hope will still get to go as we have really missed nana and gamma and were really looking forward to it but we'll just have to see.

Farewell grandad Jim may you rest peacefully now in heaven.