Saturday, 31 May 2014

Singing poor

Dear little one 
you did so well after being so poorly even telling the poor baby in the next row who was crying a lot in the night to be quiet
You slept right up until they turned the lights on to wake every one up for breakfast and we still have 2.16hrs to go to landing in Singapore and seeing auntie Kelly again
You also wanted to tell everyone that you felt all better now and that your belly didn't hurt, I think we all cat napped and had a few 40 winks.
An hour before landing and you cried you wanted to be sick but it was just water and you soon felt better, not quite running around and very '. I can't do that granddad can you do it for me we landed at 9.3 Singapore time, you were still in your pjs because we had to throw away your sick clothes 
and we did try to surprise Kelly by letting you and mummy go first. But first you tried to get to Kelly through the glass then did a dive past mummy and headed to the bags and granddad then did a dart the other way with nana and granddad chasing you so you gave the game away to Kelly
with her guessing we were there and only for a split second when she first saw just you and mummy did she think she must have been wrong.
We went to have a drink at the airport before going to the hotel and tried to check in. They had a room for you and mummy right away as granddad had been emailing then for a few days and said our room would be ready as soon as possible. You are in 821
and every one got ready for the pool but granddad he just can't bring himself round. He came down to the pool and fell asleep, but you had lots of fun in the water with kelly
until a wind blew up and the pool being in the shade you and Kelly got chilly and you was hungry and mummy fell asleep. You woke every body up and made them come back and get changed. Granddad lay down on the bed and went back to sleep it was only 1pm
You claimed your bed
Kelly and mummy showered and changed nana and granddad went back to change, and we got you ready to go out, mummy dozed and kelly showered you sat and ate pipcorn in bed and had it every where
we tried waking granddad but he couldn't come round.
We all had MRT cards so we got the train back one stop to the Expo shopping centre,
we went to subway to eat because you was starving marvin, and you had a meatball sandwich
which knowing your mum should have realised it was all going  to go everywhere, you looked up to the top floor and saw the play area and auntie Kelly paid for you to go to soft play, and you run your legs off playing. 
You went shopping and bought some fruit
Then you wanted to be the shop keeper
A bounce in the castle
Ahoy there ship mates
A horse ride
Ball pond
And then do it all over again and again with a new friend
But you was a contrary Mary all afternoon, I don't know if it was being cooped up yesterday or being ill yesterday but you just tested the boundarys to beyond the limit. Kelly coaxed you out of soft play with the promise of an ice cream
and we all had one thanks again to Kelly she was the only one with any Singapore money.
It all got a bit much for Kelly and she was meeting her boss for a meal so she decided not to stay as we were here too to see Mummy to the airport.
After a few tears and big hugs and kisses Kelly left, granddad and nana gave you a bath and hair wash and got you ready for bed. Mummy cleaned out the packet of pop corn you emptied into it and settled you down , nana and granddad left as they were tired too, you was asleep
before we got back to our room, and half hour later at just 6pm every one was ready for bed and sleep

Friday, 30 May 2014

The Big Aeroplane

Dear little one
You groaned just after midnight, help me nana, I went dashing in to your room and nearly tripped over you as you were on the floor , I put you back to bed and you went back to sleep. 10 mins later it happened again this time nana got into bed with you and you went back to sleep and didn't even stir when granddad and mummy got up.
You stirred at 6.45 and took a good few mins to wake up.
Then you asked who's bed you was in, when I told you we were at Sams house you leapt out of bed and said where's Gary? And ran off in search of him, you found him in the lounge.
And you phoned daddy to tell him you were on your way home
Nana got you ready except your hair while mummy showered
And you watched Micky mouse fun house until it was time to leave
The man with the taxi arrived just before and drove us to the airport which took about 45 mins as there was a lot of traffic on the road.
We checked in the bags and went upstairs to have a drink in costa,
you had a quick face time with daddy and all his best  friends
We went to customs and that was the beginning of your couple of hours mischief, you ran away from mummy asgranddad and I got held up at the electronic gates, even as we were putting the bags through for X-ray you kept running away, we finally got through to the main area and had to wait for our gate number. You were hungry and granddad gave you an apple and mummy bought you a sandwhich of cheese and ham and you only ate a quarter of it.
It came up as gate number one and we had to go to the gate
Even waiting there you kept trying to run off down the gangway
Ladies and gentlemums.....

