Monday, 27 April 2015

A month of birthdays

Well the birthday madness has well and truly begun. We had a lovely party with you mothers group friends and we have gone from being a little group of 4 year olds which has now doubled in size as everyone's little brothers and sisters have been added to the group. It's so lovely to see you all grow up together. I hope you will remain good friends for years to come. 

On Saturday it was Anzac Day. William was wide awake at 4.30am and so daddy said he would get up and take him to dawn service but just as they were getting ready to leave you wake up and decided you wante to go too, so we all got up and drove to north Sydney for the service. Later in the day we had a small party for you here wih your cousins and others little friends. We played lots of party games and there were tears when you didn't win at musical chairs. There was the obligatory pass the parcel and then pin the tail on the unicorn. Ron was nice enough to buy you a set of play doh with over 50 pieces (every parents dream) but it was certainly a good source of amusement for you an you friends. Between that and the kinetic sand that auntie Nic bought you there is coloured gooey stuf everywhere outside. We were lucky enough to have great weather all day until about 7pm wen tere was a sudden change in weather and there was a massive hail storm with massive golf ball sized ice pellets. You were so aexhausted that you and William were both to bed early that night!

We've had some very unpredictable weather the last few weeks which meant sadly daddy couldn't work. It was hell with you bouncing off the walls with cabin fever. The week passed very slowly! 

We took you to your very first Easter show which you absolutely loved. Despite a little bit of rain in the morning we had a lovely day - you were spoilt rotten with 3 show bags and lots of rides. The amusement park guys really know how to sucker you in. Offering you a free go of their game 'then every player wins'. One guy told dad he would guarantee you a prize and you were absolutely terrible so he offered you some tiny toy to which you were like 'no, I want that big one!' And the guy is going to you - 'here you can have any one of the little ones' and you started stomping your foot and shakin your head. The guy clearly didn't realise who he was taking on...daddy ended up having to give the guy another $5 so that you could choose a mid sized toy!
You love your baby brother so much - maybe a little too much some days. You always want to be cuddling or kissing him. I have to remind you that he's a baby and not a toy I don't know how many times a day. Recently you have also started picking him up and carrying him around. You are very gentle and careful and I'm not so scared now as he is more robust but you do still scare me!

You also had an Easter hat parade at school - which I was obliged to attend. It was a lovely morning. You were so cute in your little bunny hat which kept falling off.

Prior to that it's been an interesting month - I had to take you to the hospital for some blood tests. You tried very hard to be brave but at the last minute got really scared and had to have 2 nurses hold you down. The week before that you met with the Occupational Therapist. It was interesting having her come and visit us and she thinks she can try and help us with some of your quirky ways...

We had a lovely girly day the other weekend. I took you to the cinema for the very first time which you were super excited about. We saw Cinderella and I must admit I secretly loved it too!

You are still loving your jazzy dancing lessons and before Easter me and daddy both got to watch your end of term performance.., it was very cute!

You are so super excited about your birthday and trip to England. You fell asleep so early tonight but I think we may have trouble getting you to sleep on Wednesday. 3 more sleeps!!