Wednesday, 25 September 2013

A new start

Well since getting home mummy has learned that her boss will be selling her business so now mummy has to look for a new job. We've decided that its probably time to start looking at daycare for you now so today we visited a centre in Artarmon where you will start going 2 days a week. I'm quite excited as I think you'll really love going but I'm also a little nervous about you getting settled into your new routine.

It's been a fun week on Monday we went to the beach and met up with your little pal Lottie who you haven't seen for months. You were so excited to see on another. Lots of cuddles and you were more than happy to drag her into the sea although she did put up some protests. We played in the sand and had lots of fun we were also joined by Ben and Lils... You were watching as she was getting changed into her swimmers and kept running around and saying 'Lils got no clothes on'.

Last week daddy took us to alumna park and we went on the big wheel and carousel followed by a lovely dinner at the Kirribili club. You were pretty well behaved and sat still most of the time. You were so exhausted by the time we left that you were falling asleep on the table top. On Saturday we had a lovely BBQ and all your friends came over including Ella. You two were so cute and sat cuddled up on the sofa together until you finally fell fast asleep cuddling her.

Potty training and sleep has been going a bit better this week. We have you sleeping back in your own bed although you are waking up a few times a night am hoping this will start to settle down again soon. You are still having some accidents but are remembering to ask more often as long as Ikeep asking and reminding you.

All in all a much better week this week as we start to settle back into the normal routine of things...

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Home sweet home

Well we're home and it's been a pretty tough week getting you over jetlag. It was a sad and difficult journey home... As soon as we left nana and gamma you kept hugging me and telling me I was sad and asking why I was crying... This soon changed to embarrassment as you ran around the airport pointing at people and saying 'lady funny hair' or 'funny man'. Me and daddy were mortified!

You were so exhausted by the time the plane took off that you just curled up and went to sleep in your seat. Unfortunately the seats arm chairs only went up at a 45 degree angle so sleeping across me and daddy's laps proved difficult and you kept waking up and groaning which meant me and daddy didn't sleep much either... You did attempt sleep most of the first flight and only woke up about 3 hours before we landed. You were good when you were awake. We kept you well fed and you spent a lot of time on the iPad. The air hostesses loves you and took you on a few trips up to first class where you would come back with treats. Other than that it was presents that kept you amused and frequent trips to the toilet where you would press the call button which meant air hostesses frequently knocking on the door! You also kept crawling on to daddy's lap and point and the light on the end of the wing and saying twinkle twinkle, which then followed with a rendition I twinkle twinkle.

The 2nd flight you managed a 2 hour nap and with a flight time of only 7 hours this flight seemed cruisey. By the time we landed we were all very tired but managed to stay awake long enough for a cost to see grandma and your little cousins who had been eagerly awaiting our arrival. You chased one another around like lunatics until finally it seemed like you were ready to crash. So we all came home and slept till after 2. It was a big struggle getting you to wake up and for 3 nights after that you were sleeping till midnight then wide awake till 3am. After forcing you back to sleep you didn't want to wake up! Finally on the fourth day I forced us both out of bed at 8am went to play school and then for a swim in the afternoon. We were both shattered! But despite waking up we did manage to sleep through till morning. Only problem being is the only way I could get you to sleep all night was by cuddling you in my bed. 

So after a week of night time cuddles you kind of got used to being in with us and started refusing to go to your own bed. The last 2 nights have been a struggle to get you to sleep there again. You kept waking up last night asking for mummy am hoping that tonight will be a little easier!

Not sure what has happened with your toilet training either. After 6 months of being potty trained you have now started having lots of accidents again! We have had some success with letting you sing the happy birthday song if you tell us when you need potty. This basically involves me lighting a candle you singing happy birthday and then you blowing out the candles - usually with your nose!

We have been back to play school this week which you really seemed to love and you seem to be much better at sticking to one activity. Your favourite things to do are playing with the babies and the pretend kitchen! You also love to join in the sing along... Especially since you have learned lots of new songs whilst we were overseas!

