Saturday, 20 July 2013

London Baby!

A quick update because we made it all the way to London... You were such an angel on the flight. I thought it was going to be such hard work but it was actually a pleasure to fly with you. You were fascinated with the planes as we waited to board our plane and you loved seeing them take off.

I have the best video of you saying 'London baby' the day before we took off... The doctor said that your eyes were still a little red and might be a bit sore taking off and landing. I was so surprised that you didn't even moan once.

You ran around and charmed the flight attendants on the first flight for about 2 hours. We sang songs and you loved that I had bought you little presents to have throughout the flights - I had come prepared with 6 presents but in the end only needed to give you 3. After about 3 hours of singing, playing and running around you eventually burnt out and fell asleep at 7.30 and slept right up until we landed and I had to wake you up. Then we only had a short time in the airport, you insisted on pushing our trolley to the gate so it took us double the time to get there. We had a quick chat with daddy on FaceTime and before I knew it then were making final calls for our flight. So after a quick dash we were back on the plane. 

You were wide awake by the time we got on that flight so you took some convincing to get you to go back to sleep. Once you did fall asleep you slept for at least 6 hours (keeping the guy on the seat next to you pretty much all night - poor fella) and then you were happy to watch the ipad intertwined with trips to the toilet and visits to the cabin crew to get drinks. The minute we landed you were off and made me run through the airport - we were one of the first people to queue up for customs so we were through in minutes!

Although there was one point when I nearly went scarlet when we were waiting in the queue at customs and you pointed at a man with a big beer belly and kept saying 'baby in your belly? Baby in your belly?'.

So our trip went very smoothly all in all. When we arrived you were so shocked to see kelly that you couldn't speak for about 30 seconds. Then you threw your arms around her and it was big hugs for everyone. You had so much fun chasing everyone around the airport.... They are all currently trying to catch some zzzzz's but you keep shouting wakes waked and waking them up.

You have already had a fun trip to the park although you stacked it and hurt you knee, aunts kelly and nana to the rescue - they soon mended you and made you feel better. Not sure how we all make it through the day as you are like the turbo charged energiser bunny after being trapped on that plane for 24 hours but at least there are 5 of us to keep up with you.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Sorry my darling its been a while since I updated this but what a hetic month! I have been packing and getting everything ready for our imminent departure. Then mummy went and did something really silly and dropped our computer without having a back up of what was on there... And I had only just finished doing daddy's year end taxes so I have been busy trying to catch up.

So what's been happening this month? Well you're still not sleeping well and now that you can hop out of bed whenever you like I often having a little shadow in the middle of the night tapping me on the shoulder. But you are pretty good at going back to sleep in the night now when I put you back in bed, although I must admit you do go back to sleep quite well for the rest of the night... Sometimes I do keep you in bed for a little cuddle when it's too cold to hop out of bed.

This month you have finally learned that your name is Sienna, when I ask who you are you say 'ieena'. It's lovely now that you are old enough to have a proper chat, I was out with tweenie the other day and called to chat to you and daddy and our conversation went 'hello sienna' 'hello mummy' 'how are you sienna, are you okay?' 'Im okay mummy' 'i love you sienna' ' I LOVE you mummy' 'bye bye see you later' 'bye bye see you soon'. It was gorgeous I wish I had it recorded but I have it ingrained in my heart.

We had a lovely trip up to the county this month to visit your cousins Ellie and Heston and you got on so well with them. Especially you and Ellie you had great fun dressing up, hiding and generally running around and screaming like lunatics. It was a lovely weekend and you were so well behaved on the trip up there am just hoping you are as well behaved on the plane!

So as I write this we should have been sitting in auntie Sams back garden and dangling our feet in your new paddling pool but sadly we have been delayed. You got a nasty ear infection which caused me to call out the after hours doctor who luckily got here quite quickly. After a worrying few hours the dr confirmed my worst fear. That you are suffering from an ear infection - pretty much the only thing that would stop us from flying. Luckily our airline have been great so far and have changed our flights for free to fly on Friday so I just have to hope and pray that you are well enough to fly. I have everything crossed. I have been pumping you full of vitamin c, fruit and garlic as trying desperately to get the antibiotics into you. We have gone from pinning you down and blowing up your nose, which was a two man team job and distressing for all of us, to now sneaking it into things. You keep telling me everything that you eat and drink tastes yucky.... I wonder why? We have finally settled on sneaking it in tea first thing in the morning as you are so thirsty you will drink anything, and then sneaking a shot into those squuezy yoghurts, I know you know it's there but you seem to tolerate it.

I love these shots of you and jack below, you have been enjoying dragging all the boys off to the bushes lately and tackling them for a cuddle.