Sunday, 10 August 2014


Well we all love the fact that you have nicknamed the baby 'joggle' and it seems to have stuck. Now everyone is calling baby joggle. You were very cute the other day when you were lying on mummy's tummy and talking to sam. All of a sudden you jumped up and said to Sam 'I can hear it, it's talking to me,' when sammy asked you what Joggle had said you replied 'I love you'. You have promised me that when baby is born you are going to look after them for me.

You are so helpful when we go to my antenatal appointments, you help the midwife to measure mummy's tummy then you hand her the gel which she squirts on my tummy and you hold the Doppler whilst we listen for baby's heartbeat. You seem to really enjoy playing nurse!
You and daddy practising your dirty dancing moves!
You really have some attitude now kid, if I thought 2 was a challenge I didn't know what I was letting myself in for with 3... Sometimes you are cute and cheeky when you want to get your own way, when I tell you we can't do something and you will screw your nose up and reply 'lets have a try mum'. Or 'puuurrrrleaase mum'. Then there are other times when you scream at the top of your lungs or repeat things seven million times until I feel like I am going insane!

You love playing tea parties with all your toys and will sit for ages talking to them all and telling us stories. You have a lovely imagination and I love to listen to you talking to them. You are especially cute in the bath where you have lots of plastic toys. Unfortunately this makes it very difficult to get you out of the bath as you live to sit there till the water turns stone cold.
You were really missing your little friend Lottie who we don't get to see much anymore as she is in daycare 5 days a week. So, we organised a Sunday play date - we had a picnic and the two of you played for hours. She bought her frozen dolls to the park and you both had a great time singing the songs for the movie and now you want some frozen dolls too. I said you'd have to wait till Father Christmas comes. You have been singing the 'let it go' song for days since. 

You keep telling me that Lottie is your best friend, I think you need to learn how to give more gentle hugs though as you love can bit a overwhelming for some.