Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Winter has arrived...

Well what have we been up to this month? Well not sleeping that much that for sure, since you learned how to climb out of the cot I have been up and down like a yo yo all night. Mainly because if I ignore you you climb out and come running into our room. Normally it starts with murmurs and builds to 'muma muma' you have been re-settling much more easily though I just stand in your door and tell you to lie down and go back to sleep and you do. Last night you completely surprised me, at about midnight I think you we're sleep walking as I didn't hear you make a sound yet suddenly you were standing at the side of the bed tapping me. I picked you up put you back in bed and you just turned over and went back to sleep not even a murmur and then when you woke up at 5 and started talking I just stayed in bed and said 'Sienna go back to sleep' and you did for at least an hour.

Unfortunately we had to put you back in nappies at night time and have installed a night light, both seemed to have worked to make you settle down a little. Day time accidents increased for a while as well which has been a bit frustrating, one minute you were potty trained an the next you wee everywhere, oh well we are back to rewards and this seems to have worked whilst we are at home. Just need to get you concentrating on it when we are out.

We have had fun practising scootering lately, you and all your little mates got the same scooters for your birthdays so we have been going to the park to use them. Yesterday was fun although you seem to be more interested in chasing the dogs around the park than playing with the scooter. We have fun racing around the ark but then had a very scary moment when a big oak tree poradically fell over about 50m from where we were all playing... 

Exciting news is that you and I are oing back to England 2.5 weeks earlier than planned, mummy is missing everyone terribly and this way we get an extra long holiday. Sadly daddy isn't coming till a few weeks later so I am praying that you are a good girl for me.... We are also going to see Mickey Mouse, your aunties and grandparents have organised a trip to Euro Disney... I don't know who will be more excited us or you? At least we get to cheat winter by 2 months this year.

Mummy turns 30 this weekend, you are really asking me feel old, can't believe I have a 2 year old already, where did my tiny baby girl go?