Monday, 9 March 2015

A not so ordinary Sunday

The chilli incident...

So the day started like any other Sunday. We chatted to nana and wished her a Happy Birthday! Then we played for a while in your room. Mummy and Daddy were feeling very tired today as William was up half the night and then wide awake at 4am. Anyway so the day progressed with you playing inside and outside as you migrated to daddy's car to play we watched you with bemused interest as you chatted away to god knows who about god know what. 

Eventually your game finished and you ran inside to tell me you were hungry and wanted something to eat. As I prepared a peach for you to eat you suddenly started hopping up and down saying 'hot hot chilli chilli' so I ask you where you got the chilli from and you say daddy's car. So I grab you a glass of milk and you quickly gulp this down as your face turns redder and redder and tears start streaming down your face. I smile smugly thinking well maybe that will teach you not to touch things that we tell you not to touch... My smile quickly faded though as you continued to cry and yelp in pain so I grabbed some yoghurt and you wolfed down the whole pot of still screaming in pain. Dad arrives to ask what all the noise is about and I ask 'was there a chilli in your car?!' 'Yes he replies a scotch bonnet (only one of the hottest chillies there is).' Oh dear he takes you off to wash your hands but as time progresses the burning pain gets worse and worse. You suddenly yell out 'what is happening to me?' in a scared voice. As you had not only put the chilli in your mouth but mashed it into pieces with your hand which you then rubbed your face with. At this point I stripped you off and put you in a cold shower for about 20 minutes. Eventually the pain and burning subsided but your whole face was swollen and red for about 20 minutes. Let's just say I think it's safe to say that you will never touch a chilli ever again. I believe this has scarred you away from spicy food for life. For a while I was so concerned I thought we would have to take you to emergency. But eventually as the pain subsided you bounced back to your usual self and we knew you were back to normal.

You have a favourite new game that you like to play it's called 'Dressing mummy'. Just as mummy goes to your wardrobe every morning to help you pick out a nice dress to wear. You now like to do the same for me. Only you always want me to dress up in pretty dresses. It has been quite fun though. Especially as mummy doesn't get out much these days and is used to wearing frumpy breast feeding or maternity clothes. Sometimes it's nice to put on something pretty especially when you tell me in an ever so elaborate voice that 'mummy you look beautiful'. You sure know how to make me feel special on a sometimes cloudy day. Love you princess.

So this obsession about going to England is getting worse and worse you keep telling me it's tomorrow or next week. These next few weeks can't come quick enough for you or me! 
You are such a free spirit the other day I left you painting, as I was on the phone you took the opportunity to bathe yourself in red paint. I started to get angry but you had already reached the point of no return so I just let you bathe in it and then hosed you off before letting you anywhere near the carpet indoors...

You love to dance, jazzy dancing is certainly paying off. You love it when I put some music on in the lounge room and we dance around. I have started to copy your dance moves as dancing like sienna makes me feel young free and happy. You love any song by Katy Perry or that Taylor Swift song 'shake it...' We both dance like loons to that one. All the while you poor little brother is sleeping or lying there staring at us with a confused look on his face. You are very excited about your end of term dance lesson as mummy and daddy get to come and watch what you have learnt!
So in an effort to get you sleeping better we are trying all sorts of bribery techniques. Sam got conned into buying you a present after one night of sleeping in your own bed but mummy and daddy said it needs to be all week in a row. However, daddy made the mistake of taking you into the shop with him the other day and he somehow got conned into buying you a massive pink bunny however, it was on the understanding that the big pink bunny was to sleep with you and keep you safe. When I say he's massive he is literally the size of you. Alas, it didn't seem to work and instead of just you arriving in our room you now arrive dragging the big pink bunny with you too. The other day it was early morning and after sleeping in your bed on the floor you hopped into our bed for a cuddle with the bunny and as William had had a rough night too and was up early he was in our bed too. So with the 5 of us plus the pink bunny me and daddy were left clinging on to the edges! Who needs a 3 bedroom house?! We just need one gigantic bedroom and one gigantic bed and everyone will be happy! 😉

Monday, 2 March 2015

Busy bee

Well my darling as ever you have reverted back to your terrible sleeping again. I'm not really sure why. Wee since we moved you haven't really slept well but whether it's the trees or some other monster you are scared and continue to have restless sleeps. Lately you have taken to sneaking in our room and climbing into bed beside me and daddy without waking us which is a little scary em we wake to find you there. It's gotten so bad that I've actually made up a little bed for you in our floor now where you end up pretty much every night.

You're still doing really well at swimming although you are extremely cheeky! Last week at swimming the teacher made you and another little girl swim the length of the pool with fun noodles only you thought it was a race and you had to win so you reached out and held the other little girls fun noodle back so that you could win! I wanted to laugh but had to pretend to be annoyed with you as the other parents were looking dis approvingly at you.

We have started growing our own veggies in a little vege patch at our new house. You were so excited about growing strawberries that I couldn't stop you from picking the green ones and eating them. 

You really love your 'jazzy' dancing and every week you make me arrive there at least half hour early so that you can be the first to arrive and practise before the teacher arrives.

On Monday we tried out a New playgroup.  It's not as much fun as the crows nest one - there's lots of toys and nice kids that go there regularly to play but it was a huge effort getting there. We got the train but there was no lift access at the station. Luckily I had William in the pouch and you in the pram. Then I took a road that could only be received as a mountain and it undulated and kept going up and down. And I was pushing you and carrying will. By the end of it I was shattered especially as we haven't been getting much sleep!

You are really enjoying school at the moment and they have you doing lots more physical activities this year which is great. On Wednesdays you have football and a lovely little football kit that you have to wear each week. On Thursdays you have a dance teacher coming to teach you and tomorrow they have a yoga teacher coming to start teaching you yoga. Sounds like so much fun. I wish I could come. Although this morning it was very hard to get you to go to school as you thought you were going to England today and you were so dis-appointed! Oh dear... It's going to be a long 2 months.