Where's our plane?
We boarded at 1.30 and got on early to settle you down you was given a gift pack of colouring book and crayons and your own special little ear phones, 
Push back was. 1.45 and we took off at only 13hrs to go, captain came on and said flight would be  12hrs and 20 mins yeah for small mercies, after we were up 15mins nana moved to the spare seat next to you and we watched some Dora until you beat me up, after an hour up they brought you your dinner in a little lunch box, but you really didn't  eat much, granddad got his meal. After nearly an hour nana and granddad swapped places to play withYou, and nana's dinner eventually came.
Granddad nodded of and you settled 
Down  to watch more Dora when mummy yelled.
You had vomited everywhere, granddad was woken up with a real start. the stewardess's all came running to help, we cleaned up the lap top, your chair was taken away and a new coverput on, all your clothes were takenoff and thrown away. Granddad wrapped you up in a blanket and made a fuss  of you
and after all the cleaning up, everyone settled back down, 
We were all worried that you had the bug  we've all had, and concerned that you might do it again.
5.30 you were soundo
and granddad soon followed ,
7.15 and you were sick again, luckily 
enough mummy was quick with the sick bag and got it all in the bag
8.15 you woke up retching but wasn't 
Sick you managed after a wriggle to go back to sleep
Then 8.30 we were given snacks of a sandwich, crisps and a really nice green tea 
And back to sleep for you and we alltried to sleep too

Packing up takes so long

Dear little one 
You slept till 2am and said you were sore
Nanny took you to the toilet changed your nappy and put some cream on and after 5 mins went back to sleep until 6.3am and again every one was up before you
Mummy is feeling a little better today, although tired and Sam said she felt better but tired too

After we all had our breakfast granddad and nana took you for a walk to post some letters to the neighbours
Then we took you for a short ride to Sainsburys, before we bought our food shopping we took you to truely's to have a drink and say goodbye

You had a chocolate shake and shared nana's pastry. We bought the groceries and got home to find mummy had packed up some of your stuff but had broken her case packing up her case
Dr Yeo to fix mummy
And sam
You decided to help mummy pack 

Sienna nana Sam and granddad all had egg and soldiers for lunch then nana and granddad did some jobs in the garden in between playing with you
Granddad found you some caterpillars 

You were very helpful with the watering

Simon took a break from studying and helped granddad give you the bumps

While mummy and Sam sat and watched

Mummy finished packing but needed some more rest and you watched some Meg and Mog with Sam
At 3pm Sam. Mummy nana and granddad all took you to Dymchurch to the Micky mouse rides 
First you went on the Micky mouse ride with a little deaf girl and as you were the only girls on the ride the man let you both ride for free, 
The next ride was the pirate ships
Next you went on the aeroplanes with nana
The ghost train with granddad
and then nana
The balloon ride

The Bob the builder Digger on the merry go round
The little big wheel

The bumper cars with nana
We went to the arcade and soft play
Granddad bought you a chocolate milka  lolly
While you went in the soft play the adults all had a quick cuppa
Then we went down to the penny amusements and you had great fun on the little steps
feeding the pennies into the machines, all too soon it was time to go home the last ride was on the Tea Cups
and you didn't want to go home, and there was a few tears
There was a few more tears in the car but this time from auntie Sam! She has had such a good holiday with you and she was sad about losing her little buddy
We got back and nana made your dinner while you played in the garden with Simon and Sam
Mummy Finnished packing up your last bits into the cases and Sam and nana gave you a bath washed your hair and dried it and put you into your pjs
Granddad packed up the car and we set off to auntie Sams house for the night. We were in the car maybe 15 mins before you were asleep
We got to Sams house just after 9pm and granddad carried you up to the little bedroom and you stayed asleep, and everyone else was tired and went to bed too