Monday, 9 June 2014

A month of birthdays.

We've had a fun few weeks with your mis-interpretations. Like the other day when were going to vote only you thought we were going on a boat and all day you kept saying you wanted to go on the boat and 'when are we goin in the boat then.' Or when Trine came over to take us to lunch and she asked you if you wanted to come to lunch with us and play ladies. Only you didn't really understand and you thought she had said do you want to play 'ladybirds' so all throughout lunch you kept asking us when we were going to play ladybirds...

Baby is getting much bigger now. Daddy felt baby kick for the first time the other day. I tried to get you sit still long enough to feel the kicks but you weren't patient enough. You are convinced you are having a baby sister! The day after we got back from holiday you came with me for my 20 week scan and you sat and held my hand whilst the sonographer took pictures of the baby in mummy's tummy. You even sat still for 10 minutes to watch!

We're currently on the hunt for a new sporty activity to do for the winter term as your last few swim lessons you have cried the entire time as you said the pool is too cold. So me and dad took you for a trial class of Tae Kwon Do. It seemed to be right up your alley with all the shouting, kicking and punching. You seemed to enjoy it for about half an hour but then you got shy and hid behind me. You watched whilst all the other kids were doing their practise for grading. When the room went silent you piped up 'when's it my turn' so the sensei called you up the front and made you do the horse riding stance whilst you punched and yelled 'huyah'. You walked back proud as punch.
Swimming lessons have been a bit of a dis-appointment this year. Your new teacher has struggled a bit with 4 of you in the class - especially now that you and Ben are in a class together. You just seem to mess about and jump off the platform and try and drown yourself. 
We're having a very mild winter at the moment. The weather has been cold in the mornings but beautiful sunshine during the day. We have had one or two cold days giving us the opportunity to try our your new beanie and scarf nana knitted. Plus your lovely new coat that nana and grandad bought. Even though you told everyone at school that daddy bought if for you when you were on holiday (mummy forgot you had show and tell at school that day so you showed off your new coat instead and told everyone daddy bought it).
We've had a busy few weekends lately searching for a place to live temporarily. Me and daddy are excited to be moving into our new place next weekend - it even has a pool which I know you're going to love in the summer months!

There's been lots of birthdays over the last month what your second birthday, mummy's birthday and daddy's. You are really getting the hang of blowing out the candles and especially the eating the cake part!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Back to Australia

Dear little one
Nana slept until 8.30pm but went straight back to sleep until 10pm last night and was woken up by granddad at 4.30am to say its time to take Sienna to the airport.
When we got to your room mummy said that you had been awake all night, and only went to sleep about 3am
Mummy was the one who looked tired, and you was very dozy.
You told me that you was very sad that you were leaving me behind to stay with Kelly to make Kelly happy but that you would see me soon, which made nana very sad and just wanted to cuddle you for ever.
Granddad found a trolley for the bags
And drove you check your bags in
After the bags were gone to meet you in Australia we took mummy to get a drink as she was thirsty and hungry, you couldn't really wake up and didn't want anything
Then it was time to leave us with lots of tears and hugs and cuddles (and that was just nana)
And all too soon nana's big little girl was gone
When you got through the other side mummy found you a buggy cart and off you went to your gate and mummy sent us your last pictures of singapore
And a last goodbye
Time to board and your flight took off at 7.05am
Mummy text at 3.30pm singapore time to say you had arrived safe and sound.  You went to sleep 5 minutes after take off and slept through until they turned the lights on to give you your meal 2 hours before landing