Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mummy & Daddy get married

Dear little one
Auntie Kelly said you slept straight through last night and didn't wake up once, I think you were over tired over excited last night not to go off.
I heard a little voice outside my room at just after 7. Asking where Nana was, you came in and jumped all over us sang three in the bed till baby Mickey fell out and then found the bag with my fascinator, bag and shoes for the wedding and said 
'Oooh presents'
And decided to try them all on
We went down stairs to get some breakfast and you had sausage and beans, then you and Sam found a lamp in the lounge and you were amused by your reflections in the base
After nana had breakfast we went to play in tbe garden where you insisted on putting all the chairs down straight and pushing them under the table
In the garden we played chasing shadows
Then you saw a squirrel and chased him
Stroked a lucky black cat for the day
Uncle Simon joined us playing hide and seek for a while
Then he came back to nana's room and set up the lap top so we could play some games on it
When Simon left to go get some lunches you and I tried to play swing nana in the blanket, then it was the river with row row row your boat And the crocodile 
We then went to see how mummy was getting on with her preparations getting ready
You tried on Angela's shoes
And wanted to know what this was for so trine showed you
But I much prefer your version
Kelly's friend Lesley was due at the station so you came with Gamma and I to pick her up
When we got back nana and gamma had to get ready so you went to see Sam who gave you some lunch then you let her paint you fingers and toe nails
Then nana came to do Sienna's hair and we all got you ready for the photographer

We're ready
After the photographer finished Kelly played with you till it was time to go to the wedding
Lesley's glasses
Mummy & daddy married
Sienna & Poppi
We all sat down for the meal
then the speeches
lots of photos were taken of mummy and daddy
 Party time
Then it all got too much for you and you crashed out and had a sleep, but got woken and could not settle so it was around 9. Nana and Gamma Sam and simon took you back to the hotel and got you off to sleep.
I know you had a good day and stole mummy's thunder some times, because you looked such a pretty girl
Love you loads and toads
Lots of love Nana

Friday, 30 August 2013

A Very Busy Day

Dear little one
You had a very restless night last night you even told Kelly at one point that there was a man in your room
You woke up early and of course did the rounds to see who was here and who was not,
Got in bed with mummy and daddy,
Everyone had breakfast early, as today
Is a very busy day,
Nana and sienna read a few stories of 'once upon a time there was a little girl called sienna who went to the park,' everyone took a turn playing with you
Because mummy and daddy are getting married tomorrow and a lot of work has to be done today.
You did your practice walk up the hallway singing
 dah dah de dah, dah dah de dah
Nana got you dressed and did your hair and then got a bag packed up for auntie Sam to take you out for this morning. Kat, Simon, Sam and Gamma took you down the road in the swings and slides before taking you on a little row boat
on the Hythe military canal where you sang row, row, row your boat along to Gammas rowing.
While at home auntie Kelly was busy making cup cakes to go with the wedding cake she made. And nana and mummy were busy steaming mummy's wedding dress, and day dress, Sienna's flower girl dress. And nanas dress, And packing up bags of bits for tomorrow,
Then Sam brought you back for a whirlwind lunch,nana Sam and Simon then packed up the car again to take you to the beach with Kat again so that we could finish off some last minute bits,
The sea was a long way off today it was too far to walk
Angela arrived to whisk mummy off to the leas to dress the tables for the guests tomorrow. On the way home sitting next to Kat you went down her hand bag and helped yourself to her makeup and glasses
But You got so sleepy on the way back you fell fast asleep 10 minutes from home
When you got back nana brought you in and you slept half hour on her bed
And woke up in such a good mood but still a bit sleepy 
Sam had been very busy packing up her bags, but when Kelly made you a cuppa tea you wanted to go and see Sam and Kat
Then while Gamma, Kelly , Simon and Kat took the Wedding cake to the leas Sam and Nana played games with you
When They got back Gamma made us all dinner then Nana gave you a bath and sam dressed you and when we all finished we packed up our belongings sam simon kat and you drove off and we all drove down to the 'Relish Hotel' where Julie, Nana Diane, trine and Leon, trine and Leon's parents, Sam and Simon, mummy nana and Gamma , Angela and Patrick and Kat are all booked in,
And then daddy and the boys, granddad David and Donald all came to visit for a while,
You were so excited and kept going up and down the stairs, you went up with mummy on one occasion and Nana and Gamma were at the bottom, mummy said look sienna whos that and you put your head through the railings and got your head stuck, for a while Nana had visions of calling out the fire brigade, but mummy managed to waggle your head back through but you did scare us.
You played around all your guests and finally at 9. Kelly took you to bed when you saw your room you told Kelly that this was your bed
And this was Kelly's bed 
Nana wasn't feeling very well so she said she was going to bed too along with Kat and Sam and Simon 
Shortly nana got a phone call from Kelly saying that you insisted you weren't tired and that you needed a cup of tea, nana went to the kitchen and got some milk and came to your room to see you, we tried for another half hour finishing Dumbo and still you weren't tired, and then just started crying to go up stairs to mummy, in the end Kelly and I were worried about every one hearing you cry and called mummy to settle you after such a busy day,
Nana came down and hopefully you went off to sleep
Hope you had a good day
Love you loads and toads
Love Nana