Friday, 31 October 2014

November 1st

What a night we had with you , you slept until 11 30am and for the next four hours nana was in and out of bed sleeping on the floor with you, you would go off to sleep then cough yourself awake and got quite delirious at times crying that mummy said you couldn't wear your Halloween dress, and that the fe-fi-fo-fum was after tinker bell.
Nana got stiff on the floor and there wasn't much room so you got in nanas bed, but you still couldn't sleep, every time you lay down you was very congested, you coughed so bad I thought you were going to be sick, but you wasn't .
Granddad got up with you at 6. am to watch cartoons and mummy and daddy got up at 6.30 as baby had been good last night only waking once, 
You got a little upset this morning about not being able to carry baby around. You told nana to go away, that you didn't want to be my friend, you kicked me and said go, I just shrugged my shoulders and went to the kitchen, Mummy fed baby and you sat and watched. 
We all had breakfast, and nana and granddad got ready to go out for the day.
We left at 8.30 and you waved from the balcony, then we heard granddad don't go!.
Mummy and daddy had some friends over and you played with kayla
By the time nana and granddad got home you were fast asleep

Thursday, 30 October 2014


Well little one, you woke in the night several times, but we managed to keep you in your room until the morning6.30am. You got in and slept with nana and granddad in the end.
Although you was most upset that you had been a good girl and hadn't gone into mummy's room but now baby was not awake. You got up with mummy and daddy and in no time baby was awake, crying for his feed, you had a quick cuddle and 
mummy then fed him. After he was winded you got to have your cuddles again, you phoned Sam and Kelly at the same time and told them about your brother, and your Halloween party, and that mummy and daddy and baby couldn't go to the party, but they will go to the Christmas party but not nana and granddad because they will be home at their house.
Daddy went to work and baby went to mummy's room to have a sleep, while we all and our breakfast. then it was time to all get ready, and sienna helped granddad tried to put the extension on the buggy
to go on the bus to go to your playschool, which was a bit of a mission with 2 buggys.
You had great fun in the kitchens cooking dinner for your baby,
getting covered in paint doing hand painting.
Playschool finished at midday and we walked into crows nest for somewhere to feed baby as his feed was due, we went into a cafe and you had a ham and cheese croissant cold,
nana had a chicken sandwich and granddad and mummy had a salad.but baby hadn't woken up, so we went into crows nest health centre for mummy to feed baby, and you played with their toys
We then got the bus home. 
It was so very hot. When we got in granddad took a nap, baby was napping and so was mummy, Sienna had some quiet time sitting watching cartoons with nana.
Kirsty the midwife arrived and did some tests on baby and checked mummy out, you got a little concerned when Kirsty did the blood test on baby, 'he's bleeding'. The blood test was for his jaundice as it's not got worse but not got better.
Grandad read sienna some stories after dinner while mummy and daddy bathed baby. Then sienna went and got her pillow and blanket from the bedroom and said she wanted to sleep on the floor in the lounge and went out like a light. After about half hour dan put a nappy on her and carried her into her own bed

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Halloween party

You went to bed last night under the weather, and a little teary. You woke in the night when baby did and insisted that you go see him and there was no stopping you. Mummy and daddy let you stay while baby fed then you came back to your room, you was a little upset and wanted to sleep with nana and granddad, you didn't want to get up this morning until you heard baby in the living room with mummy and went running in. You didn't want any breakfast and asked if it was Halloween today.
Then we had the tears as you wanted to wear your Halloween dress now and not this evening for your Halloween party tonight. Mummy eventually got you dressed in the jake and the Pirates dress 
You had some baby cuddles
and daddy took you to daycare.
Sara finished feeding baby and put him down for a nap and went back to bed, and michael fell asleep on the sofaboth slept   for about an hour. We all got showered  and dressed, Sara and Michael went around the corner to the pram shop to see if they could get some attachments for the pram.We got the M20 back to Chatswood and walked home, on the way granddad went to the supermarket and nana started to walk you home, you saw the Halloween balloons and asked if you could have one from the smoothie shop. Nana bought you a watermelon smoothie for us to share, I thought that it would cool you down, then we asked the lady if we could have one of their balloons she said no at first that they were not for sale, then she looked at your face and said she could give you one, nana tied it to your wrist so it would not fly away, you were quite conted to drink you watermelon and hold your balloon all the way home. But it was so hot that by the time nana had pushed you all the way home water was dripping from Nana's hair. We met daddy at the top of the road and granddad followed shortly.
When we got in you was very anxious to have a cuddle with 'your baby'
after your cuddle baby was fed and put down for a sleep and mummy played with you with your toys,
before getting you ready for your Halloween party, first mummy painted your face green,
then we dressed your cat in her Halloween dress,
then you got into your Halloween dress, hat
and put your magic wand in your bag.
Scarey Witch ready for party
Then daddy let granddad borrow his truck and we drove back to your school for your Halloween party/disco.
You did lots of dancing,
Dancing to Elsa's ' let it go'

