Thursday, 7 February 2013

Your first trip to the zoo

It feels like we've been back from holiday for ages yet we've only been back 2 weeks. I have some wonderful memories of that trip that sadly you'll probably never remember. So here are some of my favourite parts.

You loved taking the bus around the hotel resort and sitting on nana's lap and as we would go up and down the hills you would say 'nana... Weeeeeee. Weeee nana weeee.' To which everyone on the bus would smile and giggle.

You quickly worked out who the soft touch was whilst we were away. We'd be walking through the airport and id be trying to get you to stay still and you'd hold your arms out and say gamma gamma, until he took over and then you'd wriggle out of his grasp and go running full speed ahead. We needed 4 adults just to keep all bases covered with you. Every morning at breakfast grandad would be walking away, you'd let him walk fifty yards then you'd yell 'gamma, gamma' to which he would turn around and reply yes, then you'd smile that cheeky smile and let him walk away again and then you'd shout his name again. Poor grandad! You did give him the best hug as soon as we arrived at the airport. He pointed at you and you instantly recognised him.

Your love for Hide and seek has grown too, as soon as I approach you to get you dressed now you run in the opposite direction and think its a game. You run away squealing until I grab you and wrestle you into clothes.

I think nana's best moments were when she realised she had finally worn you out and you fell asleep on her around the pool. Grandad loved talking to you on the phone and we have the best video of the two of you talking about the monkeys on the phone.

Your other favourite game was playing Knock knock and and wakey wakey in the mornings as we had adjoining doors. Grandad would open the door and you would go running into nana and slap on her pillow saying wakey wakey!!

I don't think grandad realised how quick you were. He left a tub of coffee on the side and he turned his back for a minute only to discover you had pulled it off the side and were dancing in it. They gave you a bath afterwards which turned a gross shade of brown. That was a funny moment.

Grandad said you are like a cat with nine lives, sadly one of those lives ran out at the airport. You were running around looking at the brass raindrops when you slipped on a railing and put your tooth through your lip right before take off. That wasn't much fun! We were lucky enough to sneak you into the bassinet on the way home though. It was a bit small but at least you got some sleep unlike me and poor dad who got straight off the plane and went to work.

Since we've been back your sleep has been awful. Don't know what's going on... So frustrating after you've been sleeping through for months. Maybe you are having nightmares or something. You now end up in our bed every night and none of us are getting any sleep! Not to mention the fact that you have now dropped your daytime sleep too! Not much rest and not much sleep = a very tired frustrated mummy!

Speaking of a cat with nine lives we recently took you to the shopping centre. you saw something that caught your eye and went running into the shop to grab it. Unfortunately their glass was so clean and you didn't notice it wasn't a door. You went running into the glass window and then fell backwards on your bottom. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry with you.

Last weekend me and daddy took you to the zoo. You loved chasing the baby kangaroos around in their enclosure although you thought they were big bunnies and you also loved seeing the monkeys again.

We also met up with your little friends Ben and Lottie who we haven't seen for a while. You all seemed to have fun together... It's easy to see who the leader of the pack is!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

A little piece of paradise

Well as I sit here writing this blog you are currently sound asleep in your cot in a posh hotel in Singapore. Yes, sadly our holiday is drawing to a close - we have had such a wonderful time with nana and gamma who have spoilt you rotten... It seems as though you have grown up a little bit more since being here... You vocabulary seems to have exploded in the last week and not just small words but nearly full sentence's now too. On our first morning in Langkawi you woke up very early - before the sun was even up and as soon as we stepped outside the front door you pointed up at the tree and asked us 'where's the monkey?' Which I thought was amazing as you've never seen a monkey before and suddenly you seemed to know. That has been your favourite catchphrase this holiday along with 'where's the moon'. Grandad thinks you have been here before and that you know a lot more than you are letting on. You also learnt the phrase 'naughty monkeys' because those cheeky monkeys came down the tree and kept stealing people's food. Grandad sat there giggling one day watching them run off with something that is until he realised that they had stolen the baby wipes from my bag and he had to try and wrestle them back from the naughty monkeys.

Nana bought a big bag of clothes with her, you loved them so much you spent the first morning when you were up very early trying all of your pretty outfits on... I've lost count of the amount of pretty outfits you have worn this week, mummy has lots of washing to do when we get home, you're going to be the best dressed kid in town!

You have loved playing in the pool everyday and you no longer seem to want to wear your armbands or floaty suit. Instead you like to go under the water and sink. But you are getting very good at kicking those little arms and legs in unison and I feel sure you will pick up under water swimming very quickly as you have quickly learned how to hold your breath underwater you seem fearless.

You have fully exhausted Nana and gamma, they can't believe how much energy you have, you are like the energiser bunny that just keeps going. They have loved chasing you around the pool, on the beach and generally anywhere direction that you dart off in.

Mummy and daddy have also had a well earned break, we had a day out snorkelling and a few afternoons by the pool whilst you entertained nana and gamma and apparently you were perfectly behaved for them too... That is apart from today when you bit the Dora the explorer off of your new shoes!

Nana and grandad taught you how to feed the fish and throw them food which you loved and we also went for a ride on the cable car which was very high, you were so well behaved. You have absolutely charmed every person you meet, I lost count of the people that wanted to take your picture and tell me how gorgeous you are. Several of the ladies at the resort wanted to chat to you everyday and give you kisses... And take you home but I think they'd have stiff competition from nana and gamma for that!

Very sad to say goodbye, trying not to think about it at the moment as we have one last day together tomorrow. Only 6 months till the wedding though and then we get to see them all together...