Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Well this weekend was Australia Day and mummy to her pledge to become an official Aussie citizen. We had a small celebration which was bittersweet as nana is very sick and getting worse with every day. You loved spending the weekend with your cousins, you are all such funny creatures with such individual personalities. You all run around tormenting one another and screaming but all in all I think you love each other as the squeals of delight when you first see one another is deafening. 

You are now exhibiting signs of such intellectual curiosity and the things you are able to remember and make associations with are amazing. For example at the moment nana is having lots of visitors at her house and as soon as they arrive you ask them 'is that your car' or 'where's your car' to which one of your great uncles or Judy will respond by pointing to their car. If you're not there when that person arrives as soon as we arrive at nana's you then tell me 'David's here' or 'Johan's car'. Polly was astounded the other day when we arrived at north sydney council for my ceremony and you were in the car park with her where you were checking out all the cars and announced 'grandad's here' and 'Julie and David' and much to her surprise they were all there.

You are still such a little socialite and will talk to everyone you meet. Your favourite question to ask is 'what's your name' to which almost everyone will respond by telling you their name and having a chat. The other day we took your dolly to the pool for a swim and you were chatting to a lady and her little girl. The mummy asked what your name was and you responded by telling her your name and then she asked the name of your dolly to which your response was 'mine'.

At the moment you also have a fascination with emergency vehicles which you call 'ne-nors' and every time we see or hear one we all have to make the noise. Your favourite game at the moment is to play pretend that you are driving and also play acting going shopping. When I ask you what we need shopping your answer is always 'salad'. I love watching your imagination play at the moment where you are talking to yourself and some imaginary friend (the other day was Nicholas). You talk to them and tell them off and take them shopping with you. You also love to go on adventures around the garden where I hold your hand and we climb the mountain and pass dragons which we have to feed with cake to keep them away. Your favourite book at the moment is duck duck goose which was a Christmas present from your teacher at daycare. It was really strange as I'd only read it to you once then one night right before bed you said to me mummy read duck duck goose and now we read it all the time. Another of your favourite games is take all my clothes off and run around naked. You quite off de-clothe and then run around on nanas balcony saying 'hello, my name's Sienna' to whoever will listen'.

You are still having trouble with P's and H's but weirdly enough you only seem to get confused when its with names it's almost as though you know it annoys people and think its funny. Like my friend Polly has become your friend Holly, and your cousin Heston is still Peston. However with all other words beginning with P and H you seem not to confuse them. 

You still really love you to go swimming and we go at least 3-4 times a week. You are so good now with your back floaty on and easily manage to paddle paddle and kick kick without any support you came make it a full width of the pool by yourself. At swim class today your teacher said that she thinks you are ready to move up to the next class but it is in the pool on your own again so I'm just trying to decide if you are ready for that?

You are such a good little girl at the moment and bring life and light into what otherwise would be a very dark and difficult time in our lives. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy New Year

1Well this last few months have been a bit tough for us all. Nana is very sick and we have been spending a lot of time at her place helping to look after you.

At the moment we are really trying to learn new colours. At first you had an a session with blue and everything had to be blue,whether it was what you were eating or wearing. Now every time I ask you what colour something is we mainly get the answer purple.

You have really made us giggle lately as when people ask you how old you are you have often been answering 26...

You love to dance and sing and be the centre of attention which is apparently very typical Tauren behaviour. As daddy's cousins and uncles spend more time wi you hey are enamoured. They all love your social bubbly nature and you bright light into what is otherwise a very difficult time for all of us. Nana loves having you around and we spend evenings with you running around with you entertaining us.

Your swimming is really coming along now. After a few scares the last two weeks you can't learn to swim quickly enough so we are going almost daily at the moment. You have got the hang of the 'paddle paddle kick kick' and with the floating we bought you for Christmas you are swimming (doggy paddling' across the pool now. Luckily when you fell in uncle Michael and Johan's pool you were fully clothed but had your floaty device attached. You knew what to do to save yourself and quickly swam to the side.

Christmas was lovely we had a beautiful meal (all 17 of us). Mummy cooked a not so traditional Christmas dinner along with all the classic Aussie sides including 4 kilos of prawns. The Christmas cake went done a treat and was gone in 2 days including the chocolate reindeer which mummy made (you scoffed the entire thing and shoved it all in your mouth. It was so full you couldn't swallow it and I had to fish the reindeer out of your mouth.

You really got into Christmas this year especially the present opening and you spent most of the day demanding 'more presents?' Luckily we had a gib mountain of presents to give you. Wen your stack ran out you kindly assisted anyone who still had presents left to open by opening theirs too.

We seem to have finally got used to school. The last week when daddy was taking you there wasn't even any tears and this week you have been asking me if you could go to school.

You loved having your cousins here for a few weeks, you spent lots of time chasing one another around nanas house but it was hard work with the three of you.

You love dressing up now, especially like a princess with the lovely crown that nan Joan bought for you. You also like to choose your own clothes to wear so no matter what you look like I let you wear it rather than dealing with the tantrum. However this does sometimes mean that I have to leave the house with you looking like a demented parrot. This includes days of you sometimes wanting 15 bows in your hair.