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Back to school

We heard baby cry about three but you never woke up,
But you did wake up when he cried at 5.30 and was concerned about him crying, after mummy winded him and changed him mummy propped up the pillows around you and you cuddled baby until he went back to sleep.
As soon as you was up you insisted in phoning auntie Sam and Kelly and telling them that your baby was William and that you had been cuddling him.
When Sam and Kelly went you got a little up set about having to go to school, you chose the dress with the elephants on the skirt to wear and nana dressed you, daddy did you toast for breakfast and baby woke up to be fed, you got the giggles and said baby is having milk from mummies boobies.
You gave baby a kiss goodbye
We left just after to walk up to chatswood then got the bus to pick up sienna, only I made a big boo boo and got us off the wrong stop, just 3 stops too early. Picked Sienna up just before
Sienna had fun at school 
and told all the teachers about her baby, they said that you were a bit subdued today, only wanted one lunch, and when it was quiet time you just laid down and went straight off to sleep, no questions asked.
When we picked you up you were pleased to see us but said you were cold and couldn't walk, we told you we had the buggy downstairs and you said okay We took the bus back to chatswood 
and walked through the town, when sienna caught sight of the Yoghourt ice cream parlour and asked for an ice cream please, who can resist, so we bought her a small one and sat and ate it
Sienna ate it all up and then said can we go see my baby William now, Michael and I laughed, you have to share your baby with mummy and daddy. Mummy and daddy haven't decided what babies name is yet
' can we go see Joggle now then 'was your response.
When we got home the midwife was there checking out baby and mummy and you were excited to get your cuddle in, nana held baby in your lap and you gave him lots of hugs and kisses 
until he let us know he had had enough,
by giving a little squeal, a touch of wind, nana winded him and gave him back
You sang rock a bye baby to him until mummy fed him
Then you sang supercalifragilisticecpialidocious, you sang it so well that we said you were excellent, but you wanted to phone auntie Sam and tell her and got quite upset when we told you that Sam would be sleeping.
Daddy got homes and you played chase, hide and seek and tickling
We had dinner granddad cooked but you weren't hungry, and you have a bit of a runny nose 
Just after 7pm mummy got in the bath with you and had a bath and washed your hair. 

Joggle comes home

Joggle comes home

Dear little one
Well everyone was awake at 5.30 and you were still asleep. You were a bit restless last night as daddy went to bed so he said you could sleep in his big bed, you were very hot in the night and daddy gave you a baby Panadol and was stirring at 6.45  and daddy went to work .but then you just zonked out again you woke up at 7.30 and wanted to ring Sam straight away, we called and couldn't get through and then Kelly face timed us
You told Sam and Kelly that Joggle was called William James Joggle Yeo. Granddad went up the road to get nana and granddad new bus tickets, when he got home you were so excited about Joggle you told him that his name was William Joe.
After the girls had gone nana and granddad tried to get you ready for swimming, you didn't want to go in case you missed Joggle coming home. You packed up most of the bath toys to come with us, and made every excuse under the sun not to go out. It eventually took a phone call from mummy to get you out the door, mummy suggested you take the scooter, but nana preferred the buggy, good job we did you didn't get past the flats with out wanting a carry so nana went back to the flat for it.
We got the bus and you were adamant that granddad went in the pool with you before your lesson,

you played for about half an hour before telling granddad you had a belly ache and was cold, granddad got into the baby pool with you which was a lot warmer, but you refused to go to swimming lesson, and made granddad stay in the small pool until he was just too cold, which was about another half hour.
You told everyone you met in the pool about your baby. You even told the other babies in the pool that you were going to be very gentle because you had your own new baby brother.
When we got out we went to the cafe for a cup of tea and it was a struggle to get you to drink your orange juice, although you could manage a few wriggly snakes. We walked back to the bus stop and on the way you gave a half hearted' can we go to the park' when we got there you went down the slide snd then said 'grandad I can't walk can you carry me, '
But grandad' s back was hurting and we went to put you in the buggy and you cried you were cold. We found in the bottom of the buggy your hoody towel and you snuggled into it. The bus came along right away and we came home you said you didn't want to stop for a treat you had to get home in case mummy brought your baby home, we tried to say that it would be later today Joggle might come home but you asked grandad to carry you to bed when we got back.
We tried to get you to drink and gave you some rehydration drink which you drank most of and your vitamin. You lay down for a while reading books and singing. Then you 
Grandad made us lunch but you didn't want any if your sandwich, we told you that unless you were a big girl and got better by eating your lunch Joggle wouldn't be able to come home. You were out of bed like a shot and ate half a sandwich. And a little apple juice.
After lunch granddad went shopping but you wouldn't leave the flat in case Joggle came home and you weren't here, so nana stayed with you and we played reading stories, tea sets, mummy and babies watched Elsa and Anna. Danced and sang along to frozen. 
Then granddad got back and we had a picnic with the grapes and all the teddies, you ate the teddies grapes though. We couldn't get you to drink, then granddad poured it into your tea set and you drank cup after cup.
The next lot of washing finished and sienna did all the pegging out while nana put the washing on the clothes horse you were so helpful.
Then Ellie, Heston and auntie Nic arrived and all hell let loose, Ellie had every toy you had in the bedroom out and all over the floor, Nic went to collect uncle Donald from the station with Heston and left Ellie behind, you played together very well for a while and then you both got silly throwing toys. Then granddad David and Dorothy arrived, 
About five o'clock mummy and daddy arrived with baby, and poor granddad nearly had heart failure trying to keep all three of you from tipping the baby out of the carry case or handling baby.
Everyone left after an hour and the house was semi quiet. 
granddad took you into mummy's room after washing your hands and helped you with your little finger let baby grasp it, nana was nearly in tears.
Daddy ordered dinner at the Thai restaurant and granddad went to collect it. You wanted to tell auntie Sam that your baby was home, but there was no answer.
We had dinner and you finished and wanted to talk to Sam, but no one else was ready so you sat and waited on the sofa, then when Sam phoned you had fallen fast asleep.