Saturday, 21 February 2015

My little lady

Christmas morning with you was absolutely perfect you were so excited when you woke up to find that Santa had been - he left you a train set and a dolls house. The gasps of astonishment and delight as you discovered he had eaten the mince pie and beer were gorgeous. Those messy reindeers devoured the carrots but left a messy trail everywhere!
Wow what a busy few months. Can't believe it's been 2 months since my last post but what a crazy 2 months. House hunting, packing, moving, unpacking and to top it off no one has been sleeping well at our new house. William is getting used to his own room and a proper cot and there has been an endless stream of monsters, boogie men and scary trees in your room. You have taken up residence on our floor most nights as I gave up trying to get up for William and you! You don't sleep well on our floor but there isn't enough room in our bed for you anymore. We still let you in for early morning cuddles though 😘.

Since Christmas your swimming has come on leaps and bounds. You were so good that they put you in the platypus class which is the 5 years old class. I am so proud of you and you really seem to love it too! 

On Fridays I now take you to jazz dancing which you absolutely love. You make us leave half hour before class is due to start just so you are there as soon as the teacher arrives. You love prancing around in front of the mirrors with Pom poms and batons and you love being the centre of attention. You are definitely a performer in the making.

You dearly love your little brother. You always want to play with him and cuddle him only sometimes your cuddles are a little too much. You love to make him laugh and smile and you are a very loving big sister!

You have started soccer and dancing at school which you didn't stop talking about last week. You came home proud as punch with your uniform on and made me iron your name on it straight away. 

When I look at you now I still see traces of my baby girl but you are becoming such a little lady with such a BIG personality. This can be extremely trying at times and you are somewhat of a challenge but we love you. We just need to find a way to tame the beast trying to get out of you!

This month was also your cousin Ellie's birthday. We went to their house and had a sleepover the night before you had so much fun playing in the bouncy castle, having your face painted, pass the parcel and whacking the piñata. Although we had to discourage you and Heston from playing your slightly dubious game if mums and dads which involved you both taking your clothes off and giggling under the covers together!