We have also been busy swimming this week. I've signed you up to seahorses which starts again in 2 weeks - this is a more intensive swimming program so hopefully we might have you swimming by summer... We went swimming with Ben yesterday in North Sydney. When you saw luna park you pointed to the big Ferris wheel and said 'big roundabout' on on. So daddy is taking us down there tonight to play.

We had a lovely visit from baby Kayla at the weekend. You loved showing her all your toys and of course giving her that infamous hug / bear hug of yours!

You love seeing your old pal Ben this week. You seemed so pleased to see him and spent the morning chasing him around the park, tickling him and pushing one another in the swings. In the afternoon we caught the bus over to see grandma and grandad. They took us for a nice lunch followed by a play in the park. Then, you saw the jumping water fountains. You got so excited that you ran through fully clothed and got soaked! Luckily mummy had brought spare clothes. After that we went for stroll along the beach. You stayed for ages happily digging in the sand with your spade and truck. We tried to go paddling but the water was still quite chilly.

You also have some flash new wheels which you love riding around which is fortunate as you don't seem to like the pram all that much anymore!

Well now it's back to reality... We had such a wonderful trip and some lovely memories! Can't wait till you are a bit older and I can show you what a special part you played in our wedding day...

Sunday, 8 September 2013

God speed

Dear little one
Just woke up(7.30)
You must be nearing the end of your first flight
Missed my usual morning wake up and roll call
Be good for your mummy and daddy
Miss you altogether
Safe journey back to Australia 
Love you loads and toads
Lots of love
Kiss for Nana from Singapore
And one for Granddad too
Back on terra firms after 26hrs journey

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Leaving today

Dear little one
So missed you last night as you spent the night with mummy and daddy in their room and Nana and Granddad slept in Kelly's room and poor Kelly slept on the sofa.
Apparently you kept saying that the crocodile was after you all night. And spent the night in bed with them.
You came in to wake us up and make sure we were still here at 7. O'clock  
We recorded you saying wakey wakey last night and we are going to try and make it into an alarm, nana couldn't get out of bed to play this morning I was too sad
 Kelly sat and played with you until every one else got up
Mummy and daddy got up and you all watched tv and had breakfast
Granddad ate the banana  you peeled for him
Tickle time
Helping mummy repack the last bits to take home
Something about mummy daddy and pooh
Come in Nana come and run we all run
Come on Granddad come on Kelly we all run
Daddy got you dressed
Daddy helps you with the dip in cheeses until you coughed and sneezed it all back over him
Monkey repeats back everything you say in a monkey voice you loved it
Look granddad monkey talk
Mummy and daddy then took you to play at buzz the soft play area whilst nana Granddad and Kelly all went food shopping in Tescos   
When you got back you played hiding games with kelly
With lots if kisses and cuddles with Kelly auntie Kelly was very sad, and the more kisses and cuddles you gave her the more sad she got
Time for lunch and daddy gave you the chicken legs while mummy got your dinner ready 
You picked at your food not really interested
The next couple of hours were very hard trying not to get upset but carry on playing with you until it was time to leave
Gradually Granddad took mummy,daddy and your luggage out to the car and loaded it up, when we put you in it was quite snug.
We then set off to visit mummy's cousin Paul, Vicky, and baby Dominic.
You fell asleep about ten minutes away from Paul's so when we arrived Nana got you out of the car and took you in and you stayed asleep for about another 20 minutes on nana, but the baby noises as Dominic was excited by his visitors soon stirred you, you took some time to come around and you got down and played with him quietly to start with
You played so well with Dominic after you had properly woken up, he has a small tunnel that he chased you through, and then you chased him through, you were both squealing with excitement
Then it was time to leave, and what a torturous time we had, we just kept hitting traffic,
Eventually we arrived at the airport and Nana and Granddad were so upset that we just couldn't stay, as soon as the luggage was loaded onto the trolley we said a tearful goodbye and left very quickly.
Safe journey home little one, missed you all the way back to Kelly's
Love you loads and toads
Lots of love