Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My little grown up

Wow what a few weeks little cherub! You started out really well at daycare. The teachers said you are a social butterfly and fit in well with their little family. When I called to check on you on your first day they said that you were no tears whatsoever and that you were currently on your third bowl of lunch! Try even manage to get you to have a sleep somehow.

Since the first week you have been a little less reluctant to go and as mummy goes to leave you bawl your eyes out with heart wrenching sobs which makes me reluctant to leave you. Today is Halloween so they made us dress you up for school today. I managed to get you a fairy / witch costume which you seemed fairly pleased with this morning.

Gosh mummy wrote this 2 weeks ago and dint get a chance to post it. It's been a hectic few weeks. Grandma is very sick and is in hospital at the moment. 

This last week hasn't been much fun for any of us unfortunately, we have all had a bout of vomiting and sickness but we seem to be over the worst of it. When mummy was being sick this week you wandered over to me whilst I was throwing up and started gently rubbing my back it was so cute having that little bit of affection.

Swimming has been a bit better. Now that mummy is getting in the pool with you, you seem a bit happier. Last week we had your photo taken under water which was fun, we should get the pics back this week.

I love your little siennaisms, at school you have a little friend called Faith which you can't pronounce and instead it comes out 'fake' and your little cousin Heston you pronounce 'peston' which I find hilarious.

You are really into dressing up lately and keep telling me you are a princess or that you look pretty. You also love playing with your dolls and yesterday you told me and daddy that you wanted a baby. You re so cute feeding, dressing and bathing your dolly and talking to her all the while.

This weekend we took you to the fair where you loved getting your face painted as a beautiful butterfly.

All in all it's been a pretty tumultuous month. You went from loving daycare that first few weeks to now being very reluctant to go. You seem to be going through a bit of a personality change at the moment and are definitely testing the boundaries. I think daycare is good for you and you are definitely learning a lot there. Just last week you kept taking yourself off to the big girl toilet and going to the toilet all by yourself which is a major win as I was starting to wonder how we would gradually ween you on to the toilet and away from the potty. Once you figured out that daycare is a permanent fixture and that you have to go every week you haven't been so keen and the mornings are heart wrenching for me, especially when I have to do the morning drop off. This has lead to you becoming very attached to mummy and you are reluctant to leave my side. Mummy now has a job which she starts next week so I hope we see some improvement soon. This 'mummy attachment' has also lead to very restless nights. I have lost count of the amount of nighttime visits we get and most of the time I am too tired to get out of bed and put you back so you end up sleeping in with us. Some nights you don't even wake me you just sneak in and I wake up in the middle of the night and find you there.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Happy Birthday auntie Sammy!

This week has been a tough one. You caught some nasty tummy virus and spent all week with liquid coming out of both ends. This mysterious bug affected you worst at nighttime so mummy spent all week not sleeping and cleaning up spew in the dark in the middle of the night. 

Last weekend we took you on your first camping trip which was lots of fun. We only stayed one night as there was a scary wind that nearly blew the tents away which meant we couldn't have a fire and therefore would have no warmth or light. Despite being a hot day it was freezing at nighttime! 

We had a fun long weekend on Saturday we watched the fireworks which you tried very hard to stay awake for - you saw the start of them but after a few sporadic fireworks you got bored of waiting and fell asleep in mummy's arms.

On Monday daddy took us to Luna park where we stayed all day. We rode on the big wheel, bumper cars and carousel plus mummy took you on a big slide which scared the bejesus out of me and you loved all the smaller kiddy rides which you rode alone.

Best new Siennaism the other day was 'mummy I hurt my armbow'!

Tomorrow is the start of daycare. I've been trying to make you excited about it and you actually seem to be thrilled and keep getting upset that you aren't going right away. Today I took you to play school which you love and I'm hoping you will associate the 'school (daycare)' with the fun we have at playschool. 

I used to dread putting you to sleep but lately it's been much easier. Last night was my favourite. You wanted to lie down in mummy's bed and I decided to make up a bed time story for you which was a roaring success, it went something a little like this...

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Sienna. Sienna loved to run around in the garden and play chase around the washing line with her friends Timmy and Tommy. One day as they were playing chase in the garden Timmy and Tommy fell down a hole and dis-appeared. At which point you gasped and said 'oh no, I'm scared' don't be scared I replied because Sienna went to get a ladder and rescue her friends. Do you know what she saw when she got to the bottom of the ladder...? A big striped cat and that cat could talk! He said 'hello Sienna' 'how do you know my name' replied Sienna. 'Why I just met you friends Timmy and Tommy and they told me to tell you they were heading in that direction' so off they took. After a few minutes they came across a giant hairy dog and do you know what? (Sienna looks puzzled) that giant hairy dog could talk too! 'Hello Sienna' 'how do you know my name' Sienna replied. To which the dog replied 'why I just met your friends Timmy and Tommy they told me that they were heading for the magic lake. Follow me and I'll show you.' So Sienna, the cat and he dog headed for magic lake. When they got to the lake sienna started swimming but do you know what happened to sienna as she swam in the water (Sienna shakes her head). Well, as she started to swim she began to grow wings... Not just little chicken wings but gigantic eagle wings and the more she swam the more she realised that she wasn't swimming at all but Sienna was flying!! (sienna begins to flap her arms) as she is flying sienna realises that she has swam all the way across the ocean - past nana and gammas house - wave to nana and gamma (sienna waves and says hello) past sam and Simons house (Sienna waves and says hello) past Kelly's house (sienna waves and says hello) up up up and way above the clouds, past the moon, wave to the man in the moon and way up high to a twinkling little star. As Sienna lands on the star she discovers that this is where all little boys and girls wishes come to be granted. As Sienna lands on the star she kneels down to make a wish (sienna closes her eyes clasps her hands together and makes her wish face). Sienna wishes for her friend Timmy and Tommy to be found so that they can go back home. As Sienna opens her eyes who should appear but her best friends Timmy and Tommy. Hurrah cries Sienna 'you're both safe and sound... Lets go home!' So Timmy and Tommy climb on Sienna's back and sienna takes off. Down past the man in the moon, past the clouds, past Kelly's house, past sam and Simons house, past nana and gammas (Sienna is flapping her arms and waving all at the same time) and as she flys over the great big ocean Sienna is getting very very tired. As she reaches her house she glides into bed, hugs Timmy and Tommy tight, closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.... (And this worked you closed your eyes and gently drifted off to sleep)!

And as I finished my sentence you closed your eyes and drifted off to sleep... Sadly not through the night but you did spend all night in your own bed which was a lovely relief for mummy. We also took the side rail off of your cot - a temporary measure until we find you a proper bed but you seem like such a grown up now without being in your cot. It does make it much easier in the night now though.