Monday, 1 April 2013

A visit from the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter my little cheeky bunny. Well we are 2 weeks on from our potty training boot camp weekend and I am happy to say that you haven't worn a nappy since. It's been a tough few weeks but you have been so good - still having quite a few accidents but we are getting there slowly but surely. We managed a 4 hour car trip to Forster and back without any accidents in the car. You did have a small rather embarrassing (for dad anyway) accident in Tuggerah Westfield when we stopped for lunch. We were just about to get back in the car when we found some soft play equipment for you to climb on. I left you with daddy So I could go grab some sunscreen. As I came out of the shop dad was hiding around the corner with you, apparently you had got stuck in the equipment and he couldn't get you out and one of the other little kids started shouting 'she's done a poo!!!' So daddy had to climb in and rescue you even though it clearly wasn't designed for adults to climb in there.... But other than that you probably only had 5 accidents all weekend, and yesterday you had none. It seems to be more about timing at the moment but you are asking some of the time or telling me 'no' or 'yes' if I ask if you need to go. I was dreading no nappies at night time I thought that would be the hardest part, but as it turns out that's been easier than the days, you've been dry through the night for over a week now. I just lift you up at about 11 and plonk you on the potty and you stay asleep the whole time. I just whisper in your ear and you do a wee.

We had a lovely weekend away in Forster we were lucky enough to end up with the 'penthouse' room. We had a lovely swimming pool and the house backed right on to the river. You had so much fun running around with Natasha, Gina and Ella and you loved playing with the babies, Kayla and Evie. Everything is baby baby with you at the moment, every time you see a baby you want to look and see. You even touched Corrie's belly the other day and when we told you there was a baby in there you tried to lift up her top to see where the baby was. When we met baby Chloe last week you stood next to her peering over her then you put your finger to your lips and said 'ssshhh baby sleeping' to all the other little kids. It was very adorable.

Sadly you and Altaf (aged 3) weren't too fond of each other, I've never seen you behave like that with another kid. Normally you get on so well with everyone but you wanted to play on his scooter and he kept pushing you away and saying you had girl germs, eventually you had had enough and started shoving him back. We had to separate the two of you on several occasions. Then he tried to instigate with the other kids that you shouldn't be allowed to play their games, but you just ignored him and joined in anyway much to his annoyance.

You had great fun in the pool and you were swimming whole widths of the pool doing doggy paddle with just arm bands or a back floaty. We also took a trip to Booti Booti beach where the current was so strong, even for paddling. You were keen to go in the water so we let you paddle up to your ankles when all of a sudden a big wave came and took your legs out from under you and you started getting washed out to sea. It was a bit scary for a moment but daddy caught you just in time. After that we decided to stay away from the sea, so me and daddy dug you a big swimming pool in the sand, it took us ages to build and then we had to wait for the tide to come in so it would fill up with water. We also saw sharks and dolphins in the water there!

On Saturday morning Ron hid some eggs in the garden for you and the other little ones, you had fun hunting around the garden for eggs, but you were very disappointed when I took the chocolate ones away from you. That is until later that day when I saw you coming running in the lounge with a little chocolate egg in your clutches, you had already figured out how to get the foil off before I could say anything, you demolished that little chocolate egg in seconds one minute it was there and the next it was gone.

We also did a Easter egg hunt with your mothers group friends last week, this time without any chocolate. You're so funny, as I started to lay the chocolate eggs out you scooped up your basket and started following me, I couldn't get the eggs out quickly enough, you were so fast, I think between you lottie you collected almost all the eggs that we bought. You didn't need anyone to tell you what you needed to do... Still the others soon got the hang of it and got their own back and soon started stealing all of the eggs that you had collected.

Easter has been so much fun this year, can't wait for next year. How time flies, this time 2 years ago nana and gamma were getting ready to come meet you, I can't believe it's only another month till your birthday.