Saturday, 22 August 2015

Rain rain go away!

Well we have gone from Summer back to winter today. It has certainly been a warm winter though this year. Yesterday you and your brother were running around under the hose with no clothes on it was so warm.

So mummy has taken a break from blogging for a while... Mainly because there aren't enough hours in the day / night to sit down and write... And because you and your baby brother don't sleep very well, mummy is normally in bed shortly after the 2 of you are put to sleep. But... It has certainly been a busy few months since we arrived back.

Not long after we arrived back in Sydney we got a message from uncle Simon to say that Sammy had been rushed to hospital as her baby was ready to come out! She was very early and very teeny bit she arrived into the world on the 19th of June. For her first week of life you insisted on still calling her Jessie but auntie Sam and Uncle Simon had decided to call her Carys. It didn't take long for her to make it home and she is now growing at an amazing pace.

Well you are still not sleeping well. Me and daddy spend most of the night playing musical beds with me in with Will and Daddy in with you! There have been a handful of nights recently when you have slept in your own bed alone but sadly this has been short lived and much as we try we can't get you to replicate this.

You are still doing your Jazzy dancing and really love dancing every week. You have now started work on your dance performance for the concert in November. I can't wait to see you performing on stage. We have looked in to acting and drama classes for you but most of them don't start until age 5 so sadly you are still too little but this is definately something we are looking to start you on next year. Nana and Grandad Porter took you to a performance of Peter Pan last month and you absolutely loved it! You couldn't wait to get your pictures taken with all the characters and you loved getting involved in the audience participation bit. Apparently your little face was a picture and the production people were keen to recruit you!

Sadly you are not loving school as much as you did previously. I don't know if it's a jealousy thing as I am at home with Will but there have been lots of tears about going to school lately. When we asked you about it you told us that your friends at school were now being mean to you. It made me really sad that you are having tough times at school. But, I spoke to your teacher and she hasn't noticed anyone picking on you. She even said you made a new little friend called Victoria. We are thinking about changing you to a daycare closer by but when we suggested this you weren't keen so we will leave you for now. We have been thinking about school a lot lately as we can choose whether or not to send you this coming January or the year after. I've spoken to your school teachers and despite you being very bright they don't think you are ready for school yet. In fact most people with kids that have birthdays similar to yours seem to be waiting until the following year to go to school. Both Carly and Miss Brenda seem to think that this would be better for you as we need to focus on your attention span.
We have a fun weekend at one of the local school fetes last weekend where you got to decorate a cupcake, feed baby farm animals and jump on a bouncy castle but I think your favourite part was getting involved in the singing and dancing. You love live performances - for the last 3 weeks we have also been going to in the toy box, they have a few entertainers there who do story time, singing and dancing. You are definately in your element - I think for your next birthday the big 5 we will have to employ some help to entertain you and some friends! For other days when you need entertaining we have started going back to play school which is great as it is a fun activity for both you and Will. You especially love the sensory activities like play doh and sand. But then this has always been the case. You also really love the dress up and imaginary play with dolls and kitchens. You made a new friend at playschool only she's 4 times your age. You haven't stopped talking about her for 3 weeks. She is a student there studying and you follow her (or rather you make her follow you) everywhere you go when we are there on a Monday.

Back in July we took a little holiday away with your cousins down to Melbourne as daddy and uncle Donald had a big football match on. So we all tagged along. The three of you were so excited on the plane journey down that we couldn't keep you all quiet. We visited the old Melbourne Jail, the police museum, the science works, the markets followed by a lovely picnic and then lastly we saw Captain Cook's cottage. Although upon hearing this you were convinced we were seeing Captain Hooks cottage which you were very excited about!

As a special treat we also took you horse riding. You had been taking about wanting to ride a horse for months so you were beside yourself when we actually took you. You rode a lovely little pony called Silvie. She was very patient with you. The instructor a little less so as she tried to teach you how to instruct the horse. You struggled a little bit really enjoyed it anyway!

You really love your baby brother but sometimes perhaps a little too much. You treat him like one of your dolls constantly picking him up. Me and daddy lose count of the amount of times we have to say 'Sienna put him down'. The other day I put him in the playpen so I could hang out the washing. You not only lifted up the playpen and climbed in their with him but you then proceeded to pick him up by his ankles and dangled him upside down shouting mummy look at Will he's upside down. I screamed at you Sienna put him down! Then realised what I had said and had to back track and say no wait hold him till I could get to him and rescue him. I know you are only doing it because you love him and want someone to play with but sometimes you really frighten us. At least he is a little more robust nowadays. Your hugs need some work though. The port little fella screams once you have him in your grasp as your hugs are bone crushing! That said you are really starting to have fun together too. I love days when you do something silly and are really able to make him laugh. In fact you are the person he laughs at the most. Me and daddy have to work hard for giggles by tickling him but you just have to act funny to make him erupt into laughter.

There was a bad incident the other day when I took you to the park. The only way I am able to get you to walk anywhere is to get you to push your little pram and baby whilst I push Will in his pram. Now, normally this works really well only the other day as we were crossing the road your baby fell out of the pram into the middle of the road into 6 lanes of traffic. There was no time to go back for her as the lights had already changed and as we stood on the side of the road you stood in horror screaming 'my baby' and had a complete meltdown as you watched the cars run her over. There was nothing I could do as I stood there with you both. As soon as the lights changed we raced back into the middle of the road and rescued dolly. Luckily she survived with just a broken arm which mummy was able to operate on later that day. Am happy to say all ended well.

You continue to amaze me daily and I can't believe what a little lady you are becoming. Despite my daily frustrations with you, the fact that you have verbal incontinence and your never ending amounts of energy. I love you dearly.

Love your best friend a.k.a Mummy xx