Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My big grown up girl

Well my darling girl it's been a positive few weeks. Whilst mummy and William were away at Tresillian you were such a good girl. You had a lovely date with daddy at the sushi train although when you came to visit us at sleep school you kept telling everyone daddy was taking you on a train to eat sushi... Very cute. But, after my positive experience there I was determined to make things work for you too.
So, we have made lots of positive progress and despite a hard week last week when you were really scared of monsters you are now sleeping well most nights. And... Now that we have Will sleeping well I decided it was time to do away with the nappies so this week you have been dry 5 nights out of the last week. Am so proud of you but also notice now how quickly you have grown up in the last year. 
We had a lovely mummy date the weekend I came home and we went off to see playschool on stage. You were very excited.
You and Will are having lots of fun together lately and you are really able to make him laugh. You love to feed him his bottles and give him lots of cuddles...
Sam bought you this awesome little red riding hood cape that reverses into the big bad wolf. You have had lots of fun playing both roles especially on FaceTime with sam.
You had heaps of fun on will's birthday and loved telling everyone that it was your baby brothers birthday. They all thought your jumpers were very cute at the festival.
You are really coming along with your dancing now and really seem to enjoy it. This week was trophy week and you earned a medal for your dance performance. We have the concert coming up in 2 weeks. You have been practising very hard and can't wait to wear your mickey costume on stage. I'm really excited about seeing your performance.
You had lots of fun running around at Will's Halloween costume party although you have become a very sensitive little soul of late. You are finding things especially hard when you lose a game, you really want to win and when you don't boy do we know about it! We will have to teach you how to lose gracefully!