Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Poorly little girl

Well this week you have been a little under the weather and it has really affected you for days. You are not your usual full of beans self and have even sleeping in the day. On Tuesday afternoon you and William napped at the same time and I even managed a cat nap in bed with you.

You still wake up crying on school days saying the you don't want to go to school  - it has been a real struggle to get you there this week. Not sure where this sudden fear of school has come from.

Your sleeping has also been terrible the last few weeks. I think mainly because William has been screaming at night and keeping everyone awake but sadly our big successes of last month have gone backwards and you have been coming to get daddy earlier and earlier every night. Am hoping once we fix Will's sleep then we will be able to fix you too.

We had a great time taking you to the medieval festival at the weekend. You got to ride a camel and not one but two ponies! It was actually a very funny story as you managed to charm the ladies who were doing the rides. There was a massive long queue and they apologised saying they had to stop the rides as it was raining and the Disney ponchos everyone was wearing spooked the horses. So the crowd disappeared but you being the determined little thing that you are you stuck around. You patted the horses and even fed them all the carrot that mummy had packed for your lunch. I think the ladies thought you were very cute and so they said you could have a ride! But before the crowd re-appeared you asked them if you could ride another one - so of course they said yes. After that we were walking through the crowd when you spotted a fairy that was it... You were off! It didn't matter that you were headed into the VIP tent and a very stern lady was quizzing me whether she could help me! You loved meeting the fairy and she blew fairy dust on you and let you make a wish. All you were interested in doing then was waiting for the puppet show. You waited very patiently in the front row for the show to start. You were then captivated giggling as the puppet got attacked or excited! Very cute!

Not long now till your jazz concert. We are all getting very excited about it. We got to see a sneak preview of the performance last week. You are dancing to 'hey Mickey' - Miss Kim has ordered you all Minnie Mouse costumes (but I think she is regretting having told you all this as you now ask her every week if she has your costumes)! I have also discovered where your sudden unicorn obsession has come from as apparently that's all you can all talk about every week at dancing!

I'm a bit apprehensive about leaving you next week. Apart from mummy and daddy's honeymoon this will be the longest I'll have been apart from you. Daddy has said he's going to take you on a dinner date though which you were very excited about. Grandad David and Dorothy are also coming to take you to another show so that will give you something to look forward to.

You have had 2 dry nappies two nights in a row so once again as soon as we have Williams sleep conquered then we have another challenge to get through with you.

We have spent quite a bit of time back at playschool this term. The teachers there have got to know you well and always come and find you when it's time for singing as they love how you lead the pack. Last week you even made up a song for everyone to sing which the teachers thought was adorable. I wish I had been filming you.

We have been trying to get you to like your bedroom more as every night when going to sleep you say you are scared in your room as it has monsters in it. So, we have been having family time I. Your room every night before bed. You are doing very well at remembering all the lines to the fairy tales and often act out the parts whilst me, William and dad have to pretend to be your kids as you read us stories and put us to bed!