Friday, 1 March 2013

I'm a big girl now

Well its been a big week for both of us this week baby girl, I can't believe you are nearly two! i thought it was high time that we threw out the nappies and got you into big girl pants full time. I am so determined for you to not go back into nappies! decided to plan a fun weekend at home so that we could crack on and try and get it right. I heard about this 3 day potty training (more like bootcamp) regime. All good in theory lady but I think sadly you are the exception and not the rule. we did have heaps of fun though we read lots of books, played games, sang songs, painted, did face painting, made playdoh and baked cakes and by the end of it we seemed to be no better off than when we started. so we have reverted back to what we know and today you only had 2 accidents all day and 15 successes on the potty... including the one at the park on the potty. it felt like punishment for both of us by the weekend not being allowed to leave the house so it was a relief when we went to the park today and got some fresh air especially since it was so warm this weekend. Still I am hoping we are through the hard part we just need to keep up the momentum now... you have even stayed dry through the night two out of three nights which I am so pleased about, there was me thinking that would be the worse part. This also means we have ditched your nighttime milk, which makes me really feel like you are growing up, next we have to get rid of your bottle and then you are a baby no more. You have however discovered how to play the toilet game to your advantage, all day all I am begging you to say is 'toilet mummy'. I know you know how to say it! Then as soon as it is bedtime, or the middle of the night and I don't come to you quickly enough then you yell out toilet mummy! You even did it in the middle of the supermarket today when you were sick of being in the pram. I couldn't ignore it as we are at such a crucial stage, so I got you out of the pram, got the potty out in the middle of the supermarket and as soon as you were free you did a runner in the opposite direction. Oh, you really know how to wind me up with that one. You then did the same thing in the next shop we went into.... Grrrrr hope we grow out of that one soon as it's a real wind up.

Since our weekend at home when we set you up your own bookshelf you now love going and picking out your favourite books and reading the stories to yourself. I am surprised every day by how much your sentences are improving and how many of the pictures in the book you actually recognise and can say now.

You also have your favourite little games that you like us to play, I taught you ring-a-round the roses at the weekend which has become a firm favourite, I do wish daddy had let me film him skipping around with you, it was very cute. You also love it when mummy does the 'horsey' you climb up on my back and gallop around and tonight we were under attack from the big scary monster a.k.a daddy, which made you squeal with delight. You also insist on me and daddy holding you by the arms and ankles and spinning or swinging you around, the problem is that you could keep going with these games forever whilst mummy and daddy soon tire. Your 'sleep' game is a good one though we all have to lie down and pretend to sleep until you 'wakey wakey' us. Your imagination is amazing, you often pull me out to the back garden and start pointing at the gorillas, monkeys and snakes.... I wonder if you are actually seeing them. I am so intrigued I wish I could see inside that head of yours.

You had great fun last time auntie Julie came over to babysit, she put suncream on you ready to take you to the park, went outside to get the pram ready and when she came back to get you, you had emptied the entire contents over the couch and then plastered it all of your hands and face... At least you didn't get burnt that day. You also picked up the phrase 'oh my god' that day.

You also suffered a bad bout of sickness last week, it started with a night of screaming and crying all night, followed the next day by vomiting, that was much fun for any of us as trying to get you to be sick in anything was nearly impossible. Instead we ended up mopping up puddles from the floor. Ewwww.

Well it's been a fun few weeks, I love spending my time with you little angel xxxx