Thursday, 5 May 2016

May 2016 Birthday girl

Home again
Birthday girl
The best birthday present
Birthday party
Another party
Selfie time
Great auntie Cheryl's present arrives
Happy face and sad face

April 2016 holiday in Thailand

April 1st 
One more day to holiday
Shopping for holiday sun creams
Testing it out at the beach
Here we come Nana and Granddad
Sydney Airport
How many hours mum
Nearly there are you ready Granddaf
Nana!!!!  Bangkok Airport
Can we read Peter Rabbit
After a short flight we arrive on Koh Samui
They lost Williams buggy so it was very late and we were all very hot and tired
But early risers the next morning the sun was just getting up
But you didn't wake Nana and Granddad until
Your birthday isn't until next month but your English family won't see you then and there are lots of presents so you will get one or two a day if you are good, the first present was a Monster High doll Draculara, which you were very pleased about and thanked granddad profusely
Once nana and granddad were ready we went to breakfast, then got ready for the pool
Then we went to check out the play area, but some of the equipment was hot where it had been in the sun
So we had some cool down time in the Kids Club Toom, which was airconditioned
And so after we were all cooled down we went and got changed and went back to the pool
After some fun time at the pool we all went to get changed, Nana and granddad's place is a ten minute walk from where you are staying, when everyone was ready, we went for a walk along the high streetto have Dinner, we found s Restuarant that had a play area up the back and a big boat with rigging, you couldn't go on it but you were fascinated by it, you took Granddad to see it and both made up stories about it being a pirate ship
The next day you got nana and granddad up just after, another present a Tshirt and a dress, then we all went to breakfast
We had some pool time
And you talked to granddad about the model head outside the beauty parlour Herbs, and said you wanted your hair like that, so granddad said it could be one of your birthday presents, so Nana washed and dried your hair and took you to Herbs
Where you sat still for about 2hrs while they did your hair in tiny plaits
You were very pleased, and only got a little fidgety over the last ten minutes so the lady got two of her friends to help her finished quicker, they all loved and pampered you
Afterwards we went to find Granddad
We found him upstairs on the loungers
Where you sat and had story time
We then gave you another present, a coat as you would be going back to Australia's Autumn the Winter
We then walked down the beach to have dinner at a beach Restuarant 
Where you and William rolled about in the sand before the meal arrived, nana was not best pleased as she doesn't like sand!
The next day was much the same, breakfast change for the pool
Then go get changed for some cool down time, only today Sam, Kelly, Simon and Carys were arriving, we took you to the Kids club to stay cool until they arrived
You were very excited about meeting your cousin for the first time
Nana was very happy to see all her grandchildren together for the first time
They were very hot after their trip from Singapore so we took them to the Kids Club room to cool off
We then had some pool time
before going out for dinner
We all met at breakfast the next morning at 7am, where Kelly gave you her present.. An instant Camera, it gives pictures right away
After breakfast and pool time Sam and mummy took you to Hers and you had your nails hand and toenails painted
More pampering and more presents from Sam, a Monster High bag and hat
Some of you beads and plaits fell out so the ladies offered to do some repairs
And so it was back to the pool
After pool time we all went and got changed
Story time with Sam

and we showed Sam Simon Kelly and Carys down the beach
And had Dinner
At breakfast the next day you tried out your new Camera on everyone
Then pool time
A surprise for you today, Granddad took you to the Tailors to be "Messedup", (not measured up) for a new birthday dress
And you chose this material
Breakfast and a nana made dress.
The day's settled into a bit of a routine,
Breakfast about 7-7.30,
Pool time 9am
Cool down time, William napping Carys napping Sienna either Kids club or apartment quiet time -
Lunch either from the beach or Amari cafe. 1.-1.30pm
More  cool off time, sometimes this was granddad's nap time 2.30-3.30pm
More pool time 3.30pm- 5.30pm
Shower and change and go to Dinner - 
Today mummy granddad and Sam all go shopping to Tesco Lotus for some baby provisions, you thoroughly enjoyed you truck ride back
Your dress this evening was another of Nana's this was made from your auntie Sam's wedding dress
Dinner at the beach
Another present from Kelly she made the dress, hat and scarf
Back to the tailors for a fitting
Then afternoon quiet time with auntie kelly
A Great Nan Joan present
Making friends on the beach
Playtime at carys's place before Dinner
Is this how your camera works Nana
Breakfast and you are doing so well now cutting your food up with a knife now
Morning pool time
Kids club cool down time
Afternoon pool time
Beach walk with auntie Sam
Today we have a very excited little girl, Granddad has been to see the manager, and the chef and arranged a very special Birthday lunch for the Birthday girl to celebrate with her English family
Sienna, with some help from Auntie Kelly made invites during quiet time today
Nana had made you a special dress out of auntie Kelly's bridesmaids dress, and nana got you ready for your special meal
Auntie Sam called for a buggy to come and collect us
You had to sit in the front like a little princess
And make your grand entrance
We ordered you a special fruit punch
The table flowers were right next to you and you asked with big eyes if they were for you and said they were so beautiful
We received lots of starters from satays to spring rolls
Then we all had our main courses
The manager brought in you cake
Chef made you a beautiful cake,
We and the staff all sang happy birthday to you and you blew out the candles and made a wish
You quickly demolished the decorations
And Nana helped you cut up the cake to share out around the table
We were all happy about our lovely party but sad it was over, all went back and got changed as it was so very hot
The next day was 38 degrees but you insisted on walking up to see Nana and Granddad's place with auntie Kelly looking  this
At breakfast you were so excited, you came running up to everyone saying you had seen the queen and dragged nana back to see
They were the welcoming committee, for a group of business people at a conference, they loved you though and agreed to have their picture taken with you
Nana got dragged in too
This afternoon Granddad and uncle Simon took you out in a Kayak. And as far as Granddad went out the water was still only up to his knees
Team A (Kelly, William, Nana, Simon and Carys) had pool time and nap time then coffee time
While Team B ( granddad, Sam, Sara and Sienna ) went to Tesco lotus again
Granddad gave Sienna her birthday money from Great Nan Ruby, Sienna bought 2 dresses, a bathrobe,  a bag a lovely hair tidy and some new sun glasses
After lunch Kids club room was busy and the maid was cleaning Sienna's place, so Sam had kids club at her place
Sienna then went for her last fitting before pool time
Granddad had been for a walk along the beach and seen a wedding, so Sienna made him take her back to see it
After breakfast , we all got ready for the pool, 
Later Simon picked up everyone's clothing from the tailors, we couldn't wait to try them on
After lunch to all played in the pool together
As it was our last dinner We took a stroll down the high street
To Sienna's favourite Restuarant with the ship
Granddad played before dinner arrived
Sienna's last treat of the holiday was her first holiday ice cream 
The next day every one was very sad about leaving, but we all had breakfast together, then when Granddad, Nana, Sienna, William and Sara went to the pool, 
Samantha, Kelly, Simon and Carys all packed up and were driven to the airport to fly off to Singapore, 
Those of us left at the Amari had some lunch in the coffee shop, before going back and packing up to leave too, Nana took Sienna back to their place where Sienna had a bath, her hair washed and the dried, and then plaits done.
When you were ready you jumped into Nana's bed and said you were to sad, you didn't want can't of us to leave, which just made Nana cry
All packed up we left the complex 
For the last time and got the taxi to the airport
A short flight to Bangkok
We landed in Bangkok where Nana and granddad had to leave, Sienna William and Sara because they were flying back to Australia, and Nana and granddad had a few days left in Bangkok before flying home