Monday, 6 May 2013

Sienna Lily Yeo is 2!

Well you are certainly keeping me busy at the moment (more like running me ragged)! Sadly you have been waking up at night again and it's bloody freezing so on occasion I have grabbed you and out you in our bed which is I think why you are waking up at night wanting cuddles...

This weekend was your 2nd birthday and you were absolutely spoilt rotten! You got so many presents we can barely house them all! The weather was sunny and warm so we had a lovely BBQ at the park. You love opening presents - you have well and truly got the hang of opening them.

You received lots of parcels from England. Every time one arrived you would impatiently shout 'open open' and if it were clothes proceed to try every article of clothing on... Including pants.

You even had a go at opening Ben's birthday present yesterday when he wasn't looking, as he didn't seem that interested in it. On Sunday me and daddy took you to a fair where you fed goats and went on some rides. Then yesterday we went to the zoo with Jack, Lottie and Ben to celebrate Ben's birthday. You loved the gorrilas who scared us by swinging into the glass! You were hilarious with the piggies. Every time they snorted you snorted right back. I was in stitches!

You have toilet training down pat now except for night time and occasionally when we are out. You seem to forget when you are excited and having fun! I'm not sure what to do about night time as I don't know if that is what's waking you up? We'll keep persisting for a while. You were very funny the other day. Daddy was wearing trackies and had wiped his wet hands on his trousers which left a big wet patch on his leg... As you touched his leg you looked at him and said 'oh no daddy... Toilet?'. You thought he had wet himself. Me and daddy both had a chuckle.

You are doing very well with counting, auntie Sam would be so proud of you although I'm not sure she knows the same numbers as you. In the car the other day you were counting '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, chicken!' I think that 6 comes after 5 not chicken. You are too cute for words some days! Then there are other days when you are not so cute. In the last week your tantrums seem to have gone up a notch... Not much fun for mummy!

You are a regular little chatterbox now, some of your sentences are making much more sense (at least to me anyhow) I act as translator most of the time. You melted my heart the other day as you were sitting on my lap and I said to you 'I love you Sienna' and you looked me right in the eye and said 'love you muma'. It amazes me as a watch you grow, the things you are recognising and learning everyday. It seems like only yesterday you were a helpless sleeping baby and now look at you!! you still love to play 'hiding' and 'sleep' in mummy and daddy's bed or when on the phone to nana and gamma.

You are such a treasure I love you so much my little darling, can't wait for our next adventure home to England... Less than 3 months to go!