Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Easter Bunny visits again...

Well it's been full on for the last few months, I can't believe my last few post was on valentines day and ended by me saying that I'd have to do something about getting you a little brother or sister. Well little did I know that the or she was already on the way and you are going to be a big sister! You are very excited and I don't think the next few months will go quickly enough for you. When grandad asked you if you wanted a baby brother, sister or a giraffe you of course answered baby giraffe... The other day we were sitting on the sofa and you asked me to lift up my top so you could talk to the baby - then you grabbed your crusts left over from breakfast and began crumbling them into my belly button. When I asked you what you were doing you replied 'feeding baby'. Sadly mummy has been feeling pretty poorly so we haven't been too adventurous these last few months and have instead opted for calmer activities.

We had a lovely weekend away down in Melbourne visiting Lizzie and Dave, we had such a good time with them. We spent the morning at the markets where you got your face painted and then on to the farm to look at animals. In the evening you had a sleep over with Lizzie and Dave whilst mummy and daddy went out for the night. You had so much fun and didn't want to come home.

Your favourite question to ask grown ups at the moment is, 'Is that your best friend' or 'whose your best friend' . It's very cute to see what people's reaction is. When you asked Ruby who her best friend was she said you were!

More Siennaisms... i do love these little mispronunciations misinterpretations and i will miss when you are old enough to not understand how funny you are like, when i told you not to bang tinkerbells head against the table as you will give her a head ache. to which you proudly responded that tinkerbell had a 'Head cake'. The saying has caught on and we now all call our headaches head cakes. And my most favourite siennaism of the last few weeks has been when you tell me 'I love you today' as if love has an expiry and I have to work for it each day.... It is very cute.

The other day we were walking down the road and I was whistling as we walked and you turned to me and said 'mummy I can't whistle' to which I responded 'well my grandad taught me how to whistle, maybe grandad will teach you how to whistle if you ask him.' Then I asked you 'do you remember grandad Jim?' To which you responded 'yeah, he was a bit cute' this really made me smile 'jim was married to Ruby, you know Ruby?' To which you replied 'yeah she's a bit cute too'. You truly are such a special little girl, you really are so very cute and I love this age with you. I think this is even more fun than when you were a baby!

You and daddy had a lovely morning out yesterday together all by yourselves as mummy had a driving lesson, you went to soft play, the park and then out for yum cha. Then today we went over to jacks house for an Easter egg hunt. You are so good at the hunt and truly do lead the pack when it comes to showing the others what to do! What a fun afternoon. We will have to have a repeat on Sunday if mummy can get in touch with the Easter bunny and get him to pay us a visit...