Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The magic of Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas... Well actually the night before Christmas Eve. I am so excited about Christmas with you this year my darling you have been so so cute as Christmas draws closer and closer. I must say that having children has really brought the magic of Christmas alive again. When I see your excited little face and your gasps of joy when you spot santa it brings tears to my eyes as I remember that pure excitement at the prospect of Christmas morning and the presents that Santa might bring. I was so worried about putting presents under the tree as I thought you'd rip every one of them open before Christmas but you have been such a good girl and the threat of Santa not bringing you presents has sure kept you in shape this past month... I just wonder what we are going to do once Christmas has been and gone for good behaviour. Oh... Do you know about the Easter bunny and birthday fairy??

I'm am amazed at how much your swimming has come along in the last month. Since nana and grandad left a month ago you were just starting to get it and now you are properly swimming all by yourself - no goggles or floaties needed you just stick your head under water and off you go. Mummy has been taking you nearly everyday and it's amazing to see your progress I'm so proud of you. It's nice to have some girly time whilst daddy looks after William and we go off swimming. I love having a pool in our apartment block I will definitely miss that when we move!

Well I'm pleased to say that now the dust has settled from having a newborn and we are finally finding a bit of routine and normality. I did think that having William around your sleep would really regress but since nana and grandad have left you are still managing to sleep the night and in your own bed. There is the odd occasion where you sneak in to our bed like the other night when I woke up to feed William and you were just there I have no idea how you got in. But, mostly you will stay in your own bed and come in for snuggles in the morning. Luckily your little brother is sleeping well too at the moment and only waking once a night for a short feed so we are lucky to be getting some sleep at the moment!